Monday, September 26, 2011

My first 10KM run!!

Finally, I ran for 10 KM. This is my first time ever running for 10KM. It took me 2 years to finally have the courage to run for 10KM. If you ask me...I would say..not bad at all..if you can run for 5KM, 6KM or 7KM..then 10 is just another few more KM to go. Seriously...I think everybody else can do it.

I just make sure I bring my 2 little bottles of 100plus and power gel to keep me energized...I didnt have much expectations in terms of long as within 2 hours (sangat tak ambitious) my aim is just to complete the run..unlike my 5 or 7KM which I always set the timing..but this one, I just want to complete the 10KM.

So, for the first time..I did it in 1 hour 25mins..hopefully the timing will get better as I run more and more 10KM in future:) Hubby did it in 52 minutes though!
So, when I was running towards the finishing line..i saw him cheering me up..but the actual motivation for me to keep running for the last 300 meters was my favorite song from Spy Myong Wol's soundtrack..I felt so high and out of the world experience during those last miles..hee..hee:)

next weekend..I'll be running for Adidas King of the road..for another 10KM..hopefully I can beat my timing for Siemens Run.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My current obsession

I've been bitten by this at the moment..I've been playing the song all the it in the car, at home or office.

Looove the the the storyline..I'm so into this.

This romantic comedy is about a North Korean Spy who has been assigned to bring the top South korean celebrity to the North by marrying him..evethough it's a romantic has many shedding tears moments:(

of-course hubby doesn't find my obsession is cute:( but at least my kids started to like the song..haa haa:)


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