Monday, August 1, 2011

Shape Night Run 2011

That was my last run before Ramadhan...I only joined 5KM Fun Run, after what I've experienced in Energizer night run.. a bit sceptical of running more than 5KM at night.. hubby as usual joined the 12.3KM...he finished in 1 hour 14 minutes..not his best somehow.

Since it's just 5KM so I skipped the powerbar, I just ran with my 100plus..that's all I need. Finished in 32 achievement for me as my last shape run 2009, I ran for 45minutes..that was my first running I can say I have improved after 2 yrs.

It was quite fun, the kids were there to cheer for mommy and Baba, they had fun as well. Somehow the ambience..I think it was a bit less cheerful compared to 2009. The lights were a bit dim...I remembered the whole place were so bright then in 2009, less lights were light on this time around..but it's still well organized.

The goodie expected, they have a lot to give no complaint:) definitely looking forward to shape Night Run 2012 next year:)


Shemah said...

Apparently we do have the same interest.. hahaha!

I just took up running only recently (back in May) to lose weight and since most of my friends are joining runs and all that, they encouraged me to register for the Shape 5km fun run. It was supposed to be my maiden run but the hubs didn't allow it coz it was too close to puasa and he was worried I'd be too tired.

Wow! 32 mins? I wish I was as fast! my first 5km (during training) was 45 mins too. Hopefully I just get better. Definitely need to pick it up now that puasa is over. My friend is pestering me to register for the Putrajaya Night Run.. so I will, perhaps by this week. (If registration isn't closed yet).

If I do, wish me luck on my maiden run! :)

screamingmommy said...

Haa..haa...yess from ur comment, I truly feel we have quite a number of things in common.

Putrajaya night run, I havent registerd because it might clashed with our schedule but hubby told me yesterday we might be able to I will register soon:)

I bet you will do well even in ur maiden run..Go Shemah!!!!


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