Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pengalaman yang menginsafkan

Anyone dengar re-run of Era krew pagi? Ada caller name Karim called merayu2 kat wife dia..he was crying while talking to Aznil, kira to summarize is like this:

"saya seorang yg tidak ada pekerjaan tetap..bertukar-tukar kerja dari zaman sebelum kahwin sampai anak sekarang dah 3 bulan" "saya membuat bermacam2 kerja dan tak mengikut masa, keakadang kerja malam"

"kalau betul dia (isteri) sudah benci kan saya..tapi tolong lah jangan pisahkan saya dengan anak saya"

then aznil asked if he wants to say something to the wife,

"ayang..abang betul2 mintak maaf, abang tahu ayang kurang ajar dgn abang pun sbb kesalahan abang jugak, tapi tolong lah beri abang peluang, jangan pisahkan abang dgn anak abang, setiap saat abang berusaha untuk menjadi yg terbaik, takde orang yg nak jadi orang yg tak berguna, abang mintak ayang berdoa sama2 semoga abang berjaya untuk berubah"

Mesti you all rasa, apahal laa minah ni emo sangat... sedih you all especially bila dengar dia menangis bercerita..I'm sure dia had no one to turn to nak bercerita then just pour it out on the radio.

sedih nya hati..tak tertahan I menangis terisak2 dalam kereta tolong sedih kat budak karim ni.. then doa mudah2 an penamat cerita dia berakhir dgn bahagia dan murah lah rezeki dia. Then it hit me..betapa ramai orang kat dunia ni yang :
  • Lebih besar dugaan dari Allah kepada dia

  • lebih susah dari kita

  • kerja yg lebih teruk dari kita

It's really menginsafkan for me, the whole conversation I found it very overwhelmed as we often takes thing for granted while others living in grief and pain.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


When I like something..it always lead me to obsession...I'll start sharing emails with pictures of it with close friends..talking about it..looking for it high and low until I finally had enough of it..that's how serious it became:)

Now my latest obsession is the chunky wire and stone rings macam kat bawah ni, been looking around and I need a lot of them..all colors. In case you all tahu kat mana ada jual this kind of rings..please share with me ok? I ada jugak mintak my jeweller check with their goldsmith kalau boleh tiru this design but of course I cannot afford to have all colors laa...paling banyak 1-2 rings je sbb goldsmith punya upah + jeweller agak costly:(

I like wearing chunky ring...now I wanted this wire and stone chungky rings..and I'm on the look out pantang nampak counter accessories, I even planning to hunt the rings at the weekend bazaars.

I like wearing chunky ring...now I wanted this wire and stone chungky rings..and I'm on the look out pantang nampak counter accessories, I even planning to hunt the rings at the weekend bazaars.

It all started when my husband bought this chunky ring a couple of years back for our anniversary.....I started to develop the interest for chunky ring. Macam tak complete kalau tak pakai cincin besar2..since I couldnt afford many rings from this brand or any kind from MABOUSSIN.. any rings from the kiosk pun ok as long as chunky..before I was a bit reluctant to wear chunky ring takut it look odd on my finger..but again I think I look OK in chunky accesories..especially now with the trend you wont feel out of place

My posession from B.Zero collection, my first chunky ring

will continue hunting...happy weekend everyone:)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kasih mak : part 2

I've written earlier about how I felt for Azean after Benjy, her son was caught with drug possesion..the news was saying the police jumpa so-called lab laa etc at the condo when the actual fact he was just charged with carrying on 0.24gm of methamphetamine..see news sometimes can be very misleading..and exaggerating.....if betul ada lab, the fellow can be hanged to death..
With 0.24 grams he could only be fined max RM100k or 5 yrs jail or both..at least so much better news dari kena hukuman mati mandatory..

Somehow, I really adore Azean for her love to her son..for sure all mothers loooove their kids..but this mother has shown her devoted love and support him all the way..she even blame herself for Benji's misbehaving conduct

I hope the case is not as serious as it sounds..I tak tahu laa why I tengok muka Benjy tu muka kesian sangat..I'm sure orang pelik..apsal laa I concern sangat pasal kes ni..tapi I kesian kat both mother and son, esp bila Azean cakap..Benjy tu jarang dapat offer berlakon sebab he's not good looking and producer like to offer him character like disabled ke or retarded etc..kesian tau:(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I read book

Yes, I don't normally read books (please read : novel is not considered book :)) especially with 3 little kids who constantly crave for my attention..sometimes they even pull my head to look straight into their eyes making sure I'm giving undivided attention when they talk..so reading serious materials that equally needs my undivided attention is a NO..NO... the last book i read was "the secret" about 2 yrs ago..lama sangat laa tu, back then I had time to read as I commuted via LRT and reading book for me then, was a way to endure our public transport system;) Last weekend, after my jogging session with hubby at KLCC park we decided to go to kinokuniya and seize the opportunity of having no kids with us running around at the book store..... hubby then, decided to buy me this book: he said this might be helpful as I've always give in too much at the workplace and in a corporate world..that's not a wise conduct
Looking at the title, looks interesting (negativity always tend to attract me) so I started to flip page by page looking for the miracle like what i discovered in "The Secret" or "7 habits of highly effective people"..very dissapointing..the negative tittle reflects in the content..

It listed the annoying types of co-workers you might have, the authors identified "10 least wanted" which I dont find it helpful though.

When I read..I just feel that the authors are both very negative people..I dont know perhaps others beg to differ..but that's my personal opinion of this book..A TOTAL DISSAPOINTMENT. Perhaps the books I read earlier always emphasized on "bersangka baik":)

Sigh..now my 2010 resolution to read more books dampened..need a new momentum to start over...perhaps you peeps have suggestion of any other motivational books?

Ostrich a.k.a burung unta

I never knew we can actually eat ostrich meat, not until recently when my father in law's best friend craving for ostrich meat, as usual I'm the one they turned to, to source for anything..anything at all under the sun.

So googled (it's not even difficult, but my in laws always impressed that menantu dia ni serba tau..haa.haa) I found this farm called Jelita Ostrich Farm at Jalan Jelebu (about 13KM from seremban) I dont understand why it's called JELITA..macam tak jive aje dgn ostrich..lain la kalau farm peacock ke..
Anyway, I didnt get to go sbb they want it quite urgently so my husband had to go and bought yesterday . The meat is quite pricey, RM60/kg...and the egg is RM50 each, but it's huge and equavalent to 24 chicken eggs..banyak tu:) According to the people at the farm (trying to justify the cost of an egg) the ostrich quite mengada2, if hujan they refused to bertelur, if panas sangat pun dia refused, normally 1 ostrich bertelur sebiji sebulan if weather is good then 2 biji sebulan..so kira justified laa harga mahal dia tu:)

by the way, the ostrich meat does have a texture similar to beef but is very dry hence it has lower fat and calorie content. So to conclude, Ostrich meat has the nutritinal advantages of beef without the calories that make beef so unhealthy. Again judging from the price..I'll think twice to replace this meat with beef:)
Ostrich meat-(Pic taken from google)

The egg pulak my kids and I didnt get to see, sbb my husband bought just 1 and the uncle yg mengidam tu nak jugak telur ostrich..if not my kids get to see telur "dinasour", but according to him the shell is hard, I guess to break it open you need to use hammer or drill..mannnn..that's another hassle kan?

Ostrich egg Vs chicken egg Vs bird egg

note : tak sempat ambik gambar so all pictures from google.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my wait part 1 is over..now the next wait..

Ok..finally the HR called to talk about T&Cs. Based on the experience from the VP, it took 6 months before they hired her..slow motion tahap maximum.

Now I have to keep on waiting..if our negotiation will go through...many rounds of waiting..but at least 1 step less to go:)

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm feeling dejected:(

Okay..this whole week probably the longest week I've ever had..waiting and waiting for call from HR (from the company which called me for interview last week)..I just hate waiting..why laa they did this to me...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I vow..until I heard from them..successful or fail..doesn't matter as long as they call me..I'll not write the blog..holding my breath until I turn blue:(

Until then..hugss and kisses,
the sad..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lasagna - the recipe I want to share:)

Last weekend my mother in law requested my lasagna for her best friend's party.. (bangga mak, mak mertua likes my lasagna:) initially they requested I cook at the friend's house sebab they want to learn,plus the friend just moved in to the new house and ada oven baru so nak cuba bake laa kat dapur tu, but I had my plan for outing with my girlfriends so I takut tak sempat, I prepared barang2 and sauce the night before, then I pass them to bake the lasagna themselves.

Let's list down the barang2, this is for tray of A3 size

Ragu ( i selalu refer this as bolognese sauce sbb i used the same recipe cuma make it cair if i nak makan with spaghetti)
2 onion, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
4 stalks celery, chopped
3 tube of ground beef (I prefer ramlys's)
4 tablespoon olive oil (u can use vegetable oil)
2 chicken liver (optional for better taste, kalau leceh nak cari..tak ada pun takpe)
2 beef stock
1 cup of milk (full cream)
I can of tomato puree (not tomato paste)

Chopped onion

Chopped carrots

chopped celery

White sauce
5 spoons of butter (banyak pun tak apa)
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 beef stocks
ground black pepper to taste
2 cups milk (full cream milk)

1 packet instant lasagna noodles (guna dlm 8-10 sheets aje)
2 cups grated parmesan cheese

Cooking instructions;


Panaskan minyak..masak onions sampai layu, then letak ground beef, (kacau to avoid them sticking together) then masuk celery and ground pepper (onion + celery+ground pepper =hilangkan bau hamis ground beef)

then masukkan chicken liver , beef stock kacau..later masuk tomato paste, carrots and milk..kacau and bring to boil..lama sikit until it becomes thick.

White sauce

masukkan milk..then butter kacau sampai butter melt, then masukkan beef stock and ground pepper

in a cup, kacau tepung and air sampai smooth..then slowly masukkan dlm periuk and whisk continously until really smooth and bring to boil dan angkat

Final step..

first put a thin layer of the ragu sauce
then susun the lasagna...
letak ragu sauce
Then layered with white sauce
later, letak parmesan cheese..the more the better:)

then repeat the whole process of layering sampai bekas penuh.....macam kat bawah ni

Dont forget to bake.....45-50m mins..depends on your preference..i selalu sampai cheese dah nampak brownish kat tepi2 tu

notes :

if you notice, I didnt put salt at all sbb beef stock and parmesan cheese dah cukup salty.

in this recipe, i find that celery dgn bawang is rather important, the more the better sebab rasa ground beef tak hamis.

Ragu sauce - if you want to eat with spaghetti you can cairkan kuah, add water sikit and add mushrooms as well as salt sikit.

White sauce tu..if u like (my kids love white sauce so much) so I what i did, I add parmesan cheese and sausage and it becomes ala carbonara..yummyyyy!!!!

Normally kalau I buat lasagna, i will have 3 different meals..lasagna, spaghetti bolognese and carbonara...:)

Happy cooking y'all...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A good place to chill with the girlfriends

If you are looking for a place to chill or having a "cik kiah session" I would like to recommend this place for hi-tea - Carcosa Sri Negara, not so much of the food as it's very ordinary even Delicious has better hi-tea..but it's the ambience..very quiet, green surrounding (hutan belantara) with the english deco..it's totally a good spot for cik kiah session;)

I went there last weekend to treat my BFFs dan as belated birthday treat to one of them..these are the people yg memang really understand me, my clumsiness and these are the people (tak ramai pun 2-3 org je)yg I will call to share my happiness, frustration etc..these also cik kiahs yg share the same interest with me about handbags, shoes yg tebalkan muka melawat boutiques2 in klcc, keluar masuk every other day (but tak beli pun..) and we will MMS each other kalau dapat "hasil tangkapan baru" let it be shoes, bag ke baju ke scarves ke..saja nak menayang to each other and share the excitement..... dan we can tell each other off kalau fashion sense tu out or ngeri mata memandang:) of all, my fashion sense laa yg tak boleh pakai sangat..he..hee..

So back to this place..price wise quite ok considering the 5* hospitality, food wise so-so..portion is quite small..u better have a good lunch before coming here sebab food dia sikit dan takde additional food like pasta ke mee ke atau food yang biasa available during hi-tea buffet.
They have choices of English (comes with scone) and Malay. English RM60++, Malay RM65++

So in case you plan for girls day out on weekends or with your other half and looking for quiet place to chill while sipping tea at the verandah overlooking the lush green tropical forest..this is the place. Enjoy some of the views I managed to snap the other day:)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kasih mak

I'm sure you guys have read the about Benjy, Azean's eldest son. Masa I baca yesterday's paper..I was devastated, I totally understand when she said "hati saya luluh"..the part yg I rasa paling touching "K.Yan nak sangat jumpa dia, nak peluk dia, nak cakap walau apa pun terjadi, Ben tetap anak mama, Mama tetap sayangkan ben" the moment i read this, bergenang air mata..mother's love is unconditional..some people said even your spouse cannot guarantee you an unconditional love..only mothers can...somehow I sort of agree especially when you, yourself is a mother

Imagine we are in her situation, sedihnya..dan beratnya dugaan tuhan pada dia.

Being a mom, I can imagine kalau boleh trade places, I'm sure she doesn't mind nak ganti kan anak dia to be punished. I would do the same if it's my child..as much possible you want to protect them, especially in this current world..very hard to raise a child nak make sure they are always save, they are well taken care of, most of all you want them to be happy all the time not even a moment of despair.

Look at us now, when our child cranky pun we get devastated, sebab we know something is bothering the kid..sigh:( susah being a mom in a sense a lot of things to be worried compared to when you are single..

Let alone if you know your son is going to be HANGED..that's the worst a mother could have endured.

I pray that Allah will give her strength to face this challenge

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ya Allah Ya tuhanku...kau berilah kerja ini kepadaku

I got an email from my so called "to be" boss, tapi sebab it was sent to my personal mail, I didnt realized there's an important e-mail (yang bakal mengubah hidup saya) she proposed to meet up with me in bangsar yesterday at 6.30pm. I opened the mail at 5.30, berpinar2 mata..sempat ke nak terkedek2 drive ke bangsar at this hour, she didnt give her mobile no pulak tu..I had to call the company and asked for her no..takut she was in the meeting, I text her..hoping dia kata tak jadi..(semalam dah laa pakai selekeh and not prepared to meet her, she's theVP)

So I quietly left office at 5.45..dah tu federal hi-way jam yang amat..finally reached there 5 mins after 6.30, kira punctual laa..thanks to valet service yg memudahkan segalanya (I cant survive without valet, sbb saya not an efficient driver)

So I headed straight to coffee bean..then I called her..she's still on the road stuck somewhere..so trying to be nice to my "hopefully soon to be" boss.. I texted her "dont worry..take your time, I'll occupy myself surfing the net" but the truth is, I headed to ZARA and ALDO instead..after 40 mins..I went down takut dia dah sampai kan nanti pecah tembelang:)

Then shortly she called.."hey, where are you?"
"next to the counter" I said..
"I didn't see you" she said
"Here, behind the pillar" I said
"where?" she said
"wait a minute..u mean Bangsar Village right????" I said
"U mean bangsar village has coffee bean????"she puzzled
"OMG, I'm in BSC" she said again
"@!#$%^&*()!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (in my mind)
She was nice as she offered to come over, but I didnt feel that's nice to do (actually I dont want to ruin the chance of getting my dream job..he..hee) in fact she told me she was with her SVP which she intended to conclude the interview immediately. (rather than few rounds of interviews)

so I drove laa ke BSC and we met laa..(she's a very attractive chinese lady, friendly and smart) so we talked about my current job, my previous job (she's working with my previous company and left 2 yrs before I joined). Things she needs my help (if I got the job), our family, our former colleagues etc. Half way through, the SVP came and join us after his meeting with clients...I left 9 pm +++++.

The verdict..I still do not know my fate, but she told me to text her if her HR has not contacted me by next friday.

I've not been to many interviews in my career life..but the last interview for my current job, I was not nervous at all..I dont bother to even think if I will fail the interview..but last night for this most hopeful job of my life..I got anxious and woke up at 4am this morning thinking about the possibilities..:(

I pray hard for this job..i seriously want this job:(


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