Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PJ Dawn 2012

Hi peeps...I hope it's not too late to wish "happy mother's day" to all of us mothers:)
Had a very busy mother's day..started as early 2am, getting ready for my dawn run at 4am, came back and stop by at Mamak's for a quick breakfast and reached home 6:30am. Then, took a nap for 1 hour before getting ready for Allysha's bff's birthday party at 11am, which I realized I haven't bought any present yet, so get hubby to drive me to MidValley to grab the present and rush back to the party at Bukit Jalil Golf club..stayed there for a while, then we went to a Thai restaurant with my in laws for Mother's day lunch treat by hubby...I brought along my sister and cousin and my niece..(since it's free lunch kan??) my twins came back on Friday with 2 bouquet of flowers (their school project for mother's day) and I left it at my mother-in-law's place..(should have taken pic of the bouquets)

Btw, the highlight of the day was my first run in 4 months and my very first 12KM, the last run was in January,as a ghost runner during Mizuno Run. This run, I registered last month when I suddenly realized I'm running out of time. my first ever half marathon is in June...less than 2 more months..I freaked out and started to look for running event....Helpp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To tell you the truth..I'm soooooo not ready for half marathon..what was I thinking when I registered myself then..too ambitious I must say:( isk..isk!!!

Mr hubs didn't join, he wants to concentrate on his squash this year..according to him, when he runs..his action in court affected...plus he just hurt both of his ankles last week..*sigh* that's my avid squash player hubby!
Unlike my previous runs I was so nervous, which something I never felt before.
All other runs..it's just like going for jog in the park..but this time I was afraid I may not be able to even finish my run..I was totally "unfit' for any long distance run. My only preparation started last week with 3 runs of 4KM each at KLCC park, that's all......it took me 3 days to complete 12KM where I'm supposed to finish in less than 2 hours.

I'm not kidding when I told hubby that I just need to complete the run..hell with timing..it was really hell for the first 3KM..I was huffing and puffing..trying to keep up with the rest of the runners..I was thinking to myself..I definitely not going to run half marathon anytime soon..to top it up..remember the girl from my bootcamp? She's there..not only fit as ever,she was jumping up and down...daaaannnng!!!!menyirap darah mak tengok!!! but this time around..I told myself..forget about trying to compete with her...isk..isk..isk...!! so, pathetically I ran at my own pace...like a kura-kura
and guess what???at KM9...I saw this "rabbit" walking and no longer jumping up and down like she did earlier on...so i gulped down the last few drops of 100plus..suddenly I feel the surge of energy....and I started running to overtake her...I feel like a scene in a movie with slow moving affect....like yeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!!! with my scarf waving left and right....:)

ok peeps...not that fast laa actually..I clocked 1hr 22mins for 10KM, and 1 hr 39mins for 12KM (that's according to my GPS) and the remaining 500 meters to the finishing line ..i just walked, and add 3 more minutes....My GPS showed 12.47KM total distance to the finishing line...my nett timing for the run 1hr 42mins.
Definitely not my best but also not my worst considering I have stopped for a while..thanks to Ms Rabbit:)

my next run in 2 weeks time, fun run standard chartered 8KM.
until next time...take care!!!

goodie bag and finisher medal


lina said...

Good job!

Some more, now you can tell your kids about real life story of Sang Arnab dan Kura-Kura. hihihi

SOHO Mama said...

I agree with Lina, ni cerita baru arnab & kura2 ni hehe...!
Hopefully during your next run you'll bump into the arnab again..in her not-jumping-arond-anymore mode :P

screamingmommy said...

Lina : yess beb hee..hee i can use the real life story:)

Milie : i hope so beb, but she's fit most of the time..hope I will get fitter next time:)


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