Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sticky rice with mango..we had so much of it...

Pattaya Floating Market

It's not easy for me to go travel with girlfriends without mr hubs, except for Bandung, anyhow surprisingly when I asked him that I wanted to join my friends for all girls trip to Bangkok he said yess...so apalagi....jumping with joy!! I was really looking forward to this trip...and as usual I was assigned to come out with itinerary and booked the tickets for 5 of us. Coincidently MAS has the promo, so we thought this is even better considering AirAsia now has so much to add on the fare ie. seats, foods, luggages and all..plus minus we may pay almost the same.

As usual all girls trip memang tak boleh lari dari shopping till drop and pampering ourself, one thing good in Bangkok the spa is open until wee hours, so after long hours of shopping we went for spa after midnight for 2 nights in a row...pure blisss I'm telling you, The 2 hours massage only cost us RM70....:)

The only set back during our trip were the seafood dinner, we were overcharged and the waiter tried to con us by charging extra 10% on top of the bill, instead of 3300 baht, he charged another 330 baht (around RM33) and yes it's very pricey the dinner, it's because we didnt know where else to go at 10+pm at night, the cab driver drove us there....memang rasa ruginya mahal gila the food, where we should be having a cheap thai food in Bangkok:(

but, the rest of the trips I managed to find few halal places where I found from ladyverde's site.
  • Restaurant Usman (yummy food but the service is extremely slow..but cheap considering the price we paid for rest of the other restaurants during this trip.
  • MBK's food court (they have a few halal restaurants) both level, 5 and 6 have halal restaurants.

    if you take a cab, just tell them, next to Imperial Queen's Park hotel at S0i 22, Sukhumvit

For shopping; you should not miss;
  • Chatuchak (open only on Saturday and sunday until 5pm)
  • Pratunam (Platinum mall) (fashon mall)
  • MBK (accessories, shirts etc)
  • PatPong if you are looking for imitation stuffs i.e Tiffany's, Pandora and other designer's accessories.
Overall..my favorite is still chatuchak:) I bought a lot of stuffs for my sister and cousin for their new houses.

a lot of unique stuffs in chatuchak.

Accessories at chatuchak...I borong a lot these bangles

The aromatheraphy shop @ chatuchak, we went berserk shopped at this store

the seafood dinner that cost us more than RM350

The breakfast -we only had pastries and eggs...and their steamed bread, this is the first time I had that kind of steamed bread..very soft and fluffy.
Our rooms in Bangkok, we took 2 connecting room for 5 of us.
the first room
the second room

Overall, the trip was super fun except we were brought to the wrong floating market, for most of us, this trip was not our first time to Bangkok but we have never been to floating market, so when the driver sent us to the Pattaya floating market we didnt know it was not the one we should go...until we came back and compare notes with friends who had been there...and we became the laugh of the day :(
(we paid more than RM300 for the trip) memang over-charged and it was arranged by one of the friend's acquitance)...tskk..tsks!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yusry oh Yusry

I have a confession to make, once upon a time I used to have the biggest crush on Yusry (KRU) only god knows...I was once told a friend.I dont want to marry anyone except Yusry..(yes..I know I know...that was pathethic haa haa)
I used to despise Shasha elite only god knows just because she dated Yusry....but later I realise I was just jealous!!!

My husband until now hates Yusry just because I once told him I wanted to marry Yusry.. (then we were just friend) ha..haaa funny laa this man..(but at the same time I feel flattered that a man can love me that much to feel insecure over YUSRY KRU:) like....helllooooooo???? this is Yusry we are talking about, he doesnt even know I exist:)
He will change the channel if Yusry happened to appear on TV...he will remove the page from the news paper if Yusry was on it...he..heeee..

and when Yusry finally choose Era Fazira...a few of my friends thought I would be devastated...but by then I was already over him..and already with my husband.
But when they got divorced...I was hoping they would reconcile eventually, they look good together...it's very sad they ended their marriage..or else they would make a great couple:(

even having gotten over him, I still follow his love story...from Yasmin Hani to Maya Karin and latest Lisa Surihani...I think Lisa will be perfect for him maybe not as perfect as he's with Era but he has my blessing over this relationship...cewwwaaahhhhh macam laaa I ni layak to bless him muahaa haaaa...!!!!

like this latest news with Yusry was saying these;

Memang kita berkawan rapat, sebenarnya lebih dari kawan rapat. Saya tak berselindung dan cakap hal yang betul. Kita dalam perhubungan yang matang. Tak ada istilah cinta monyet dan cintan-cintun. Walau bagaimanapun, kami masih belum mengenali sepenuhnya. Saya selesa dengan perwatakan dan cara pemikiran dia.

Yusry: Ya, saya pernah jumpa keluarga dia dan dia juga dah jumpa keluarga saya. Kami bukan nak main-main kerana hubungan kami memang serius. Jadi bagi saya cara paling baik ialah jumpa dengan keluarga masing-masing. Tidak dinafikan, keluarga sangat selesa dengan hubungan kami. Namun, terlalu awal untuk cakap yang kami menuju ke arah itu (kahwin). Jika jadi, Alhamdulillah

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspiration of the day


They are sharing the same fitness instructor, the famous Tracy Anderson


ok peeps..I'm off to the gym!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Movie Review - Thor

  1. I borong quite a bit of pirated DVDs during our trip, in Penang last 2 weeks
  2. Kids are quite clingy these days to leave them with atuk and nenek on weekends
  3. The kids favorite babysitter aka my cousin was busy with her exams that she couldn't sleepover on weekends
But, finally last weekends she finished her exam so she came by and of course mommy and Baba wouldn't miss the chance for a date night..ha..haaa....immediately went to buy the tickets..yippeee!!!!

But we didn't have much choice either because we have watched quite a number of new movies from our pirated copies so between Fast and Furious4 and Thor..we think Thor is a better bet!

True enough..it's not dissapointing at all..quite fun with quite a number of amusing scenes where actions and comedy are in it

It's about Thor, God of thunder , who go against his father wishes and caused his upset father banishes Thor from the kingdom (some other planet) and sends him to the earth.

It's where he met Jane (Natalie Portman). Disoriented on earth with unfamiliar surroundings it provides some very funny moments...so I find this movie very entertaining.

Plus...Thor is quite a hunk, I'm telling you especially when he's shirtless..hee..hee (hubby definitely will not approve this:))

Don't worry, this movie is decent enough if the kids wanna watch, decent than the fast n furious:))

Thursday, May 5, 2011

One merciless man!!!

A friend who just got divorced brought her 3 little kids and a maid to Damansara Specialist for an appointment. One of her kids is a down syndrom, hence you can imagine it was quite chaotic and a constant battle to keep them calm...

According to my friend, her kids used to be quite behave until recently after she and the husband separated:(

To cut the story short, among the parents who were waiting for the peadiatrician was this so called gentleman with his son and a maid in a uniform..

every single time her kids started to fight with each other he will give a disgusted look as if this family is from a hutan or something...until one moment he was talking on the phone and one of the kids was trying to grab something from his brother...this guy stood up " hang on....isshhhhh bising lahhhh budak2 ni" so loud closed to screaming!

of course as a mother, this friend of mine was very hurt with that statement..it's not she's not trying to keep them quiet..all 3 aged 1 and 1/2 years to 3 yrs and a down syndrom boy...it's not easy...the gentleman on the other hand, only one son with a maid to keep an eye on his boy...of course it's managable handling just one.

From her story..I couldn't imagine "the gentleman" being a father himself doesn't have any mercy towards other kids let alone thinking about other parents feeling...such a merciless man!!!

why can't he tried putting himself in her position..perhaps god hasn't tested him yet... he feels taking care of kids is like training a dog..they will sit when u said so they run when u ask!!

So, Mr gentleman....no matter what is your social status if you can't respect other people's feeling you are actually just another uncivilized jerk...!!


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