Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Broga Hill

This is long pending entry in my draft, went there a couple of week ago..Have you peeps been to Broga Hill a.k.a Bukit Broga in Semenyih? well perhaps many of us have heard of this place..it became more of a talk of the town after Dr Sheikh Muszafar and Dr Harlina climbed the hill to shoot their pre-wedding pics..remember this post?

My teenage cousins asked me to join them..so I thought..if Dr Harlina can climbed..aaalaaaahhh...it must be peanut laaaa

So off we went at the wee hours..they woke me up at 4.45 am, we had to stop at the petrol station for solat subuh..just imagine how early it was..just because they want to shoot the sunrise....we bought a torch-light at a petrol station (when we arrived it was still dark) few bottles of 100 plus (you need these) I finished a whole bottle of 1.5 ltr of 100 plus all by myself:)

I'm telling you..it takes a hell lot of stamina to walk up the hill..but the view up there..worth the sweating and panting..

by 8a.m the place was already crowded and more and more coming up

Dr Harlina's swing..:)

we managed to witness the sunrise up there

Don't tell me I never warned you about the trail..please wear proper shoes, it can be slippery especially after the rain.

So peeps..in case you need some exercise on weekends..please consider Broga hill:)

until next time..take care

Monday, December 20, 2010

My last run for 2010

let's forget about maid for a while..:)

Yesterday I finished my 7KM run, took part in Malakoff run with hubby, he ran for 12KM and I ran for 7KM..it was a good run. My first time running for 7KM..my previous runs were only 5KM..not bad actually.

so this year I completed 3 runs, in 2009 completed 2 runs (shape and Rat Race)..so aiming for 4 0r 5 runs in 2011.

Last week we went to IPOH for another run, hubby took part in 12KM at Bukit Kinding resort, so we took the kids with us and brought them to Tambun Lost world..not bad that place eh? My kids loved it, will share the photos in the next entry.

After finished our run and had breakfast, I rushed home to send my maid to the airport...that morning while I went for my run, my aunt helped us to bring my maid out for her last minutes shopping.

we left her at the hostel under our agent supervision since last week, she pleaded to come home and promised tak nak merajuk or locked herself in her room, I had my 2nd thought after hearing that, especially teringat anak2 dia yg sebaya my kids..kesian pulak rasa nak send her back...but hubby insisted not to take her back..he said.."enough is enough...it's not that we ill treated her all the while.." all the while hubby memang nice to all of my maids, in fact he never scolded maid..considering how much help they have done to our family

Yesterday at the airport, I rasa sebak seeing her crying leaving me and the kids at the airport.., *sigh* kalau lah dia tak mengugut and blaming Allysha for reason she wanted leave, sure i boleh pujuk hubby to take her back.

Allysha on the other hand..a bit disturbed, she overheard I told my maid "kamu jangan tidur..tengok gate betul2 nanti tertinggal kapal terbang" so she's been asking me to call my maid to check on her and last night before going to bed, she asked us to go back to the airport to see if her bibik tertidur and missed the flight..little that she know..her bibik has blaming her as her reason why wants to leave earlier on..she told the agent, allysha tak suka dia....*sigh*

So, since last week my maidless life has began..not bad really...I've been sending baju kat kedai dobi....ironing pun diorang buat..so far so good, so I told hubby let me try for a couple of weeks more..

until next time..

take care

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

kerenah cambodian maid

*sigh* well....I've just sent my Cambodian maid to my agent this afternoon...had enough of her drama!

Initially when she didnt understand the language..it's so much easier, I just need to give instruction..now after 1 year plus when she started to pick up the language then she's being difficult..Tak boleh nak tegur, she will locked herself in the room and refused to do work.

Last week she broke my blender, so I told her "Ho nas..sudah banyak barang saya pecah..kali ini saya rasa saya kena potong gaji kamu" she pulled face and ran into her room (I didnt even raise my voice ok?)...then after more than half an hour, I knocked her room and explained.."I should be the one who's crying..not you...I bayar gaji you.kena beli barang2 yg you pecah kan dan rosakkan.." then baru dia ok..so of course I was just threaten to cut her pay. She's a bit clumsy, barang kat dapur mmg countless laa yg dia pecah kan sampaikan every time I heard things pecah, i didnt bother to go and check so that I wont get mad.

but lately simple things, even when she had an argument with Allysha (my 5yr old gal) she will get into her room and refused to do the housework...

Yesterday..we were rushing getting ready to go to the airport sending my mom home, I went to her room to look for big paper bag..so I found one big paper bag full of rubbish..so I took out to empty the thing..I was shocked to find my make ups, my husband's stuff among those rubbish...of course I was mad..I was looking for my stuffs all around the house and she kept telling " tak tahu mem" all the time...and she has the gut to come ask me "mem..marah saya ke?" *sigh*

Then as soon as we came home yesterday evening..she came told me she wanted to go work with somebody else....so I told her..."kemas baju sekarang..saya hantar kamu!" so I called my agent in PJ and told her I'm sending Ho Nas...but she refused to come out from the room until this morning after I threaten to call the police if she refused to come out...such a drama I'm telling you..

So now she's with the agent, and there's no turning back for her.....I would rather maidless then living with such an attitude maid:(

It's not much of work for her, basically just to clean up the house and do my laundry, my kids are taken care by my in laws..in the morning I was the one who prepare my kids for school, shower them and all..they refused to be bathed by my maid all the time...even that she's not grateful..I left her in the house all day by herself...we dont even bother to send her to my in-laws to make sure she doesnt get unnecessary stress

ok..enough with my whining..sorry peeps just want to let it out of my chest.anyone of you who have survived without maid? I really dont know if I made the right decision:(

Monday, December 6, 2010

Doa awal tahun dan akhir tahun

Cut and paste for sharing..selamat menyambut awal muharam, semoga kita semua di berkati

Sesiapa yang membaca doa ini, Syaitan berkata
“Kesusahan bagiku dan sia-sia lah pekerjaanku menggoda anak Adam pada setahun ini dan Allah binasakan
aku satu saat jua. Dengan sebab membaca doa ini, Allah ampunkan dosanya setahun”
Berikut adalah Doa Akhir Tahun



Allah SWT berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad SAW, ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda dan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka.

Wahai Tuhan, apa yang telah aku lakukan dalam tahun ini daripada perkara-perkara yang Engkau tegah daripada aku melakukannya dan aku belum bertaubat daripadanya. Sedangkan Engkau tidak redha dan tidak melupakannya. Dan aku telah melakukannya di dalam keadaan di mana Engkau berupaya untuk menghukumku, tetapi Engkau mengilhamkanku dengan taubat selepas keberanianku melakukan dosa-dosa itu semuanya. Sesungguhnya aku memohon keampunanMu, maka ampunilah aku. Dan tidaklah aku melakukan yang demikian daripada apa yang Engkau redhainya dan Engkau menjanjikanku dengan pahala atas yang sedemikian itu. Maka aku memohon kepadaMu.

Wahai Tuhan! Wahai yang Maha Pemurah! Wahai Yang Maha Agung dan wahai Yang Maha Mulia agar Engkau menerima taubat itu dariku dan janganlah Engkau menghampakan harapanku kepadaMu Wahai Yang Maha Pemurah. Dan Allah berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad, ke atas ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabatnya dan mengurniakan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka.
Barangsiapa yang membaca doa akhir tahun ini, maka syaitan akan berkata:
“Hampalah kami di sepanjang tahun ini”.

Doa Awal Tahun dibaca 3 kali selepas maghrib pada malam satu Muharram. Sesiapa yang membaca doa ini, Syaitan berkata
“Telah amanlah anak Adam ini daripada godaan pada tahun ini kerana Allah telah mewakilkan
dua Malaikat memeliharanya daripada fitnah Syaitan”.
Berikut adalah Doa Awal Tahun



Allah SWT berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad SAW, ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda dan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka.

Wahai Tuhan, Engkaulah yang kekal abadi, yang qadim. yang awal dan ke atas kelebihanMu yang besar dan kemurahanMu yang melimpah dan ini adalah tahun baru yang telah muncul di hadapan kami. Kami memohon pemeliharaan dariMu di sepanjang tahun ini dari syaitan dan pembantu-pembantunya dan tentera-tenteranya dan juga pertolongan terhadap diri yang diperintahkan melakukan kejahatan dan usaha yang mendekatkanku kepadaMu Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha Agung dan Maha Mulia.

Wahai Tuhan Yang Maha pengasih dari mereka yang mengasihi dan Allah berselawat ke atas penghulu kami Muhammad. Nabi yang ummi dan ke atas ahli keluarga dan sahabat-sahabatnya dan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Allysha and her role as a Parrot

Concert Venue @ Perbandaran Putrajaya

the parents were informed earlier not to apply make up to the child as they're all will be face painted on the concert's day

She has been practising her role as a parrot for past few months..every monday she will come home..."1 bounce..2 bounce..3 bounce" because of that I was really looking forward for her concert..we even brought forward our trip to Phuket a week earlier just to make sure we won't miss her concert:)

Too bad, nenek was having her eye surgery in Singapore and Atuk has to accompany her so they had to miss the concert, I'm sure both Atuk and nenek would love to attend...as they are the one who have been sending and picking her up from school everyday.

In action

The students are singing negaraku

The theme is Jungle Comes Alive

We were late to get into the auditorium so had to settle quite far from the stage


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