Friday, March 16, 2012


It's been a while since I last blogged..been a while tak jengok langsung blogspot, sampai jakun tengok new format, tak jumpa cari edit button:) 

it's a phase where I lost the mojo. Partly due to my work commitment, started with the new department, new previous boss was assigned to a new portfolio, we had to be disbanded and bringing with us the projects to the new division.

Still trying to adjust to the new team eventhough the nature of projects are still the same. Havent been running much..last was Mizuno as a ghost runner (last minutes decision to join hubby)

Btw..just want to share with you peeps..the new place during this school holidays..Kidzania, they just opened on 28th Feb. I bet many of you already explored the place..

Since we just came back from Singapore 2 weeks ago, so this school holidays we just spent in KL, plus hubby is a bit busy nowadays. My sis in law raved about Kidzania in Jakarta so when I heard they opened Kidzania here in KL..we decided..ok, should go there this school holidays.. was crowded, I should have bought tickets least can save time queuing up for tickets. By the way..that's not the only queue, you had to queue all the way up to level 3 because of the big crowd trying to go in.

Time was also limited..they opened 2 sessions, morning from 10-3 pm, minus 1 hour ended up only few hours 2:15 most of the establishment won't take any new the most you can only do 2-3 jobs if you are lucky and aggressive enough the kids can take up most 5 one visit won't be enough.

Every job, you need to queue at least 30-45 overall a bit dissappointed for me and the kids.

Few tips to parents who intend to bring the kids there:

  • Pack some snacks (queue for buying food can be long..and slow moving plus food there can be tasteless for some)
  • Bring your own water (in case you want to save some times queueing)
  • Purchase tickets online (esp school holidays)
  • Try to be as early as you can to beat the crowd

btw, the kids have to be accompanied by at least 1 adult, and the adult can't leave the premise, must be inside the premise at all time.

In case you want to check out..go visit their website, and purchase your tickets there..perhaps the experience would be better once school holidays is over



Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
Single Session10.00 amto5.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday, Public & School Holidays
Morning Session10.00 amto3.00 pm
Afternoon Session4.00 pmto9.00 pm

Fee Structure

    • Age
    • Guest
    • Fee
    • Ages : 0 - 1
    • Baby
    • FREE
    • Ages : 2 - 3
    • Toddler
    • RM 35.00
    • Ages : 4 - 17
    • Kid (Malaysian)
    • RM 55.00
    • Ages : 4 - 17
    • Kid (International)
    • RM 75.00
    • Ages : 18 - 59
    • Adult (Malaysian)
    • RM 35.00
    • Ages : 18 - 59
    • Adult (International)
    • RM 50.00
    • Ages : 60+
    • Senior
    • RM 30.00


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