Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Office wear with silk scarf - taken from my site in polivore

Office wear
Office wear by noe1310 featuring Diane von Furstenberg pants

My favorite item in this combination is the Chloe, Paraty's a real beauty..I must say:)
I kind of like the accessories in this combination...this can be my personal style as I like chiffon blouse and wide leg pants.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

weekend style - Not my own (taken from Polivore)

Casual weekend
Casual weekend by noe1310 featuring Marc Jacobs bags

Please note, I do not own the items:)

This is the style I mixed and matched from Polivore site, I just found the site today and it's really fun to mix and match and it can be a good guide of how to style certain blouse or pants.

Disney On Ice

What a disspointment :( but it's all my fault. I've been proscratinating about purchasing the tickets. I knew about this event since November 2009, Event organizer approached my former company for sponsor. Thought the ticket will still avaiblable until the last minutes like last year.
When I finally decided to get the tickets yesterday...unfortunately all front row seats are sold out..the remaining left are quite far from the rink.
The problem with those seats, my children are the type that can never sit still..they need to roam around, I do not want to annoy other audiences, hence the front rows or no show:(.
I'm still hoping for the miracle if no front rows I will need to give a pass to this show this year:( My girls will definitely dissapointed..sorry girls:((
We went last year for Princess on Ice, managed to get the front row, they really had a good time.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bayswater in White

It's been a while since I last bought a handbag..I guess this has something to do with my new office location which is far far away from KLCC:(

The last bag I bought was GUCCI Sukey in June 2009. Back then I told my husband, that would be my last designer's handbag, as I felt I've been drawn into this
obsession deeper and deeper ..I need to quit..!!!
Somehow as fate would have January I found my 2009 wishlist bag was on sale for 50% in KLCC ..wohoooooo but only available in lavender...

To make matter even more was 60% in Dubai (which I have a very dear friend there) and it has white and lavender. So White it is...I told my husband, I'm not quite ready to quit yet;)

Presenting my newest collection...Mulberry Bayswater in white



this is is my first white handbag, I'm telling you to take care of this color is one hell of a tough job:( especially for people like me.

My new LUMIX LX3

My new Lumix LX3 after the make-over:)

Finally..after weeks of searching, analysing, thinking...i decided to get LUMIX LX3 instead of Leica since all the features are close to 98% similar..still if I have extra cash at that moment I'll get LEICA the safari edition instead:)

I know some people would say it's just plain stupid paying RM3k extra for brand..but I dont mind really provided i have the MONEY$$$$$$$$$.

Just to share with you some of the pictures taken from my LX3.
So far, it did not dissapoint me at all:) worth the buy! I got it at a very good deal from a shop in Ampang Park, I paid only RM1,510 (RM10 is actually for screen protector) so if you want to buy please negotiate upfront you want RM1500 inclusive of screen protector) I know..I know..I've been a bit calculative in this:)

anyway..since it's compact, i carry this everywhere in my handbag. I love it so much and worth every penny I must say.


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