Monday, May 31, 2010

Hang your handbag in style:)

Ladies...have problem to hang your handbag when you are at the restaurant, office or any public places?

I got my glamour solution to this..and thanks to my dear friend who gave the Bag Hanger as a gift yesterday:)

I really love it..been meaning to buy this for a very long time..but of course everytime goes out shopping I tend to overlook this need..this very much needed need:))..until a friend who's caring enough to give this..she even asked me to choose a few design..and I decided to get this butterfly:))

it comes with a velvet pouch which I now carry in my handbag everywhere:))

isn't it convenient??

Ok peeps..I'm telling you I dont need to put the bag on my lap anymore while worried I might drop soup or gulai on my precious:)

until next time...take care:)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tie Dye and my previous fashion-style

Nice style eh?

I remembered those days during my university days..I was obsessed with Tie Dye..into hippie favourite outfit would be tie-dye t-shirt with torn jeans..and silver rings...I have tons of silver rings..Goshhh!!!! I have no fashion sense then..even now pun..:)

I remembered I'll tear my jeans at knee areas, luckily in the States, Levi's and Guess jeans are cheap and affordable even for students:) make sure it looks season enough, I washed new jeans many many times, brushed like Jeans not cool:)) how about that???? seems now Tie-Dye are becoming a trend once again..enjoy some of the designers Tie-Dye's...

uuuuuuhhhh..even Kristen Stewart loves Tie Dye:) *wink*

This is from Top-shop:)

The tie-dye family, luckily mommy was prohibited to wear hers with ultimatum..tie-dye or u stay at home:((

take care peeps..until then


Monday, May 24, 2010

My Idol

Happy 25th anniversary!

Last weekend we celebrated my uncle's 25th anniversary. Looking at them..after 25 years, the love are getting stronger each can feel it. My uncle travels a lot due to his nature of work...not a single trip he would leave the wife, he will make sure all the destinations he planned to go must include the wife..he told us..otherwise his stays are pretty much sweet to hear a husband say that:)

I truly inspired by this couple...and pray would be blessed with the love greater than this..insyaAllah:)

They organized a kenduri in the afternoon invited the colleagues, neightbours and night they invited people from the mosque nearby for tahlil and doa selamat.

among the cakes contributed by friends and family

have a blessed week ahead peeps..

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm settling fine...

Just want to share with you peeps..

After few postings about me getting a new job..anxiously waiting for package negotiation's result and all..finally I'm at my new work place and settling fine..thanks to you peeps for giving kind words during those times:)

I can say I like it very much so far..I have a very very fun colleagues...which I look forward to everyday..

It's been a while since I last feel like least 2 years. Prior to my last job, I worked in a wonderful company..after 6 years..I decided to take up a new challenge..I guess I made a not-so- wonderful decision:( But again..God is fair..I always believe you have to make a few wrong decisions in order for you to appreciate what you have and had:)

You peeps will not believe if I told those 6 years of my working in that company..I've never understand what MONDAY BLUES is..I remembered when I was gynea would offer me the MC..and I would just hubby once told the gynea "no point offering her doc, she loooooves her office......" yess..peepss...I love going to office..I love my job..I remembered my first day after after 2 months maternity leave.....I woke up at 5 am..couldn't sleep anxious to go to you believe that??????'s so abnormal...........

And...I hope this new place would offer me the same wonderful experience...I'm very hopeful..

I'll have less time to blog...but I'll make sure I catch-up with your entries i.e blog-hopping at least:)

until next time..enjoy your weekend..:)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love Durian!

I bet most of us lo000000000000ve durian..I lo000000000000ve durian very very much.(extreme ni) 2 of lil' kids love durian..anak mommy katakan... but hubby hates we hardly get to eat all out at home..let alone buying durians if we are using his cars..unless at my siblings' places or my kampung where my mom will buy a gunny sack full of durians when we are around, of course during Durian seasons:) basically those are the only moments we really savour delicious durian..yummmyyyyy!!

But..apart from the real durian I do not prefer any durian flavor, be it..cakes, ice-creams or tempoyak etc..etc...but..I have one exception...DURIAN PANCAKES from Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental.

It's so yummy...I can never have enough..normally each visit, I need minimum 2 pieces (one serving consist of 2 pieces)yummmmyyyyyy yumm..yumm!!!so far I havent found anywhere else sells the pancakes as yummy as Lai Po Heen (they claimed they have secret ingredients)

Fortunately... one place which I can say resembles 50% of my actual 'perfect pancakes' available in Midvalley-Gardens, LG floor. Since I cannot indulge in 'my real' pancakes on frequent basis..the so-called 'imitation' sort of fine with Gardens, the 6 small pieces selling for the price of RM10..still a fraction of what Lai Po Heen is charging.

ok...peeps..I seriously recommend this pancakes (in case you are planning for dim-sum at Lai Po Heen)...till next time

Monday, May 17, 2010

My cousin is getting engaged

it's just the engagement, hence I assured them no need to be super grand:)

My mom called me on saturday morning to remind me that they are supposed to receive the flowers and ribbons for my cousin's engagement on Wesak Day. I've been procratinating this task... one of the brother is coming to pick them up from me on sunday.
Hence no choice, I had to make a trip to my usual shop called "sayang you" in Semua House..I just hate going there because of the parking issue..

So, to cut the story short..I went there, spend about 1 hour to choose the ribbons and flowers..after getting confirmation from my mom the theme is pink and silver..besides flowers and ribbons I had to make an additional fruit basket for them. The trays are going to be "recycled" from the last wedding we had in our family, which I assured them I've invested in trays which will be used for at least 2 weddings to come:) berkira along ni..

I dont like doing "bunga pahar" it's tedious and so many I always volunteer to decorate the trays..bunga pahar will be coming from other "department" :)

The trays in copper color which I asked them to recycle:) and these are among the trays I have decorated for my cousin's wedding last year.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What did you notice from the Iron Man2?

Picture A - check out the strap of her handbag:)

Picture B - check out on her buckle..see really close if u need to:)

We decided to celebrate mother's day by bringing the kids out for movie, we had their sport's day in the morning, forced them to sleep in the afternoon, then we went out late afternoon for late lunch and movie.

They've been pastering us to bring them for Iron Man 2 as the cousins had been talking about how great the Red Iron Man is..initially we thought the movie is not appropriate for the girly gals, but again..what a heck..!

Of course there were a bit of distractions here and there as they will start asking all sort of questions, until I told them, the policemen are watching them..just a matter of them to arrest as they are not supposed to talk in the cinema...thank God..they believe me :)....and soon after they complained about how cold the place is..etc...etc..until the very last fact the last 5 minutes before the show ended, one of them wanted to pee..I had no choice but to wear her diaper, as I dont want to interrupt the people behind us by standing while movie was at the climax alasan..alasan..

Despite the distractions..I totally couldn't resist to focus on handbags....did you guys notice?

Picture A and Picture B..both are black handbags..

Picture A : at first I thought it's Prada neverfull but in black leather..but later on I found out it's actually Ferragamo bag..isn't it gorgeous?

Picture B : it's Marc Jacob..yummyyyy

Ferragamo Tote

Marc Jacob

I seriously strained my eyeballs to focus on the handbags during those scenes but failed to distinguish, what a dissapointment..which soon after I got home, I googled to find out..of course my husband would just rolled his eyes disapproved:(

ok..peeps..enjoy the beauty for these arm candies....*drool*

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tiger Prawn Rose Spaghetti - A tribute2Ladyloves, her version

I've always love it's easier to prepare compared to the malay local cuisines..which not something my family want to eat coming from my kitchen:( yesss..peeps I'm suck at cooking malay cuisines..huwaaaaargghhhh!!!!!

One of the weekend, I woke up late afternoon from my afternoon nap, feeling hungry and I saw the entry from Ladyloves on her recipe Tiger Prawn Rose Spaghetti so I decided to try, but since Carrefour doesnt carry Tiger I resort to the normal prawn..considering the biggest I can find.

My kids love it..they keep adding more..I know for sure they love it...Allysha keep telling me "mommy masak delicious......kakak sangat-sangat suka...betul-betul hor liao" alamak..dia iklan mee segera???

Thanks to Ladyloves for her recipe..and I use the Prego Pasta Sauce,easier...and yummier he..heee:) Normally I prepare the sauce from scratch..once in a while good to use the ready made, saved a lot of time:) alasan malas laa tu...

So peeps..if you are interested to try..please check out Ladyloves's site

happy cooking.............

Nigella wannabe : let's make pancake

The ingredients

I dont normally make breakfast on kids prefer McD compared to mommy's cook:( but last saturday I woke up slightly early and while waiting for them to wake up I browsed through my collection of recipe books..and got inspired by Nigella..

I saw the recipe from the Nigella bites..and made a little bit alteration..

2 cups of flour (depending on the batter..dont let it too runny or thick)
2 eggs
1 1/2 tablespoon of mauripan (yeast)
1 table spoon of salt
1 table spoon of sugar
50g of butter (melted)
1 cup of fresh milk


melt the butter in a pan using a low heat, and put it aside

Separately, mix the beaten egg, sugar, salt, Mauripan, milk, melted butter...

Finally add in flour bit by bit..mix them well

Leave the mixture for at least 30 case I accidently left for close to 2 hours as I went out jogging at the park with the kids..

Put a little bit of butter in the pan, then you cook in a low to medium heat depending on the size of the pancakes..

Pour the batter onto the pan, after 2-4 minutes or after the batter starts to bubble..
when the bubbles are even throughout the pancake you can carefully flip them over.

Once cooked, remove from the pan and top it up with butter and syrup...

you can use the maple syrup or just butter or with jam...depends on your liking:)

note :
Mauripan is so called my mom's secret recipe for doughnut, bread and even pan-cake..and she swears by this Mauripan:)

the final product:)

until we meet again..take care peeps:)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Date Night

As usual we are always behind when it comes to movies...but we are trying to catch up:) last weekend was our movie night..trying to catch Iron Man2 at Gardens..good seats only available wednesday onwards..ok???? no choice but to go to KLCC to watch Date Night as they don't show Date Night anymore at Premier Gardens

I know Mr Hubby was a bit reluctant to watch Date Night..but since I was the one doing the booking he was left with no off we went to KLCC

This movie is about a typical married couple who lives including their weekly date nights of dinner have become routine. So in the attempt to reignite the sparks they visit a trendy Manhattan restaurant where they use other couple's identity to get a table..which later turns into a chaos and gone awry.

Overall..I dont find it as amusing as the reviews's a bit slow at the beginning..the funny part mostly after 40 mins or so..but for us who have nothing else to watch we find it quite entertaining..but I wouldnt say it's the funniest:)

But, my husband and I can totally relate to this couple experience..the routine and all..yes I guess that part can be quite amusing:)

ok peeps..take care

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to dear hubby

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA from his beloved munchkins : his favorite Chocolate strawberry cake

29th April is my husband's birthday..unfortunately he had to to leave early morning to Singapore on his birthday so we had to celebrate few days later, plus my parents in law were in Perth, they reached KL later that day..(purposely came back for his birthday..isn't that sweet?????)

So..screw my diet the whole week last week due to few celebrations..1 with my in laws, 1 with just us ; hubby, myself and our 3 lil' munchkins and lastly just my hubby and I.

My husband doesnt read my blog plus he doesnt even know I have one..I want to keep that way:) easier I nak mengata..muaahaaahaaa!!
but I still want to wish him here..Happy Birthday dear hubby...mmmuahh..!!

I know it's not easy for him to live with me..with my clumsiness and all the flaws...we have so many differences in so many ways...but I'm glad we found each other...he completes me:)

until next time..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review - the Jacket

Ok..this movie was from 2005, I'm waaaayyyyyy left behind sometimes..esp if those movies were not shown in our local cinemas.

I dont normally watched DVDs...95% of the movies we watched are either at the cinemas or ASTRO, reason being..we (my husband and I) couldn't give 100% concentration due to our piranhas kids who constantly seeking our undivided even on ASTRO we only watched movies showing at night..when their 'batteries' are running low so we can have more concentration:)

Last week, remember a friend of mine who just dumped his long-time boyfriend? yess..she handed me a bag full of old DVDs which they considered as "harta sepencarian" which she desperately needs to we divided among 3 friends, as usual I get to do it first leaving the left overs to the other unlucky two :( (pat..pat siku lipat..sapa cepat dia dapat...muaahaaahaaaaa!!!)

I'm a sucker for thriller and horror among those stories I decided to watched 'THE JACKET' as from the cover it looks like a horror movie to me...

The story is about a gulf war veteran who's wrongly sent to a mental intitution after apparently shoot a police officer which he simply does not remember. At the ward, he had to go through a treament which he's putting on "the jacket" which made him goes on journey to the future

The storyline was quite slow..but as it progressed I got hooked especially seeing the chemistry between Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley:) ..(so you peeps must be asking..which is the horror part?) yesss..basically it's not horror at all..they categorized this as 'thriller' even that I do not find much thrill except the chemistry of the two..:)

The verdict :

I love both Adrien and Keira (I was never a fan of Adrien Brody..i find this nose is too prominent..until I watched this movie..hikssss) and by the way, love the ending toooo...made it worth my 2 hours

she's flawlessly beautiful, isn't she?

until next time...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm leaving the company I had to surrender the most precious possesion to the HP Probook..uwaaaaaaargghhhhhh!!!!!:(

I've never own a lappie on my own..ever since I worked the companies have always provide me with lappie hubby always own I dont see the need for me to buy.....but again when times like this.....jobless..then I feel I need to own one....especially now being an active blogger..muahahaahaa..mcm real je..hikss

So peeps until my new company provide me with new will hear less from's not that people will miss me much..more on me missing u peeps

so for now..bye-bye lappie..see if I can hijack hubby's lappie at home or when he's asleep..I need sleeping pills as he seems to sleep later than me most of the nights muahhaaahaaaa.....(pardon my evil thoughts) wellllll......I'm a woman..... I need my beauty sleep while he doesn't:(

bye-bye baby...mommy gonna miss u:(

until we meet again...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday is not so blues afterall

I had a good day today..simply because my company is giving us a day off, part of 'labor day' as the management decided to bring forward the leave to today:) yeeeyyyy!!!!!!

It's even better as the shopping malls and banks are not crowded, partly due to only us from 'XYZ' are on our day off..another yeeyyyy!!!

But I had to wake up early to send the kids to school....since I still owe my husband his 'Jake's' lunch/ I thought better do it today as the kids won't be around..(my parents in law will pick them up after school)

Basically today, I spent 3/4 of my day in Bangsar..we went to Jake's (our fav steak house..yummm!!their steaks are the best in town..I guarantee you:) ) and I did my eyebrows threading..(ouchhh!!! it's painful..regardless of doing it 100 of times..:( women...can go extremely far to look beautiful..what else can I say..)

But of all..I love Laura Mercier for giving me free sample of their foundations..thanks to Ms ladyL for her review on Laura Mercier and get me introduced to this superb stuff:).... so I decided to give a try;)my Bobby brown is finishing..I even had to use the cotton bud to reach the bottom part of the I can say it's not finishing but I have another week to buy...let me try the far it looks promising..can even replace my Ms Brown;)
I must admit I'm very fussy..the foundation has to look as natural as it can be while can hide my flaws.. tough job being my foundation...muahhaahaaa..
I was a bit confused as they have a few ranges which i'm not familiar compared to BB....I think the sales assistant ended up recommending me the different type from what I had in mind earlier on....

By the order not to make Mr Hubby cranky..(he hates shopping..let alone window shopping) so I asked him to do his work in starbucks while I wander around BV alone..hopping from 1 shop to another. My final destinations was MPH... with lists of books I need to find (solely based on my weak memory)

- books recommended by Cik Ermayum (a few..I think)
- book recommended by Ms Jabberholic..(something to do with birkin)

So..u can imagine me with pretty low memory trying to figure out which books to buy..I'm telling you at least 1 hour I was scouting for those books and trying to match the description I got from our dear friends' blogs..until my phone rang with loud Glee's song.."are u done yet? dont tell me I need to bring the pick-up to pick you up" hubby said sarcastically..which means I only have less than a mili second to make my way out and meet him at gone the books..and my mission failed...out of 1 1/2 hrs in MPH..i only manage to grab these..

my must have mags

It seems I need to make another trip to kinokuniya or MPH soon...

until then..


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