Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forgetful me!

It's well established among the people who knows me that i'm such a forgetful person...I hate being forgetful, in fact among my closest colleagues they have a rank who's the most clumsy and forgetful...and no contest..I'm at the highest rank ...

like yesterday..I left my laptop at home so my husband had to come send me the laptop, he had to make a detour from his client's's so common that he stop complaining looooong ago..:)

since I only got my laptop almost lunch break..I didnt go back to workstation, instead carrying around the laptop bag with me and put my purse inside the laptop bag. Comes evening, I left for gym. As usual, days I go to the gym, I will leave the laptop in the office....

later I realized I didnt have my purse with me when I was looking for my gym card....since no purse, meaning I also didn't have :
I was lucky I went with a friend, she had to pay for everything last night:(( and so happened my staff ID hanged on my I used my staff ID for a the locker card.

Talking about gym, it's very common if I left things behind, like the other day...I was so eager to go the gym....went there...changed and later realized I left my shoes at no choice changed back and headed home sadly:(

Just a couple of days ago...the same thing happened it's just this time around I was lucky, the shoes was in the car..quite a long walk to the carpark..but at least it's reachable...*sigh*


Ermayum said...

u dont want to be as forgetful as me - i 'll write about this one incident later - horrible feelings you

screamingmommy said... please share ok?


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