Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My last run for 2011-Malakoff 7KM &12KM 2011

Finally after series of runs we had since after raya, almost every weekends, Malakoff was the last one for 2011..somehow I feel that I have lost my momentum..I stopped going to the gym at all now.

It's like my obsession towards running is finally over.

The week before, my sister was admitted to the hospital, she has prolapse disc (disc dekat her tulang belakang) and it got worse last week, she couldn't move her leg and in excruciating pain, according to the doctor, the disc yang rosak tu poked her nerves..she couldnt walk and kena baring je all the time..nerves tu made her kaki in pain...she just had a baby 2 months ago, and years back she fell down kena snatched so I guess it had something to with that la kot?
She had to go for surgery to remove the small part of that particular disc, the one disturbing her nerves..we were quite scared to let he to do it, but I talked to the doctor and seek his opinion..and finally she went for surgey after few days in the hospital..Alhamdulillah everything went well..she can walk few hours after the surgery..

So, while my sister was in the hospital..I was't in the mood for exercise at all..keep going back and forth from my house to Sime Darby medical centre..took turn with her husband and my mom to be in the hospital with her...I thought of not running for Malakoff run, luckily after looking at how fine she was after the surgery, I decided to run..

This time of the worst run ever..even Penang Run was better, I felt like vomitting after running for 1KM so I had to walk..and record breaking that I actually choose to walk most of the time..I only speed when I came down the hill..I ended up finishing 7KM in 58 minutes..I dont remember this bad when I did my Malakoff run last year...I guess, it's time for me to retire from running.
To make it worse..I actually took part in 7KM not even 12KM. However hubby did his 12KM but injured his knee quite badly and now he had to rest for a while.

Both of us ended our 2011 run badly:( I dont know how hubby plan to do with his 25Km this coming new year, Newton run 2012..most probably he wont be running looking at his injury this time..luckily I didnt sign up..

Monday, December 12, 2011

MPSJ run

This time..after 2 weeks break and patah semangat..I need to depend on the power gel...I didnt train at fact I told my husband to wait for me at the finishing line when it closed to 2 hours.
BTW, I just discovered, Chocolate flavor under GU brand and it is so yummy!! you can find it at GNC. It's a bit too sweet but taste like a real chocolate so I had no problem to finish it..but you need to drink with water to wash off the sweet taste in ur throat.
It helps,...I finished the run in 1 hr 21, better than my Penang Run, thanks to my Chocolate Outrage gel ..hubby finished his in 55 mins.

my saviour guys should helps to sustain the energy

My next run..Malakoff..I plan to cut down on numbers of RUNs and very selective next year..this year a bit crazy as we run in all races that comes our way..too much I must say.

until then..take care peeps!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mommy's proud moment

The girls are all excited to go to their concert, all wide awake since 6am

Allysha's class performance

the twins' performance

Allysha's cap keep on dropping, she couldnt even lift up her head..kesian anak mommy:)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Penang Bridge Run

The view from the balcony at Equatorial Penang

The girls are having good time at the pool @Equatorial

Our finisher medals

When we finally finalized all the Run registration and hotels..we got to know our girls' school concert falls on the same day as our travelling date to Penang for our Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011, on top of that, my office team-building was also scheduled on that saturday 19th November...365 days a year..suddenly on that fateful day...everything nak kena buat same date...*sigh*

Office matters...I had to slow talk to my boss on the condition, and managed to escape..Alhamdulillah.

So we had to plan the trip carefully..called the Penang Bridge Run's organizer, we will be really late to pick up the race pack..(we registered late so the mail delivery service for race pack was no longer available)..called the hotel on our late check-in. All nearby hotel especially Eastin was the only nearby hotel available was Equatorial..thank god it's part of the event's hotel so they provided shuttle bus.

Btw..I love the hotel..we stayed at the new wing..and the view from the balcony was really breath-taking.

Rushed from Putrajaya (where the girls' concert was held) to Penang...reached there almost 7pm rushed to the Queensbay mall picked up the race pack. Me, being clumsy..didnt realize left my IC there, until the organizer called me after I came back to KL and posted it the next day..fuhhhhhh nasib baik betul..

Overall race...according to hubby who ran 21KM, easy breazy..not to me..eventhough it was windy and scenic (sunrise on the bridge was breath-taking)
I was sick, down with flu and cough after raya didnt get to train at all plus I was on antibiotic.
On that race day I was not quite fit to run, being me I pushed myself hard. I refused to run more than 1 hour 30...through-out the race I kept thinking "why do I torture myself...!" "I dont want to run anymore...this should be the last or at least finished what I have registered" At around 2Km after the race started, I felt like I want to stop running and turn back...but I pujuk myself..try 1 more KM...luckily it gets easier eventhough I was really burnt out:( was not a good run for me:( hubby also injured his toe..finished his 21km in 2 hours 20mins..while I did my 10km in 1 hour 26mins, thought I exceeded 1 hour 30, thank god!!!

Unfortunately, unlike other races, hubby missed my finishing as he fell asleep in the car waiting. We checked-out at noon and headed to Hard Rock hotel where the kids were so excited..since Monday was their school's day off, we extended our stay 1 day to be at Batu Feringgi.

Until the next update..take care peeps!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Badai Semalam

Blame it on Nora's all because of Aaron Aziz we decided to watch this play:)

Last weekend, I went to see the play with my girlfriends and her aunt..(she used to read her aunt's form six text book -Badai Semalam and decided to pay her aunt the tribute by bringing her swweeet I'm telling you)

When hubby asked me..who's playing? I told him.."err..Erra Fazira!" omitting Aaron Aziz..which I don't think he's that supportive knowing I'm all excited to watch that play:) well I dont really lie but it's just I dont reveal the whole truth right?

Overall play was entertaining...there were moments when my friend shed tears..(she's extremely sensitive.. even an ant died..she would cry, she cried in every opportunity she has)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Feeling homesick!

serene morning - hari raya haji

very bad traffic, right after tol Gombak

we stop for lunch at Batu Burok.

I love roti Paung..this is the first time I tasted it, most of the time, when we reach the shop, all were gone by noon:(

p/s : all pics using iphone 4, bitten by instagram's bug:)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday treat @ Hammam

The waiting area

Been here twice last I looooved the treatment!

I have to thank my Bff for giving me such a pampering treat for my birthday this year. I've to admit that I'm an extreme shy person to let people see me no way!!
I have no idea earlier that you will be bathed and scrubbed next to each other in a bright room, because normally in other spa, the room is everytime I had to remind my friend.."dont look!..turn around!..look at the wall!..look at the ceiling!...are you sure you dont see me???"

I told her, if the treat was given before I got married..I will just run away after seeing the setting of the lari langkah seribu...!! I didnt even go for "mandi lulur" or other ritual yang seangkatan dengannya before my wedding as I was taken aback by the idea of letting other people touching you..but I guess, after having 3 kids and a decade of being married, I can slowly accept the idea of Spa least scrubbing off your dead skin cells

Anyway...If you think your weight are contributed by the thick dead skin cells..this is the place to will feel a kilo lighter..hee..heee:)

One thing different from the rest of other Spa in town is their Gommage (scrub)the therapist (I thinks they are turkish) using a coarse glove, rubbing vigorously at your skin. At one point I feel like beras kunyit ritiual were thrown at you!! and it's actually rolls of dead skins on your body. Like eww!!!!! but very invigorating! They will scrub you all the end of the will feel sooo squeaky clean!!

I love the result so much..2 weeks after my birthday..another friend celebrated her birthday..and I suggested this place as her birthday treat..and surprisingly even after being scrubbed vigorously 2 weeks earlier..still a lot more came out this time ewwwww..must be dust gathered when I ran during the race! I dont mind to make this as monthly least gommage alone will do:)

They will ask you to choose the massage oil from the 4 choices..all 4 give different effect (according to them) I ouldn't remember the name of the oil but I choose 2 different oils for both sessions.
had my fave tea after the session @ T42..should give a try...:)

Monday, October 31, 2011

PJ half Marathon

My 4th 10KM run after, Siemens, Adidas and Putrajaya Night Run.

All I can conclude ; you need to train at least a week before, after what had happened to me during Putrajaya night run, I really make sure I train this time around.
The whole of last week I trained at least 4 times..of total 17KM a week. Even with that I still couldn't get my target timing of 1 hr 15 mins. I only managed to complete in 1 hr 17 or 18 (haven't received the official timing from the organizer) according to my RUNKEEPER app it's 1hr 18.
Good thing, I received my finisher medal.!
I hope to beat this timing during Penang bridge, fingers crossed!!

Hubby did his first half marathon yesterday, completed his race in 2 hours 13 mins. Even with this timing he missed the finisher you can imagine those who joined half marathon...mostly the hardcore runners..they can easily complete in less than 2 crazzeeeeee!!, hubby a bit dissapointed yesterday. He said by 18KM, he was totally drained..he reached 12KM in 1 hour but took him 1 hour 13 mins to complete another 9KM.
Since I plan to do my first half marathon next year, I definitely need to train hard..really hard!!! but target timing is just 3 hours..perhaps not so hard aa?? well..Im not ambitious..but I need to tell my cucu in future that their nenek once ran for half marathon but i dont think I will ever ready for full everrr!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

RunKeeper -An apps for the runners!

Besides running on a threadmill..I normally run at KLCC park as it has markers, so I know how far I've ran..most of the parks elsewhere does not tell you the distance. Now with this apps it will tell all the info you normally see on your!!

It uses the GPS, it might not be as accurate as the threadmill..but at least you can gauge the distance and the pace of your running..

It's free apps..also available for android as well.

Happy running..!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Plan B

Last week, to celebrate my birthday, my friends asked me where do I want to go for lunch. In my replying email, I told them "Since i can decide..let's go Plan B" later when I met them at the office lobby.."so where do we go?" my friend asked. "Plan B, Bangsar Village" I said.
"yesss..ok Plan B, but which restaurant?" ...then I realized..they though I was trying to be funny and hush hushh about the I told her.."there's this restaurant called Plan B in Bangsar Village1!!!!" they're all laughing...said.."I almost asked you..what's the the plan A then?"

By the way..I love the food's under the same owner Ben's, T42 (Bangsar Village2). I think the food slightly cheaper compared to Delicious. (if I'm not mistaken, I was told the owner used to be part of delicious share-holder)

The red velvet here is the 2nd best after California Kitchen Pizza (CPK) now in The Fahrenheit, This is my 2nd red velvet for my birthday this year, the first one on my birthday my boss bought a red velvet cake from Just Heavenly..and that was gooood I ranked Just Heavenly as no 3:)
(I dont have the pics..all gone when I upgrading my iphone to OS5..darn!!)

Until next time!!


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