Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm still around...

Wow! It's been a while. I haven't been posting anything for a year. I guess blogging does need the mood, I used to be totally anonymous until my colleague found me..muahaahaaaa suddenly I feel I cant just write about anything anymore, I have to be cautious of what I said...unlike before I can gossip or even bitching about things:) My creative juice just went dry like that (macam la creative sangat pon kan?:))

Well...I do feel a connection with my blog that I refused to delete this. Perhaps I can drop by every now and then and try to write more.

I still run nowadays but much lesser compared to 2010. I guess at one point of time I decided to even stop running as I was very frustrated with my performance. Now I try to run at the gym once a week and at the park at least once on weekends. 

until next time..ta..ta!


lina said...

Hope to hear (read) from you more, soon! :)


dear screaming mummy,
samalah kita. kak lagi teruk, mulai delete post yang merepek. benar kata mu, menulis blog kena ada mood, now tengah cari feel back.hehe.

Has said...

hi...lama nye x update blog! still remember me?? :D

screamingmommy said...

Thank you Lina, appreciate that u drop by:)

kak Azni, mmg kan? mood datang dan pergi, zaman ada mood tu hari2 nak menulis sampai kena schedule kan postings.

Has, of course still remember you..good to know you are still running, I dah laa less mood to blog, running pun lesser now:(


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