Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Ma!

Today is my mom's birthday..this entry is a tribute to my mother:)

She doesnt know I have a blog, none of my siblings aware of the existence my blog..I'll keep it that way..still, I want to wish her happy birhday here.

I'm one lucky daughter to have a mum like her, she loves cooking very much..we are growing up eating good food..thanks Ma:)

Even until now, she will be called to supervise kitchen when there's any kenduri in my area. She just love to share her skill..unfortunately according to my hubby I inherited 0% of her talent..huwaaaarggg that's so unfair!!!!!..while my sister has some % in terms of her cooking talent.

Another thing which I dont inherit from her is her effort to look good all the time for my father..when I grew up, I noticed..she's all the time in her lipstick, after shower and prayer I saw her immediately reach for her lipstick..

Now when she came to my house seeing me so "selekeh" at home..i'll get her lecture once in a while to remind me how we have to look good for our husband..bla..bla..bla..cook good food for the husband..again bla..bla..blaa...

She's adored by her kids, my nieces and nephew will always choose her over their other side of nenek..for them To'Ma is the best..I can see why, they are pampered and of course To'Ma prepared good food for them, she has 6 grandchildren and she make sure everyone will get their favorite dishes..

hmmmm..I wonder if I have cucu in future, what will I do to win them over my besan???? perhaps I will give them loads and loads of handbags...but...what if the other nenek is just like you peeps...the fashionista...darnnn..then I'm doomed:(

But, that's my mom....she's trying hard to make sure her kids have good life..and we thank her for that..I love you Ma...really, I couldnt imagine my life without you.

This year, I decided to give her, her favorite stuffs, make-ups..I bet she love it..her favorite make-up brand

Friday, July 23, 2010

Aren't they sweeet????

I looove these pictures.........thought sharing this with you peeps..

I love their gestures..I've always been Marc Anthony's fan since days he sang with Tina Arena "I want to spend my lifetime loving you" the soundtrack for Zoro, later one of his song becomes my obsession "I need to know"

By the way, on top of all, I love Jennifer's Pucci dress:) and her stylish sunnies...she looks really stylish with her scarf in this photo:)

Despite whatever people predict about their marriage, I wish they will be together until end of their lives...very sweet and adorable couple

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I had a dream...bad dream:(

I just hate when I get obsessed with the idea of buying new reminds of me of "James" from twilight..he will not stop until he gets what he's hunting for..

now day and night..I'm thinking of's because one of my best buddy just bought hers..Trevi PM last weekend in i'm drooling for Trevi GM (she's petite hence PM is just right for her)

Help me please........!!!!!!!huwaaarrgghhhh...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not agaiiiinnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lost my blackberry again..last month in Mecca..yesterday I dropped it at the gas station and only realized later at night when I was trying to call my husband...darn!!!:(

The best part, I blamed my husband "why did you call me when I was driving, then I put the phone on my lap" which later I stopped by at the gas station, I felt something dropped when i looked down there was nothing, I guess the phone dropped and rolled over underneath my car.......aaargggghhhh!!

Very upsetting..and again I have to's definitely not my rezeki..(easier to say..but I had to keep reminding myself...not my rezeki..not my rezeki..)

Now I vow not to use Blackberry ever jodoh with Blackberry is definitely shortlived...huwaaaargggghhhhhh!!!!!

I really feel more Blackberry Messaging, Twitter and Yahoo Messenger 24/7 and on the go. I'm missing themmm....really..I want to cry..really crying like a baby...I'm missing the convenient.

It only when you lost it, you appreciate it more....

ok peeps..please forgive my emotional rants pagi-pagi ni..I just want to let this off my chest...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrghhh!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm seriously dissapointed with "monica" for choosing to play the cougar role in her current hit series "Cougar Town"

I think she ruined it..she ruined her Monica's image..her acting in this current series is not natural..the face, you can see the-not-so-nice-effect of the botox..!

if they ever want to continue for another season..i think this blonde gal should be casted out.

It's not even funny and you can see the not so natural acting..kind of look desparate to be on TV again after FRIENDS ended. The character reminds me of Samantha from SATC, but in "trying very hard to be funny and sexy" kind of character.

Overall..I'm dissapointed. But again my gay friend think other-wise..he loves it..

My husband on the other-hand sort of agree with you guys love Courtney Cox in this series?

do you guys realize the botox effect for all their female casts?

until next time..take care peeps!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Eclipse anyone??????

the worn out book I took out last night...need to refresh the memory before the movie tomorrow night:)

The highly anticipated movie is finally here:) Cant wait to watch this tomorrow night:) bought the ticket last Tuesday @Gardens..yeyyyyy!!!!

so peeps..enjoy your weekends and I'm sure you guys are all set to catch Bella and Edward*wink*

until next week..take care

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy birthday Princess

queuing up for balloons sculpture, ms mok very nice lady she entertained the kids until we almost left the hall.

face painting

hall was decorated with balloons

The pinata for the boys - the ship in conjunction with the theme pirates and princess

Last saturday was allysha's 5th birthday. We did a birthday party at a hall. After weeks of running around town to get things done. Alhamdulillah the party went smoothly and Allysha and the twins enjoyed very much.

The cake was lovely, and tasted yummy first I didnt really pay much attention to the taste as all I want is a lovely mermaid's cake for allysha as she's obsessed with mermaid, hence I didnt specify what flavor, ended up shashue from sugarpinkicing made a really nice moist chocolate cake, she reallydid a superb job, very details.. one talented lady i'm telling you and i highly recommend her:) check out her site at sugarpinkicing . usual any of my parties will not complete without usual the cupcakes I ordered from Nikki of Cuppz.

Among the guests were 20 anak yatim from Banting, selangor.

We had face painter and balloons sculpture, they kids love it plus we had 2 pinatas, the ship for the boys and crown for the girls where the kids had to bash it to get the candies, chocolates and other goodies.

Overall, Allysha really love her party.

allysha's having fun at her party

cupcakes from cuppz

the hall decorated with balloons- soft pink, silver and purple (following the color of the party packs)

nuggets and cookies - ships, flowers and butterflies

party packs - pink for girls

ben-10 and spiderman for the boys + the purple lunch box

the favorite among my guests..nasi kerabu goreng by my mom:)

any of you need to get contacts for balloons sculpture, cakes and face painter, let me know ya:) I understand the dilemma of mothers getting things done for the kids' birthdays..chaos and exhausting really:) I choose not to do at club as I need to serve good food for my guests, doing it at the club you are bounded to get food from them, limited choices and most of nasi kerabu goreng like my mom's. For kids I cooked pasta olio this time, overall plus anak2 yatim, around 70 kids attended.

until next time..take care!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Makkah...I'm missing you more and more these days

As promised pictures of Makkah, enjoy the pics..still recovering from no mood to blog these days..very hard to recover, I drop by to many blogs..but find it hard to even leave a note to my dear friends..:(

I'll keep being a silent reader until I fully recovered from this lazy syndrom. Forgive me peeps:)

This the house many believe as the house where Rasulullah (SAW) was born, now they turned into a library just outside the masjidil haram nearby Marwah

The hill is where many believe as the place where Rasullullah splitting the moon into 2 when the disbelievers of Makkah (Quriesh) challenge him to show them his mukjizat. (just outside the marwah area)

Outside Bukit Marwah, according to my Mutawwif many believe Khadijah's house was somewhere here.

inside masjidil haram, you can see here many Malaysian as this is considered peak season for us

Al-Isyak - the spelling reminded me of my beloved Allysha

The super efficient cleaners are cleaning the masjidil haram everytime after prayer, they moved really fast

The containers of air zam-zam, free flow and it's cold, very refreshing

this the first view from the bus, I saw when i first entered kota Makkah
enjoy peeps...


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