Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Disney On Ice

What a disspointment :( but it's all my fault. I've been proscratinating about purchasing the tickets. I knew about this event since November 2009, Event organizer approached my former company for sponsor. Thought the ticket will still avaiblable until the last minutes like last year.
When I finally decided to get the tickets yesterday...unfortunately all front row seats are sold out..the remaining left are quite far from the rink.
The problem with those seats, my children are the type that can never sit still..they need to roam around, I do not want to annoy other audiences, hence the front rows or no show:(.
I'm still hoping for the miracle if no front rows I will need to give a pass to this show this year:( My girls will definitely dissapointed..sorry girls:((
We went last year for Princess on Ice, managed to get the front row, they really had a good time.

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