Monday, September 27, 2010

Keratin hair treatment Part 2

I had a few friends who read my blog asking me to share further info on Brazillian keratin treatment.

Last weekend I dropped by A cut above to check out more on the treatment, basically after hearing the explanation I was a bit put off with the idea;

I was told :
  1. to wait three days and DO NOT GET IT WET or perspire (no showers and no exercise to avoid sweat.

  2. NO TUDUNG!!!!! for 3 days

  3. Use a specific type of shampoo that does not contain sodium.

  4. Keep hair absolutely straight until the 3 days is over, meaning
  • no ponytails,

  • no headbands,

  • no clips,

  • no sunglasses, and

  • no shoving it behind ears to avoid kinks.

So peeps, how on earth I can manage the DON'Ts? I need to take leave from work and only can do it when I have my period (no need to take wuduk and wear telekung)

Let alone my was-was feeling on the COATING part and the cost which I find it too expensive for me. hubs had to be patient for a little longer, exercise more for a healthy heart..muahaa..haaaa!!! I'll pray dia tabah menghadapi dugaan di pagi hari dek my unruly hair.

until next time, take care peeps!


Lady of Leisure said...

i confused sebenarnya, apa beza this treatment dengan rebonding dear? hehe. are they the same sebab the donts tu sama macam masa i buat rebonding.. tak boleh basuh dan basahkan selama 3 hari..tak boleh selit belakang telinga etc tu

screamingmommy said...

Hellooooo beb...i've been trying to access ur blog..masih gagal..please please add me ok?

anyway, beb, they said this treatment tak nak bagi rambut frizzy, so kalau curly tu will remain curly tapi no more frizzy dia soft and they said mcm buat hair relaxing, bukan straight sangat then rambut still ada vilume unlike straightening. so the pic yg straight sangat tu sbb blow straight:)

Lady of Leisure said...

i see.. macam tu... before raya itu hari i ada buat rebonding.. i tak tahu ada treatment macam gini.. baca yr blog ni baru i tahu, selama ni rebonding je la penyelamat rambut menggerbang i.. haha.. tapi kesan dia yg i tak suka, rambut i kering yg amat2... sebab colour jugak i rasa..

jEM said...

SM..that's too much of DONTs..after i did my soft rebonding pun i tak bleh nak ikut all the donts..hahaha pakai belasah aje...anyway one of the alternatives laa...kalau larat nak ikut the donts keeps your volume hair unlike rebonding...rambut rasa cam kempis semcm je! hahaha...cheers!

screamingmommy said...

Lady : i think this treatment is a much better way if u r looking for shiny and soft hair:)

Jem : ye lah beb, the donts tu make me think 100 times, byk sgt pantang larang sure I tak blh nak follow.

working mom... said...

i dah buat before puase hari sume yg DON'Ts tu mmg i xikut la kan...right after i finish my treatment (which takes me about 4-5 hours..termasuk colouring)..i trus sarung tudung..of course la kan..xkan nak kuar kedai gonjeng jer...ekekekekke

balik umah, after 2 days dah basuh i pakai shampoo Kerasten (betul ker eja?)..dan hair tonic dia jer la...untill today...mmg hari2 i simpul rambut tinggi sbb pakai tudung after shower..rambut jd lurus balik mcm lps treatment...sgt puas hati ..and i looikeeeeeee...hhehhehe (rebonding xske sbb xnampak natural)...

screamingmommy said...

WM : oraiit at least u hv done u think it's worthwhile? so far only cut above offered the treatment right? after hearing from u, i'm a bit convinced now:) thks beb:)

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

bru nak tanye ape beza dia with hair relaxing / rebonding tue...
but then again babe...dulu2 i buat relaxing same je dont dia, tp pedulik buat jugak...hahahha turn out ok je...i dont think to be that strict...

n owh btw, to those yg slalu buat rebnding / relaxing...if u wanna get more volume after straightening ur hair, ask ur stylist buat kan volumizer treatment...but kene tunggu like 2weeks after la...n ade shampoo jgk that acts as a volumizer...hope that help ;D

keratin treatment for hair said...

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