Friday, February 19, 2010

My new LUMIX LX3

My new Lumix LX3 after the make-over:)

Finally..after weeks of searching, analysing, thinking...i decided to get LUMIX LX3 instead of Leica since all the features are close to 98% similar..still if I have extra cash at that moment I'll get LEICA the safari edition instead:)

I know some people would say it's just plain stupid paying RM3k extra for brand..but I dont mind really provided i have the MONEY$$$$$$$$$.

Just to share with you some of the pictures taken from my LX3.
So far, it did not dissapoint me at all:) worth the buy! I got it at a very good deal from a shop in Ampang Park, I paid only RM1,510 (RM10 is actually for screen protector) so if you want to buy please negotiate upfront you want RM1500 inclusive of screen protector) I know..I know..I've been a bit calculative in this:)

anyway..since it's compact, i carry this everywhere in my handbag. I love it so much and worth every penny I must say.

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