Friday, September 7, 2012

Nike : We Run KL10K 2012's filling up really fast..I tried to register since 9:30am this morning and after 1 hour of keep on trying on IE. GoogleChrome and Mozilla..I gave up. Luckily 1 hour later..the registration went through.

The best part, the Run is going to be on my birthdy!!! double yippeee!!! 

Happy running peeps! and please be patient when you are trying to's a bit congested now.


lina said...

How nice. A birthday run. :)

I'm giving Nike Run a pass.

Dah tua. Not Nike target group. huahuahua...

Actually nye, also x kuasa nak race petang-petang buta. Semput beb! wakaka

SOHO Mama said...

Wow, birthday run! Have fun. I pun sama mcm Lina, tak masuk. Only did once in 2010. Tahun ni registration lagi cepat penuh dari tahun lepas nampaknya.

So the run is petang2 buta..? Obviously I didn't even see the details sbb kat FB tiba2 tulis "registration closed!" hehe

Has said...

kecewa. x sempat nk sign up :(

lina said...

Actually the reason it's closed so early is because they already open registration much much earlier albeit manual registration for college/uni students.

As I said, middle age runners are not the target group. Those under 25 are. ;p

screamingmommy said...

Lina..dont say out of place I nanti nak lari..kena pakai they wont notice a makcik trying to fit in:)

Milie and has : cepat betul filled in, dah laa registration susah nak go through..congested, lucky u guys didnt even try at least tak sakit hati:)

lina said...

You mana ada makcik! ^^

BUNDA a.k.a KN said...


salam ukhuwah dan salam ziarah dari bunda..


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