Monday, March 7, 2011

Remarquable Paris!

I love this city! I love the cafes, the macaroons, the croissants..somehow it taste different and really yummy (I was not a croissant lover actually).

Now back in KL and still fighting the jetlag.

BTW, thanks for all the tips given peeps.. all very helpful tips for a first timer in the City Of Love:). The small change, the subway lines (familiarized habis habisan:)), the sidewalk cafes, the places to go in Ms Jab's blog etc...all very useful.

Also, I brought along the list of things recommended to get from French Pharmacy by Gwyneth Paltrow
I swear some of the stuffs are really awesome!!

will update later on the trip, need to organize the info hee..heee

in the meantime...

Au Revoir!!


Lady of Leisure said...

babe, i am waiting for your update on paris!! welcome back! welcome back! tak sabar nak dengar cerita ni hehehe

Jabberholic said...

Welcome back dear! Glad to know that you had a fab time over there! Can't wait for more blog updates on your trip over there. Have a good rest ok!

AyureQ said...

will be going there too next week!!! omg excited! any tips dear? :D

bitsANDpieces said...

bestnya!!!!!!! entah bila la dapat pergi

screamingmommy said...

Lady : ok dear will update soon.

ms Jab : I brought along the print out of ur entry as a reference:))

BitsNP : soon dear...lps baby dah boleh tinggal, it will be hard to leave baby at home for sure, tapi like me, I had to do it esp they are still very young to enjoy this type of trip and long haul flight will be a torture for them, better off at home:))

AyureQ : you can refer to ms Jab's entry (ms Jab, allow me to share, ya? :))
If you have time, it is worth to visit Versailles (the castle) if the weather is not too cold then you get to stroll along their huge gardens.

I will try to update the entry on this trip this week kalau sempat:)
other than that, for Halal food you can find it at BELGRAND area, (take metro to Porte De Bagnolet) next to Hipotel (hotel) there are a few halal place, even Ayam golek is available:))
which area will you be staying? and the weather is very much cold even last week still -1 degree at times, so better be prepared:))
for shopping I prefer Galleries Lafayette for easy Tax refund. You can opt to have cash refund there, ask around because the shop will not tell you unless you ask, they have a dept to prepare the paperwork (LG) and another counter at lvl 1 to give back the cash:)

let me know if you need further info ya:))

AyureQ said...

-1? oh that pretty cold! btw, thanks a lot for all the information given. such a sweet girl. later will get back to you if i need further info. for time being hubby will handling everything since he worked at Europe few years ago. but now i think we need to focus on with our baby. he's just only 5th month. I'm quiet worry if he cant stand with the weather even his mummy hates cold too. lol.

screamingmommy said...

AyureQ : dont worry dear, it could be better by next week as it will be on the 3rd week of march, but u can check out

for 10 days forecast, normally their forecast is quite accurate, so enjoy:))

AyureQ said...

thank you so much! hugs! :)

ICA said...

SM, seems like you had a fantastic time in Paris. Terasa nak pi lagi tak??? for sure kan. Btw, looking forward for your future post on the city of love. Welcome back yaaa....:))

screamingmommy said...

ICA : thanks to ur advice, i really studied the metro line, the map is always with me takut jadi mcm u kat Paris dulu..;)).
and yes beb, mmg rasa nak pegi lagi..insyaAllah.

Su Yani said...

wah dah pandai cakap paris dia :) eh i suka website GP tu :)

screamingmommy said...

Su : ha..haaa beb:)) btw did u read about Paris that she wrote about her father, overall the site quite informative as well, glad u like it:))


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