Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hana Tajima's hijab style

click for larger image:)

I'm always in awe when I look at the hijab styled by hana Tajima (remember my earlier posting on her?)..I was curious to know how it's done and sometimes I will drop by other blog to check on this topic:) well..perhaps doesn't suit me now with 3 little "piranhas" definitely tercabut habis pin kena time diorang buat stunt *sigh*

My tudung style almost all the time, are the simple scarf tie-rack style since my university days until now...easier to wear even when u r in hurry, my problem with this complicated style is to re-do after prayer...malas betul!!

So I googled and wanna share with you peeps in case we are in the same boat..he..hee..check the video..perhaps one day I will be able to try this style.

Happy trying peeps!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2nd Pair

Remember my earlier posting on the fitflop? yes peeps it's so comfy that I decided to get the 2nd pair. With the Bangkok and Bandung trips coming soon and require a lot of walking..i need a comfy sandal:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She wants to be a boy!!

Gone were the days she loves baju kurung and make-ups

" panggil Ya, Aizat ok? jangan panggil Aryya!" I overheard her conversation with her Baba.
Now, I have problem everytime I try to dress her with dresses or skirts..knowing me how I can be a freak when dressing up my twins..even their pyjamas have to be same, sometimes my maid dressed them differently..I would ask her to change.

With her new obsession of being a make it even tougher for me, especially Aryyana is very much girly and loves skirts and dresses. She even asked me to change her school uniform to a boy's uniform.

She even refused to join ballet and choose Teakwando, instead.

She prefers dressing up like Baba these days:( no more mommy

I really hope this is just a phase of her, sometimes even her twin (Aryyana) calls her Aizat when they are playing together

Monday, April 25, 2011

Boudoir Bangsar Village

The package comes with coffee and macarons:))

(most pictures taken from I didnt get to take pictures as busy gossiping:))

Recently, I've been buying and using a lot of vouchers for meni and pedi at discounted price from Mydeals, Milkdeals, Ilovecoupon etc...but nothing close to boudoir...

My usual spot for meni & pedi normally Glitters at BV2...the service is ok and the price is reasonable. Too bad...I cannot afford Boudoir on regular basis.
Boudoir, I saved for special days or special treats. I've yet to try Chic nail by Soong Ai Ling..the other nail spa by the same owner but it's more for mass market according to her.

My visits normally for a friend's birthday treat or a girls day out..but I really love the service..the staffs are well trained and their service make you feel extra special...fresh warm herbal pillow were given to rest your neck and back, the massage etc...they soaked our feets in the warm water infused with essential oils from 7 types of flowers.

The other day, I wanted to treat my bff for her bday, so I called asking if they still have the offer during last Chrismas, unfortunately the package is long over, but Soong Ai Ling (the owner) was kind enough to allow me to enjoy the same package.
RM165 for Meni and Pedi, + coffee + macarons+ using Victoria Secrets lotion of your choice.

The normal price for meni and pedi is RM150 comes with coffee and macarons (using ACCA KAPPA lotions)

Buffing is charged separately from the package, RM15 for meni and RM 15 for pedi, I love the result from their buffing, extra shine compared to my normal meni & pedi.

I think for that price, all the services they offered are worth paying for, of course for me not for my monthly meni & has to be for special occasion when I'm allowed to splurge once in a while:)

Contact & Location Details:

Boudoir by Soong Ai Ling
Lot 11, 2F, Bangsar Village II, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2282 3128

Friday, April 22, 2011


Argghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! tension nyaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been exercising like mad these days...body combat laa..bootcamp laa..running....tapi tak kurus2..benciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Yesterday..I completed my 8 sessions of bootcamp..penat gila..exercised on a muddy field..balik rumah my kids "ewwwwwwwwwwwwww...mommy go away...bucuk...kotornyaa..!!!" that really hurts mommy's heart kids!!!

mana taknya push-ups dlm lumpur bagai..
dah laa comot tak kurus2...rasa nak stop all the exercises!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The hunt for macarons!!

I think macarons seems to have caused a massive wave nowadays, just like how cupcakes did back then..knowing me that always craved for sweet things..I'm easily fall into this wave:)

I've been reading about the macaroons in KL..and found this review about macarons in G Tower (Jalan Tun Razak, next to Tabung Haji) and today, I decided to check out new gym in town which is in G Tower itself, so of course..among other things I really look forward to is trying out their macarons ..:)

The shop called Babycakes, it's a tiny shop under the stairs..just at the entrance of GTower. The owner is a sweet young lady who runs the shop..according to people the macarons baked by her family or maybe she, herself..(I forgot to ask her if that is true:))

Price wise, I think quite reasonable compared to the standard price in KL, range from RM2.50 to RM3.50 depending on the flavor.

I think, I like these better compared to the one @Whisk, Empire Gallery. But both are sweet (perhaps too sweet to some people), my favorite are Chocolate and Caramel, even the owner recommended the same flavors.

The box 0f 8pieces cost me RM22.30.

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Nightmare not the Night Race

Last saturday hubby and I went for Energizer Night Race in Sepang, the event was held in Sepang F1 circuit.

I've joined few runs so far, but this RUN, it's exceptionally BAD!! It was badly organized..
  • parking fee was charged RM10 (normally the organizser will provide free parking unless in KL area where the fee is normally very minimal)
  • The headlights were unattended and the runners had to pick it up from the boxes in a cramp area (which causing more traffic in that cramp tunnel), knowing Malaysian, any free stuffs unattended..definitely kena pow..then the late comers didnt get their headlights
  • Entry to race area, runners had to walk through a tunnel with no ventilations..(there were 10,000 of us!!) some were badly gasping for air
  • No proper signage of marking how many KM you have completed (those running for 21Km were clueless of how many rounds they had to continue)
  • for 11km and 5.5 KM only one water stations
  • Goodie bags were not ready the moment runners completed the run, (some had to queue for more than 1hour to get the cert, medals and goodie bag)
  • Not enough drinks, goodie bags etc
After more than 1 hour queuing up, runners started losing their patient and the chaos started, the organizer had to call the police and the MC was quite rude, through PA systems she called the people, the hooligans.. and made the crowd even angrier...dah laa lari penat..been treated like a begger...not enough refreshments

Half way through the officials left the venue leaving those running for 42 and some 21Km behind without prizing ceremony etc..

The organizer was really irresponsible, imagine those running for 42kms (a lot of them are foreigners) after 4-6 hours running came back to the finishing one is waiting for them, let alone the water and all..the worst part..they took the shuttle from KL central and the bus never showed 2-3 am in the morning stranded in Sepang? Lucky we Malaysian are quite helpful, some took the ride from strangers to go back to their hotel in KL.

I was very very lucky when I completed the run the queue was not that long, the chaos hasnt started (I just joined 5.5) I completed in 48 mins and hubby completed his 11KM in 58 mins, you can imagine I only ran halfway and brisk walking the other half while hubs ran all the way through.

The next run is KL run (Standard Chartered) for this time, I will join 10KM while hubby will go for half marathon the 21km.

until next time..take care peeps!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Unconditional love

Chris Medina : what are words

this video really tears me up:(

his story really touched my heart..I wish and I hope I am loved this way..

If you peeps follow the American Idol this season you will be familiar with Chris Medina's heart-wrenching story. Unfortunately, eventhough he has the voice, he didn't make it into the final 24 for the show, which brought J. Lo to tears. (some says, it probably planned as his story might ruined the American Idol's credibility as Americans might vote for him purely based on his unfortunate life)

He stays by her fiancee's side and being her caretaker after his fiancée Juliana Ramos, who was left brain damaged after a serious car accident that happpened two weeks before they were set to marry..such an unconditional love

Juliana before and after the injury

"Juliana Ramos was injured in a serious car accident on October 2, 2009 while driving home from work. She suffered a severe skull fracture, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and multiple fractures to her beautiful face. Her chances of surviving through the night were in doubt and it was much too soon to speculate about her prospects for a full recovery." (taken from her foundation page) Help Juliana Ramos

have a safe weekends peeps!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cologne, Germany

The cathedral is one of the world's largest churches and the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe

Hubby will make a visit to Dusseldorf at least once in every 2 years..for the passed years I was never had a chance to go with him, due to numerous reasons..pregnant, confinement, pregnant again..need to save money for umrah trip etc...until this year..I told him I will go no matter the moment he confirmed the date of the show in Dusseldorf I booked the tickets for us immediately...just to make sure the plan will materialize no matter what:)

Cologne/ KOLN is Germany's fourth-largest city (after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich)

Alhamdulillah after hearing from Mr hubs about Germany (which at one point of time, he even asked me to learn German as he planned to migrate to crazeee is that???) Finally I set foot here..the place where he feels home:)

I remembered, when we reached Cologne he said "I'm home!!!" I was like "duhhhhhh!!!!!"(we stayed in Cologne not Dusseldorf as Cologne has more interesting stuff for me, according to mr hubs...a big area for shopping)

We took the Talys train from Paris to Cologne, the tickets cost us around Euro200 for 2 pax.

When hubby went to Dusseldorf for work, I walked around Cologne and even took a guided tour on hop- on bus to cover the city on my own.

Since I just came from Paris, the shopping doesn't excite me the first day I just walked half of the shopping area...went in LV to compare the price.. price wise, they are not much expensive than Paris, perhaps around 3% more than price in Paris. i.e LV chain, Euro350 and in Cologne Euro you can get the VAT of 10-12% regardless where you bought in E.U countries.

One thing I really regret until now was,I missed Loewe Napa Aire in fuhschia which on clearance for 650 Euro while the current season, 1250 Euro and Malaysian's price RM7k++ how rugi it is??? reason being, I choose to sleep in the hotel room while hubby went to Dusseldorf and only on Sunday I choose to walk around. The shops closed on Sunday, weird kan? also that show how pemalas these ppl..:((

I saw on a display the silver (1250 Eyro), Fuhschia (650 Euro)..trying to knock on the door frantically..found out the shop was closed huwwwwwwwaaaaa..!!!!!hubby asked if I want to extend the stay and going back to Paris on Monday evening..but I feel that it's unnecessary and hoping the shop tagged the price I regret!!!
The bag on clearance Euro 650 (I really hope they displayed the price wrongly)

Let's not dwell on the sad story, let see anything I can share in case you peeps plan to visit Cologne:)


The halal food is very rare in Germany, but you can have the seafood (Nordsee) serving food like what we have in Manhattan fish market here.

So, it's good to bring the Brahims stuff or even maggi in a cup as a back up at nights when hunger pangs strike:)


The area is big, if you are lazy to walk or you need to cover more in area in a limited time, please opt for Hop On tourist bus which you can take right in front of Dom Cathedral (near the tourist dept's office) The guided tour will tell you the history of each places.

A must see is definitely DOM CATHEDRAL.

Since we stay in a hotel about 10 meters away from the Dom cathedral, we do not need to take train to go to the shopping area as it's just few meters away from the hotel.

Hubby is crazy about Squash, last year he missed World Masters in Cologne so this year he make sure he get to play at the sports Centre where the tournament was hosted.

Dom Cathedral


The most popular ones are Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse. The two classical shopping streets. The Hohe Strasse begins at Wallrafplatz next to the cathedral/dom. It's Germany's first shopping street only for pedestrians and completely without traffic. You can stroll along the street without having to worry about the traffics.

The brands from Hermes, Bvlgari, LV to MANGO, Zara Mossimo Dutti....all you can find here..a shopping mall under an open sky. Strictly for pedestrians.

The LV boutique just right next to Dom


I would advice you to choose hotel in Dom area, next to Train station as it will be easier for you to move around.


When visiting Cologne taking the local bus and train system is a very comfortable way to reach every interesting place in town. It's very convenient and knowing a country like Germany, it's super efficient.

Talys train from Paris- Cologne- free flow of food and free wifi ( 4 hours from Paris to Cologne)

The cab in germany are all the mercedes...:) they even have B class!

the cab:)

Extra things to share

  • shopping malls are closed on sunday, please plan your shopping trip on weekdays, shops closed early as well..
  • In winter, the harsh weather will make your skin itchy due to extreme dryness, it works for me..after shower, dry yourself and immediately put the baby oil all over the body, then you put the body lotion.

till then..enjoy the pics!

Eau de Cologne a perfume : originated from Cologne, Germany

Rhine River

Rhine River
Dom the view on the Bridge (Rhine River)

Panoramic view of Cologne (with Dom Cathedral by the Rhine River)


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