Monday, June 28, 2010

My experience part 1

came out from Jeddah airport heading to Medinah at dawn

hotel Saraya Taba in Medinah

please note the reason I share the experiences as a reminder to myself and sharing with you my loving fellow bloggers, no intention to show off or whatsoever.

No more strict rules to bring in the camera into Masjidil Haram, eventhough there are times when they suddenly decided to be strict..but most of the time they don't bother to search your bag like in Masjid Nabawi (Medinah)

The last visit in 2005, let alone camera, my nokia phone with camera was prohibited and they searched the bag and your abaya very strictly.

So this time around I had the opportunity to take photos inside the masjidilharam to show to my siblings which helps them to anticapate when they go to mecca later:)

The period when I was there..quite packed, school holidays for Malaysian and Singapore and summer holidays for some of the countries. It's summer time in Saudi, the temperature in Medinah hit 50 degree Celcius.

Overall this time was ok, except I missed my mom very much (the last time I went with her when Allysha was just 4 months old) but Allah is great, I was given 2 makcik to take care during my time in Medinah, 1 with wheelchair and the other makcik has bladder control problem and she needs to change her diaper each time after prayer.

Both stayed next to my room, in Masjid Nabawi the females and males are separated, hence both Makciks' son were not able to bring them to the mosque, let alone to visit Rhaudah (makam rasullullah)

In Medinah during peak-hours, it really tough to get in and out hence taking her to the nearest toilet was a challenge, plus the nearest was closed, need to go the slightly further toilet

I tried hard to reflect this 'dugaan'.....really..reallly testing and almost gave up..but then thinking of mom and I would like someone to treat my mom well when I'm not around, it helps me to keep the end of the forth day I didnt take those as a burden anymore.....alhamdulillah. I regards those as the magical how on earth in normal situation without Allah's help I was able to get through that..pushing the wheelchair with more than 90kg woman few times a day, taking another makcik to the loo every time after prayer and fighting your way in to the mosque making sure her fragile figure was not pushed by the tough Arab woman...

but again I must have been doing things all the while, without consider other people's hardship know I always think about me..... and want to do things fast and obstacles or challenges will irk me easily (at least that's what I learn from the experience)

In Mekah..I lost my blackberry while trying to kiss hajaratul aswad. My mom asked me to sembahyang hajat, but I told her I took it as the price I had to pay for pushing myself among others to kiss hajaratul aswad, so I had to buy a local prepaid card to call's so much cheaper compared to roaming charges, I havent received the bill the last time my Maxis bill was more than RM1k for duration of 10 days...this time around I anticipate slightly more:(

Masjid Nabawi

in the afternoon they will open up the so called "umbrella"

Makam Rasulullah inside Masjid Nabawi (Green dome)

Masjid Nabawi (male's entrance)

I'll tell about Jabal magnet (bukit magnet) known by indonesian and Malaysian jemaah, very magical:) and photos of masjidil Haram in my next entry

until then....

I'm back...

Helllooo peeps...!! I miss u guys.. miss reading the blogs..miss blog-hopping

I'm back..came back Sunday morning 2oth June..the next very morning were already at work. I do not have many more leaves, hence that gives me so little time to rest. Lost my blackberry while doing my Tawaf so I was totally lost connection to the cyber world.

My mom gathered a few close relatives on my first day at home plus the kids were ultra clingy and had so many things to update me..that i had to beg them to give me 5 mins rest to take a nap which obviuosly doesnt work

"mommy is tired...wake me up after 5 mins ok?"

"mommy dah 5 mins ke ? after 30 seconds

"Not yet...."

"mommy dah 5 mins dah ye? " after 15 seconds.

at the end I gave up.......

When I wasn't around..I know they had a good time with my mom and my brothers and sister around..they had their cousins as well, sometimes when I called them (few times a day) they refused to talk to me as they were busy playing..that gives me a peace of mind..alhamdulillah things were not as bad I think it would be.

Trying to catch up with things at home and work. I'm preparing for Allysha's birthday party this saturday so things a bit chaotic at home..the last minutes change of venue, getting her prefered birthday cake, dress and other things like party packs, helium ballons, ballons scupture, face painting etc..

I'll update about my trip soon...trying to get back into blogging mood..seriously hard peeps:)

take care peeps!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My spiritual journey started....

I do not know about others but for me, I've always believe the journey to this particular destination, you have to be invited to least for me.

Take me for example, I've been planning to go since 2008, but there're always obstacles..unlike going on normal holidays..I can just plan, packed and go. But for some people, I saw them planning and go without any hurdles (lucky them)

You peeps must be wondering (those who know I just joined this company) how I get to leave office for 2 whole weeks..yes, it's part of the agreement prior to my joining that I'll be allowed to take 2 weeks leave:)

...another thing, I'm worried sick that I will miss my babies...the thought of not seeing them for 2 whole weeks make me wanna cry each's unbearable:( I wish they are big enough to follow me..weeks prior to this I was trying my best to be as cool as I can be even when they tend to misbehave a little bit..I bet they have been wondering what happened to my mommy????

I hope Allah will make it easy for me this time..and if I've ever offended anyone I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart

Till we meet again..InsyaAllah

take care

Friday, June 4, 2010

Poor babies!!!

When I got home last night, as usual my kids were screaming and running to the door like they have not seen me for days..(the truth is, I like it a lot:)) but the moment my maid opened the door I noticed..2 stretch of reddish lines on allysha's cheek

Of course being me not so cool maid can read the!!! mem's going to explode soon I better explain fast!!! "arryyana buat..." hhhhmmmmmm right there and then my poor little Aryyana got scolded...

I seriously dont know how to handle Aryyana's temper..I know she did it as she couldnt control her anger..I know allysha started it..but still..those stretches will leave mark on allysha's cheek..luckily it's just cheek not the eyes...scarry thought thinking if she missed it and scratched the eyes instead:(

My hubby knows that bothers me and he explained that baby's skin heels quicker as the cells grow faster....sigh..

Soon I'm going to leave them for 2 weeks..i leave it to God..pray hard that nothing happened when I'm away...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Secret - the book I love you to read!!

I'm sure at least half of you peeps have read this book..but as I promise Ms Jab to share my review on this here I am..

I love to recommed this to Ms Ermayum as well (in case you have not read this..since you love reading:)) This is worth reading:)

This book is written by Rhonda Byrne, it's about how your thought can be really powerful to the extend can influence the end result.

The book said : You are a are attracting all things to you via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings

You can apply this SECRET rules to your relationship, wealth and health , job and everything..dont laugh..but I do it to get my dream handbags..(so vain kan???)

Some of the friends asked me if this book is telling us something which is against our belief especially us being a muslim..but I told them..this book encourage positive thinking which in Islam also we are encouraged to have positive thinking especially in our Prayer or Doa which we always told to recite our prayer and Tawakkal..dont think of "ooo..Allah will not granted this to way .."

The same in The Secret..while reading try to relate those concepts to our belief..of course there are some of the opinions from the guest authors which you cant take 100% but overall I think the concept is really make sense.

I've read this some where in 2008 where I was desperately looking for a more challenging career and to be away from KLCC..I managed to get a job and worked far from KLCC as I wished:( then later I realized I dont specify that I want to be happy not the job or location matters.
(you need to read the book to understand why these little things matters)

Anyone at this point of time, at your lowest point..besides doa, try to take up this book..I strongly feel it works.

I personally think this is the best gift to give to anyone be it Christmas gift, birthday gift or farewell gift:)

Happy reading peeps..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Are you planning for a party?

I love the dress cookies..yummy and initially I dont have the heart to eat it:)

A close friend of mine threw her birthday party last weekend, another good friend of us helped to organize..she's renowned as a good planner and knows good venues:) Initially they were planning to have it at Delicious@ Dua Residency which the place is normally packed on weekends and to have a section close for party is a bit challenging...hence after a few considerations Bijou in Mont Kiara Damai was chosen, good choice I must say..

The theme is pink and white, the food was good...yummyyy..the cupcakes were among my favorite:) and I enjoyed good companies..mostly close friends who are not in contact for months now..great catch up sessions:)

among the gifts from the guests:))

great desserts

spacious and nicely decorated for 50 guests

decorated in pink and white

Yummy foods

On top of great party..great door gift too...among the gift is a new key ring for my I can put aside the old one to give way for my new Marc Jacobs:)

bye-bye old key ring, now can take a back seat..I have a new Marc Jacobs:))

until next time..take care peeps!


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