Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm back...

Helllooo peeps...!! I miss u guys.. miss reading the blogs..miss blog-hopping

I'm back..came back Sunday morning 2oth June..the next very morning were already at work. I do not have many more leaves, hence that gives me so little time to rest. Lost my blackberry while doing my Tawaf so I was totally lost connection to the cyber world.

My mom gathered a few close relatives on my first day at home plus the kids were ultra clingy and had so many things to update me..that i had to beg them to give me 5 mins rest to take a nap which obviuosly doesnt work

"mommy is tired...wake me up after 5 mins ok?"

"mommy dah 5 mins ke ? after 30 seconds

"Not yet...."

"mommy dah 5 mins dah ye? " after 15 seconds.

at the end I gave up.......

When I wasn't around..I know they had a good time with my mom and my brothers and sister around..they had their cousins as well, sometimes when I called them (few times a day) they refused to talk to me as they were busy playing..that gives me a peace of mind..alhamdulillah things were not as bad I think it would be.

Trying to catch up with things at home and work. I'm preparing for Allysha's birthday party this saturday so things a bit chaotic at home..the last minutes change of venue, getting her prefered birthday cake, dress and other things like party packs, helium ballons, ballons scupture, face painting etc..

I'll update about my trip soon...trying to get back into blogging mood..seriously hard peeps:)

take care peeps!


zarin said...

welcome back!

bitsANDpieces said...

welcome back mommy. alhamdulillah, u are back safely. we miss you! :)

ERMAYUM said...

miss uuuuuuu too :) company tak bagi cuti free ke
toy bagi sekali seumur hidup umrah sekali and haji sekali -
g ngan hubby ke ada cite menarik kat sna tak nanti blog k :) cannt wait to hear them

Yat Maria said...

Hi SM,

Gd to know that you are back & well..i for one, will definitely look forward for yr stories at tanah suci.. :)

jEM said...

Nice to have you back! :-)

Lady of Leisure said...

hello dear welcome back... all of us here miss u hehehe...btw u must b tired kan, take yr time.. we ll be waiting for yr next entry... tak sabar nak baca pengalaman u d sana...

Eti said...

Welcome back... Hope you have plenty of pictures too!! :-)

mJ said...

welcome home, its ok u take a rest dulu...bile dah ok & ada mood baru update ok

screamingmommy said...

I just loooove u peeps..seriously I'm touched:)

Zarin : thanks a lot beb:)

BitsNpieces : tq..tq..and miss u guys a lot:)

Ermaaaaaaaaa.....!!! : been missing ur updates, seriously byk nak catch up..hope u r doing all fine,I do pray for u..

Yat : insyaAllah soon I'll try to update, thnks beb for stopping by even there's no new update:)

Jem : yes beb..good to be back really..alhamdulillah

Laadddddyyyyyyyy!!!! : i miss u guys miss reading the blog u know..ada gak terfikir nak update blog masa kat sana but times are very limited..hee.hee

Eti : thnks beb..ok I'll try to load the pics for u guys

MJ : alhamdulillah with all u guys punya warm greetings..rasa mmg bersemangat sikit nak berblog:)

hazeleyed lady said...

Welcome back sis.
To where you have been...i am sure you gained more than what you lost.InsyaAllah

working mom... said...

welkom back !...xsabar nak baca ur next entry.. :)

screamingmommy said...

Hazeleyed : thanks:) I really hope so, sometimes kita tak sedar kan?

Working mom : ok beb, just updated. thnks for stopping by


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