Thursday, January 12, 2012

My ballerina

Allysha dah masuk standard 1 this year..being the first born in the family masuk darjah satu..kecoh semua orang, atuk nenek..mommy lagi laa..cuma Baba aje yg cool..(macam biasa, suka ambik sikap berkecuali) I took a week off just to make sure she settled and kids nowadays..memang independent, the 2nd day dah larang I tunggu...akhirnya mommy siap make new friends dgn other mommies yang bosan menunggu kat sekolah:)

Now she's adjusting her hectic the morning, atuk and nenek will pick her up for her agama class, and noon she will be going to her sekolah kebangsaan. 8 pm, while we were busy preparing for dinner dia dah mengantuk tak boleh tahan2 dah kesian.

On weekends, she has her ballet on saturday and Piano on sunday, since Ballet I think is the less important (ikut perkiraan mommy) so I told her to stop after taking her exam in March..she's soooo furious...insist to continue her dance class....she has her bff in the same ballet class with her, that's make it more fun for her. This is her 2nd year in ballet class which she took in Beaconhouse last year and continue with the dance school this year. After her exam in March she will be moving to a new level.

My dilemma now, I plan for her to go for other classes related to her academic..and ballet is not something I want her to pursue further...somehow she loved it so much..mommy pening fikir how to send her to other classes kalau jadual packed macam gini..Friday night, mommy sure dah bising2 paksa dia practice piano...nak kena practice ballet lagi for considering Enopi and English at British council.

I know I should chillax and not worried too much since she's still small, but I guess..I need to train her early....get the right foundation..and once the foundation is strong she'll be ready to face the challenge..I takut sangat she's left know laa how school nowadays, PMR aje berpuluh ribu dpt 8As.

How do you mommies out there handle this kind of pressure?

I had a conversation with a friend recently, I think being a mother I feel obligated to give the opportunities to my kids..even now nak get a handbag pun berkira2 unlike before..the kids matter kena settle kalau nak kelek Prada tu..I nak kena make sure the kids must be given the priority and dah I understand my mom's dilemma when we were kids. Lucky, this year just the twins go to pre-school. .at least a quarter of our yearly fees has reduced. Last year, Allysha and the twins' fee dah boleh beli LV Speedy Multicolor (one of mommy's dream hbag)...mengeluh je mommy bila awal2 tahun macam gini:( Nampaknya..mommy kena keep dreaming and tak tahu bila mommy's dream boleh tercapai:(


Ely Hasrul said...

cutenye Allysha

hi screaming mommy, just folo u recently but so attached with ur header.. kalu ade club maybe i sign in haha..

my first comments when my sammy boy turns2 and his nursery ade class for 2yo 'teacher, i nak dia golek2 main pasir ajee' haha.. stress i when our kids so small but need to catch everything fast like u said beribu2 student dpt A every year, even my 12 y o niece tis year UPSR dia 7subject! she's in chinesse school.. i was like.. wooooooo mati

tis year we r going to move out to bandar kinrara and my plan was sending sammy boy to independant class aje, art class maybe..ermm i dh lama xbeli baju baru.. sob sob sob.. handbag? ape tuh? haha

ok sori pjg sungguh komen xoxo

lina said...

For me, as an "irresponsible" mom - I want my child to enjoy and experience both. Academic and non-academic. Actually, all these non-academic stuff can help the academics. Asyik baca buku je pun, tension jugak kan?

Since almost everyone can get all As, soft skill other than getting all those As are important too. Pandai je but can't communicate, low self-esteem and such wouldn't take them far in the real world someday.

SOHO Mama said...

I agree with Lina, soft skills are important, too. I don't expect straight A's from my eldest is 11 and has mild dyslexia and my youngest 3.5yo has global development delay..takleh nak hope too high sangat :)
But both of them have their own special skills.
Pastu bila my 3rd kid dapat nombor 1 dalam kelas akhir tahun lepas, mak bapak nye ni jakuns la sikit. Tak kisah la dia dalam kelas 4yo kat kindy he hehehee...

I pun ada soalan yg sama dgn Ely - apakah itu HANDBAG? hahahaha

screamingmommy said...

Thanks a lot lovelies for the feedback:) appreciate it and helps me to calm down a bit:)

Ely : haa haaa tq for liking my header..nampaknya tak jadi laa tukar header tu:)

See, u know the pressure kan? 2yrs parents dah kena fikir how to develop them..dah tu now straight As students so common ngeri fikir the kids nak kena bersaing nanti:)

anyway beb, thanks for sharing:)

Lina : tq beb..really a good suggestion..and No laa..definitely u'r not "irresponsible" mom, instead u r FUN mom..i bet ur son sgt laa lucky to have a mom yg will not pressure him for unnecessary, on the other hand a "KIASU" mom:) but again I agree with you...perhaps I should send her to any fun class she wants to join. thanks for sharing ur view:)

Milie : Compared to me, I bet u r more experienced in handling kids since ur eldest dah 11 yrs old. u know laa bila first born baru masuk standard one, being a kiasu mom..risau unnecessarily esp when ur other friends semua sibuk talking about enrichment classes..ngeri beb:)
I agree with you..I should not focused too much on the academic achievement, every kids has their own special skills..perhaps if she couldnt excel in academic she can excel in other fields..
Thanks beb for sharing, at least I know not all moms are sooo Kiasu...I need to chillax a bit and accept the facts that academic achievement is not everything in life.:)

nizamohamed said...

Hi there... Well, it is just normal for moms to be worried about their kids' is the same for me..over here, new yorkers hantar the kids to so many after school classes, sometimes everyday ada activites, tu tak masuk playdates lagi, which is like a must for the kids..well, for me, i just send my kids to one or two clubs after school ( plus manhattan price so mahal) and will let them have playdates once in a while..trying not to put too much pressure for them academically but me being me, it is not easy but have to believe that they will be okay, Insya Allah. Let them have some fun too..:))

Shemah Sham said...

Aww.. Allysha ballerina! :)

My daughter nak ambik ballet since she was 2+? tapi i dilly dally sbb takut it's just a phase.. but she's still asking me for it. So I might sign her up.

For me, I would love to send my kids to dance or music classes or performing arts. Because that's where I see their interests lie. But I want to wait until their a bit older (my son is 8 and daughter is 5 this year) so they can decide for themselves.. takut they feel pressured. Especially my son. Dah lah fickle, tak boleh rasa pressure sikit, terus shutdown.

Itu baru sekolah kebangsaan. I don't send him to sekolah agama and no normal classes. School holidays he learns the guitar with my brother, tu je. He goes by his own pace.

I'm always intimidated by parents like you. Like I'm not doing enough for my children. Hahaha. Tapi ikut kemampuan also lah kan. If you mampu, why not. Like me, terus terang "I tak mampu" is also one of the factors. :P

screamingmommy said...

Niza : yess after few months now..I realize one thing..just let them have fun:)

Shemah : U did the right thing..wait until they are bit older:) my kids just follow their I sent them to classes that they asked for..I bet not all they are interested in..but will see how far they want to go..

my twins just started ballet..they wanted earlier but I guess 6 is the right they at least can follow the instruction well.

Cathy Wong said...

Love reading ur blog.
Next yr im sending daughter to kindy.
Can't make up my mind between qdees and beacon coz I've surveyed most kindy which cost me the same for day care.
Mind to share more on ur experience?

screamingmommy said...

Hi Cathy,
Sorry for my respond, not sure if the reply will still be useful for you at this point of time. Probably you have found the kindy for your daughter:)
My experience clearly shown that Beaconhouse house is so much better than Q-dees, but again it may depends on the outlet itself, my area..I can tell, Beaconhouse is better choice,I've seen tremendous progress on my eldest daughter compared to Q-dees.


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