Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Badai Semalam

Blame it on Nora Elena...it's all because of Aaron Aziz we decided to watch this play:)

Last weekend, I went to see the play with my girlfriends and her aunt..(she used to read her aunt's form six text book -Badai Semalam and decided to pay her aunt the tribute by bringing her along..so swweeet I'm telling you)

When hubby asked me..who's playing? I told him.."err..Erra Fazira!" omitting Aaron Aziz..which I don't think he's that supportive knowing I'm all excited to watch that play:) well I dont really lie but it's just I dont reveal the whole truth right?

Overall play was entertaining...there were moments when my friend shed tears..(she's extremely sensitive.. even an ant died..she would cry, she cried in every opportunity she has)


Ermayum said...

waa best nya u sempat tgk

screamingmommy said...

beb : so sampai sudah tak tgk ye? tapi rasanya tak rugi sgt sbb aaron dlm play tu..ok ok je:)


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