Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday treat @ Hammam

The waiting area

Been here twice last I looooved the treatment!

I have to thank my Bff for giving me such a pampering treat for my birthday this year. I've to admit that I'm an extreme shy person to let people see me no way!!
I have no idea earlier that you will be bathed and scrubbed next to each other in a bright room, because normally in other spa, the room is everytime I had to remind my friend.."dont look!..turn around!..look at the wall!..look at the ceiling!...are you sure you dont see me???"

I told her, if the treat was given before I got married..I will just run away after seeing the setting of the lari langkah seribu...!! I didnt even go for "mandi lulur" or other ritual yang seangkatan dengannya before my wedding as I was taken aback by the idea of letting other people touching you..but I guess, after having 3 kids and a decade of being married, I can slowly accept the idea of Spa least scrubbing off your dead skin cells

Anyway...If you think your weight are contributed by the thick dead skin cells..this is the place to will feel a kilo lighter..hee..heee:)

One thing different from the rest of other Spa in town is their Gommage (scrub)the therapist (I thinks they are turkish) using a coarse glove, rubbing vigorously at your skin. At one point I feel like beras kunyit ritiual were thrown at you!! and it's actually rolls of dead skins on your body. Like eww!!!!! but very invigorating! They will scrub you all the end of the will feel sooo squeaky clean!!

I love the result so much..2 weeks after my birthday..another friend celebrated her birthday..and I suggested this place as her birthday treat..and surprisingly even after being scrubbed vigorously 2 weeks earlier..still a lot more came out this time ewwwww..must be dust gathered when I ran during the race! I dont mind to make this as monthly least gommage alone will do:)

They will ask you to choose the massage oil from the 4 choices..all 4 give different effect (according to them) I ouldn't remember the name of the oil but I choose 2 different oils for both sessions.
had my fave tea after the session @ T42..should give a try...:)


Ermayum said...

:) habis semua daki berlari ye heheh
where is this and what they package price??

screamingmommy said...

Cik Erma dear, daki tu bertaburan kat lantai..ewwwww!! Hammam is located kat Bangsar Village. Package price the one I had was is 285, for 2 hours, another one 235 for 1 hr 40 mins.


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