Monday, September 20, 2010

The pursuit of shedding extra unwanted fat

Hello peeps!!

welcome back..I'm sure most of you have just started work today:) I on the other hand, was here since last more annual leave left..hence i got to be back at work earlier.

By the way...Syawal has always been a challenging month for me..each year I will gain exra fat due to stuffing myself with cookies..yesss I'm a cookie monster..and every year I'll spend a lot..a loooooott on cookies...and believe's not wasted at all..80% will go to my stomach...this the house we have an extra of 3 more cookie monsters (my gals love cookies as much as I I guess money well spent:) however, the end result has always not very pleasing..I've packed kilossss

And this year..I've found new approach......

I'm signing up myself for RUN, I've registered Nike run and Mizuno RUN, I've got my hubby to join me for both runs, of course I'll join the 5KM while he will go for 10KM and 11KM.

So, I'll try to complete puasa 6 this week and on weekends I'll run with hubby at the park..hopefully I will manage to shed those unwanted fat.

till then take care peeps


Lady of Leisure said...

huwaaa... masa puasa tu kan i turun lah skit walau tak banyak about 2 kilos gitu.. but then bila i timbang after raya, masa balik dari kampung baru ni naik 2.5kg... tertekan betul..

screamingmommy said...

haaa...haa beb tu sgt lah biasanya:) 2.5 tu kira ok laa after losing 2kg,kira back to normal la:) i pulak dah laa tak turun masa raya naik lagi..haru betul:(

ERMAYUM said...

wah caya sama screaming mummy heheh good luck dear - i sokong and tunnggu you dekat finishing line heheh way to go babe

Jabberholic said...

You go gurl! I'll be rooting for you!!!

screamingmommy said...

Erma & Ms Jab : lah tu:))anyway thanks:) now I tgh semangat..will see if this will last until 10th and 17th october:)

fizamior said...

ya.. me too trying to fast nih. tp br nk start today..

screamingmommy said...

Fiza : all the best beb, I ni baru masuk 3rd day, tak tahu laa sempat tak complete 6 nih, byk dugaan betul:)


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