Thursday, August 25, 2011


But, I think my Ramadhan this year is more meaningful compared to previous years, perhaps I have more kesedaran on the greatness of Ramadhan and it's really menginsafkan.

My girls have started puasa this year, Allysha managed to fast full far she only skipped on weekends, itu pun sebab mommy dia yang discouraged her from fasting on weekends, hee hee.. she has her piano class on saturday so I thought it's a bit tiring for her, next year she can complete her 30 days, tapi this year I give her discount..haa haa.. While the twins also managed to fast on alternate days..they are 4 yrs old going to be 5 soon.

Now we only have 4 more days to time really flies, we only have 4 more nights to perform our terawih. One thing I've been sharing with my friends..fadhilat terawih for me is really huge! I realized anything I asked for during my terawih, so far god never fails me..really, that's why I will try my best to perform solat terawih, if tak sempat ke masjid sbb ada majlis berbuka kat luar, I will do it on my own kat rumah.

It's kind of sad to leave this Ramadhan, that I've not feel it before..somehow terfikir, could this be my last ramadhan?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is your boss horrible??

I remembered those days when I had a bad my lifetime (so far) I can consider 2 horrible bosses. The first one was a lady boss. Chinese in her late 40's not married...
Those days my colleagues and I were always pray she would be hit by a bus...or when she's flying we would wish her plane to be crashed..she made us dragged our feet to work everyday...she's one mean boss who will scrutinize our respond a simple email with her in c.c list will take hours to compose..You will check your language, points..clear enough..everybody will understand clearly and even you punctuation mark has to be correct, where to BOLD etc....

The moment she called you to her better pray the people around there were will wish the floor will open up and swallow you right there and then the moment you came out from her room as the rest of the colleagues will look at you with pity in their eyes!!!

So, I prayed..I prayed hard that Allah will take her away from me...awaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! and Allah had granted my prayer..a year after that she was transferred to other department, once she's out of the department, I slowly forgave her and towards the end before she was asked to leave..I was already in a good term with her. Soon she moved to Australia and every time she came back we would meet up and we became facebook friends and remain in good term until today...

nevertheless, not everybody are so forgiving...some of my colleagues still holding grudges towards her until today..:)

But, for me my ultimate mean boss was this particular boss, also a Chinese in his late 40's...he's mean to the extend I tender my resignation even before I have a next job ready, shy off a month before a bonus pay you can imagine how much I hate him...

Everyday on my way home I would cry to my husband how much I hate my job until he couldn't take it anymore and ask me to quit the job the next day itself.

I didn't blame this boss solely...but he trusted his sidekick too much, this young ambitious girl who's out to get rid of anyone who get in the way for her to become the Head of department..I, on the other hand was waaaaayyyyy not ambitious, you want to be head of department, by all mean take it, but don't turn my life upside down plus I have no energy to play her I quit!!!!

To tell you what they did is a long story but I felt that I din't deserved it so I leave my fate in god's hand and quit.

But, whatever it is if you are in your lowest point of your career right now dealing with a horrible me, Prayer is the just pray to Allah to take him/her away from you...prayer from "orang teraniaya" is always mustajab....

salam ramadhan to all:)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shape Night Run 2011

That was my last run before Ramadhan...I only joined 5KM Fun Run, after what I've experienced in Energizer night run.. a bit sceptical of running more than 5KM at night.. hubby as usual joined the 12.3KM...he finished in 1 hour 14 minutes..not his best somehow.

Since it's just 5KM so I skipped the powerbar, I just ran with my 100plus..that's all I need. Finished in 32 achievement for me as my last shape run 2009, I ran for 45minutes..that was my first running I can say I have improved after 2 yrs.

It was quite fun, the kids were there to cheer for mommy and Baba, they had fun as well. Somehow the ambience..I think it was a bit less cheerful compared to 2009. The lights were a bit dim...I remembered the whole place were so bright then in 2009, less lights were light on this time around..but it's still well organized.

The goodie expected, they have a lot to give no complaint:) definitely looking forward to shape Night Run 2012 next year:)


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