Monday, September 27, 2010

Keratin hair treatment Part 2

I had a few friends who read my blog asking me to share further info on Brazillian keratin treatment.

Last weekend I dropped by A cut above to check out more on the treatment, basically after hearing the explanation I was a bit put off with the idea;

I was told :
  1. to wait three days and DO NOT GET IT WET or perspire (no showers and no exercise to avoid sweat.

  2. NO TUDUNG!!!!! for 3 days

  3. Use a specific type of shampoo that does not contain sodium.

  4. Keep hair absolutely straight until the 3 days is over, meaning
  • no ponytails,

  • no headbands,

  • no clips,

  • no sunglasses, and

  • no shoving it behind ears to avoid kinks.

So peeps, how on earth I can manage the DON'Ts? I need to take leave from work and only can do it when I have my period (no need to take wuduk and wear telekung)

Let alone my was-was feeling on the COATING part and the cost which I find it too expensive for me. hubs had to be patient for a little longer, exercise more for a healthy heart..muahaa..haaaa!!! I'll pray dia tabah menghadapi dugaan di pagi hari dek my unruly hair.

until next time, take care peeps!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brazilian Keratin Treatment anyone?

I aint no Jennifer Aniston!! hence with unruly hair like this..really stressing me out at the moment, luckily i'm wearing tudung to hide this frizzy unruly hair of mine.

I stumbled upon "Brazilian Keratin Treatment" in one of the magazines I bought this month, from the review it seems this is the ONE I really need at the moment, but the issue is.... it will cost me a bomb, for shoulder length hair, it cost around RM600 + stylist fee depending on who you choose to treat your hair, senior stylist can cost RM200+ so the total would come up to RM800++

If I go to Arzu I can easily get 5 tudungs (medium range laa..not the high end)and I can parade while going out or going to office...but again Mr Hubs will continue having heart attack looking at me especially when I woke up in the he already made his remark:(

Another thing, I'm not sure if we can bring to solat, as I found out from the article that the keratin mixture is coated carefully at every strand. The word COATED caution me...

By the way, the result is amazing.. (that's what they claimed laaa..)

So peeps, in case you know or you have done this treatment, can you share with me?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The pursuit of shedding extra unwanted fat

Hello peeps!!

welcome back..I'm sure most of you have just started work today:) I on the other hand, was here since last more annual leave left..hence i got to be back at work earlier.

By the way...Syawal has always been a challenging month for me..each year I will gain exra fat due to stuffing myself with cookies..yesss I'm a cookie monster..and every year I'll spend a lot..a loooooott on cookies...and believe's not wasted at all..80% will go to my stomach...this the house we have an extra of 3 more cookie monsters (my gals love cookies as much as I I guess money well spent:) however, the end result has always not very pleasing..I've packed kilossss

And this year..I've found new approach......

I'm signing up myself for RUN, I've registered Nike run and Mizuno RUN, I've got my hubby to join me for both runs, of course I'll join the 5KM while he will go for 10KM and 11KM.

So, I'll try to complete puasa 6 this week and on weekends I'll run with hubby at the park..hopefully I will manage to shed those unwanted fat.

till then take care peeps

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ms Trevi is finally here

Alhamdulillah, berkat doa di bulan puasa, finally Ms Trevi GM is here....since I saved a lot due to our strong currency at the moment, the bag comes with no box, someone needs to save the space...huwaaaaargghhh i really want the box:(
and.... suddenly I realized GM is huuuuggee!!! but again I do not regret as PM is a bit too small for me. Like one of my friend's may look odd but hell with's LV so any flaws are forgiven:)

With this, I will stop hunting for anymore handbags in 2010. A full stop.

Till then, please take care peeps..selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin if I ever offended anyone or said things I'm not supposed to. I'm far from perfect..but believe me..none of it is intentional..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Is this Raya ads or X-mas??

Have you peeps watched the fairy tale like Raya ads from TV3? I was a bit so obbvious that TV3 doesnt realize the sensitivity of muslim in Malaysia. I know they are trying to incorporate 1Malaysia, but santa claus alike???

Someone in corporate comm..should be responsible. This is a religion celebration for god sake!!

Watch this's just so improper in many places..*sigh*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twins have turned 4

home made- the chocolate layer-chiffon cake for Aryyana

the butter -layered chiffon for Aryya with chocolate ganache

The pasta from maklong, lontong and ayam sambal from nenek

I should be grateful for twins to be loved dearly by my in laws..including their Nyang (great grandmother), Nyaii (grand-auntie), Mak long (auntie)..and the list goes on... I know if anything happened to me, my kids will be in good hands.

My parents in law do not have many cucu...3 migrated and live in the States, one in basically they really devoted the love to Allysha and the twins...initially I was a bit uneasy with the whole situation, it took years for me to finally's ok to share the love..and as soon as I'm willing to share with them..things get easier...alhamdulillah...:)

Ok..that's not what I intended to share supposed about Twins who just turned 4 on August 30th..(they couldnt wait for merdeka day..same allysha on 3rd July, on eve of US independence day)

Since their birthday this year falls on fasting month, we decided to just send the party packs to school..but Nyaii (grand auntie) and Mak long decided to hold a small family gathering and bake the cakes...

I'm telling you it was a painstaking effort for them as both are amateurs...from the process of combining few layers of cake to get the right size to fit the pictures of barbie doll and thinkerbell..which at the end the pictures broke and they had to resort to other decorations....i just shook my head..definitely I would just call SugarPinkIcing for that amount of works...

Nenek was busy half a day in the kitchen preparing lontong..(the twins love lontong so much)...while preparing the cakes, a few of my auntie's colleagues dropped by, she proudly telling them she was preparing for her twins cucu's birthday...

Overall..the birthday might not be the glamorous one, but I know all the neneks, atoks, pakciks and makciks were very happy....the twins? well as long as there were gifts and people singing happy birthday..that would enough for them:)

We celebrated their birthday 2 days earlier since atok and nenek are going for on the day itself (30th August) we celebrated again, this time we took them out for dinner..luckily I had recovered from high fever just in time to celebrate their birthday

@chillis : I asked her to smile..over-smiled pulak..
The twins saw this cake at Subang Empire Gallery..they insisted to have another cake, quite small..butter cake with sugar cream icing, enough for 3 of them...

until next time..take care peeps.


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