Thursday, August 25, 2011


But, I think my Ramadhan this year is more meaningful compared to previous years, perhaps I have more kesedaran on the greatness of Ramadhan and it's really menginsafkan.

My girls have started puasa this year, Allysha managed to fast full far she only skipped on weekends, itu pun sebab mommy dia yang discouraged her from fasting on weekends, hee hee.. she has her piano class on saturday so I thought it's a bit tiring for her, next year she can complete her 30 days, tapi this year I give her discount..haa haa.. While the twins also managed to fast on alternate days..they are 4 yrs old going to be 5 soon.

Now we only have 4 more days to time really flies, we only have 4 more nights to perform our terawih. One thing I've been sharing with my friends..fadhilat terawih for me is really huge! I realized anything I asked for during my terawih, so far god never fails me..really, that's why I will try my best to perform solat terawih, if tak sempat ke masjid sbb ada majlis berbuka kat luar, I will do it on my own kat rumah.

It's kind of sad to leave this Ramadhan, that I've not feel it before..somehow terfikir, could this be my last ramadhan?


Ermayum said...

salam aidilfitri to you too :)

Lady of Leisure said...

Bila kita betul2 appreciatebthe beauty of ramadhan, lahi terasa cepat jer ramadhan berlalu kan, only few days left, insyaAllah kita akan jumpa ramadhan lagi..
Salam Aidilfitri to u and family.. Safe journey balik kampung.. :)

screamingmommy said...

Thanks to both of my lovely friends:)

Shemah said...

This Ramadhan seemed very special to me as well.. You see, previous years, I didn't really take the time to appreciate the beauty of Ramadhan. I would fast, but I'm not the most religious person around when it comes to terawih (if I say so myself).

I used to not go for terawih (not even a day) coz the hubby works shifts and I can't drive. But this year, I just performed terawih at home and do other solat sunat and mengaji during this whole month and I feel so incredibly sad that it went by so fast and all of a sudden, it's over.

You're right I guess.. perhaps I have more kesedaran this year too. ;)

Hope your Aidilfitri was great. ;) Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

screamingmommy said...

Shemah : I totally agree, the more we understand the more kesedaran we have and more we appreciate ramadhan..if before I look forward raya but at least this year..I try to appreciate Ramadhan better:)


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