Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ok...I know this sounds mengada....so bear with me a bit:)) one of the things I like about this movie is the setting, it is in Germany..since we just got back from Germany, the city and the language, the places even the subway and tram sort of click when we watched them last night:))I'm missing Germany suddenly:( Everytime we saw things that reminded us of our recent trip we nodded to each other..thank god no one sitting next to us, or else we would have been chased out..haa..haaa

okeeyyyy..enough said..let's get back to the movie

If you love TAKEN acted by Liam Neeson (the daughter was kidnapped in Paris with her friend and the father went to rescue her) then you will love this movie too..

The story begins as Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) and his wife have just arrived in Berlin and about to check-in to their hotel when he realized his briefcase has been left at the airport. He took a taxi, which is driven by a gorgeous Bosnian illegal immigrant (played by Diane Kruger), but he never makes it to the airport.

As fate would have it, he met an accident on the highway causing the taxi to swerve and fly off a bridge and into the winter cold river. 4 days later he woke from his coma, and while he remembers his name, his wife doesn't remember him. It even turns out someone else is claiming to be Dr. Martin Harris. The thrill started here..

I must tell you..this is an interesting thriller movie with twisted ending..2 thumbs up!!

Ok, I have another story to share.....

I may have said this thousands of time of how clumsy and forgetful I am.. last night, since my mom's here so we thought we could go out and catch a movie leaving the kids with their Tok Ma...so I booked UNKNOWN at GSC 10.30pm...then we went to Mid Valley, since it's already booked I went straight to the reservation counter giving them my print out reservation number, the boy keyed- in the number and told me "no..it's no here" I told him "try again..this paper is the proof" he kept trying and the screen kept popping up "not available" so I asked him "so now..what? this is the proof of my reservation" so he said "we have no choice you have to buy whatever seats available and it's 9pm show since there's no 10.30 show" so I agreed even 4 rows from the screen. On my way into the cinema I glanced at the paper and you know what????? It's PAVILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I dare not tell my husband...if I did..memang kena leter ok?? so I waited until we came out from the cinema and made him promise not to be angry if I reveal a secret..thank god it was a very entertaining movie so he was just laughed when I told him it was my mistake not the GSC's stupid system which I kept telling him earlier on:)) *sigh* nothing new right?


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Hi SC!

Glad you had a wonderful vacation in Europe. Paris is a wonderful city. Just wish the people are a lot nicer though.

I watched Unknown yesterday. Had something in my mind that I didn't want to mull over, so I went to the cinema instead. I like Liam Neeson, but I think his roles are kind of stereotypical in the recent years. He is playing a lot of the CIA agent/assassin characters. Kinda lame after a while...

Thankfully your hubby was ok with your mistake. My uncle was so crossed with my aunt when she bought the wrong tickets many many years ago. Instead of watching Aeroplane-something, we watched some chinese costume movie instead. Lagi parah!

screamingmommy said...

Mdm TaiTai : yes, i guess if the ppl are a bit more friendlier than it would be nicer, I noticed american are friendlier than european:)

Yes, these days he likes to play this kind of role, but I kinda like it:)) a bit stereotype compared to his Schindler's list days kan?

haa..haaa wrong movie is even worst, mine so far the worst is I left the movie tickets at home in other handbags..my husband was furious didnt talk to me until the next morning..:)

Ermayum said...

dear sian budak gsc tu but dia pun tak check bila you show him that paper hehehe nasib baik - buat nya dia kata kak ni kan pavillion lah dah takada alasan dah nak say so now how hehehe

screamingmommy said...

Erma : beb, I feel like turning back masa tu nak apologize but then takut my hubs tahu rahsia I pulak, so I apologize di angin lalu..ha..haaa:)


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