Monday, June 28, 2010

My experience part 1

came out from Jeddah airport heading to Medinah at dawn

hotel Saraya Taba in Medinah

please note the reason I share the experiences as a reminder to myself and sharing with you my loving fellow bloggers, no intention to show off or whatsoever.

No more strict rules to bring in the camera into Masjidil Haram, eventhough there are times when they suddenly decided to be strict..but most of the time they don't bother to search your bag like in Masjid Nabawi (Medinah)

The last visit in 2005, let alone camera, my nokia phone with camera was prohibited and they searched the bag and your abaya very strictly.

So this time around I had the opportunity to take photos inside the masjidilharam to show to my siblings which helps them to anticapate when they go to mecca later:)

The period when I was there..quite packed, school holidays for Malaysian and Singapore and summer holidays for some of the countries. It's summer time in Saudi, the temperature in Medinah hit 50 degree Celcius.

Overall this time was ok, except I missed my mom very much (the last time I went with her when Allysha was just 4 months old) but Allah is great, I was given 2 makcik to take care during my time in Medinah, 1 with wheelchair and the other makcik has bladder control problem and she needs to change her diaper each time after prayer.

Both stayed next to my room, in Masjid Nabawi the females and males are separated, hence both Makciks' son were not able to bring them to the mosque, let alone to visit Rhaudah (makam rasullullah)

In Medinah during peak-hours, it really tough to get in and out hence taking her to the nearest toilet was a challenge, plus the nearest was closed, need to go the slightly further toilet

I tried hard to reflect this 'dugaan'.....really..reallly testing and almost gave up..but then thinking of mom and I would like someone to treat my mom well when I'm not around, it helps me to keep the end of the forth day I didnt take those as a burden anymore.....alhamdulillah. I regards those as the magical how on earth in normal situation without Allah's help I was able to get through that..pushing the wheelchair with more than 90kg woman few times a day, taking another makcik to the loo every time after prayer and fighting your way in to the mosque making sure her fragile figure was not pushed by the tough Arab woman...

but again I must have been doing things all the while, without consider other people's hardship know I always think about me..... and want to do things fast and obstacles or challenges will irk me easily (at least that's what I learn from the experience)

In Mekah..I lost my blackberry while trying to kiss hajaratul aswad. My mom asked me to sembahyang hajat, but I told her I took it as the price I had to pay for pushing myself among others to kiss hajaratul aswad, so I had to buy a local prepaid card to call's so much cheaper compared to roaming charges, I havent received the bill the last time my Maxis bill was more than RM1k for duration of 10 days...this time around I anticipate slightly more:(

Masjid Nabawi

in the afternoon they will open up the so called "umbrella"

Makam Rasulullah inside Masjid Nabawi (Green dome)

Masjid Nabawi (male's entrance)

I'll tell about Jabal magnet (bukit magnet) known by indonesian and Malaysian jemaah, very magical:) and photos of masjidil Haram in my next entry

until then....


Lady of Leisure said...

subhanallah cantiknya... tq for sharing dear..mesti susah nak describe the feeling bila boleh tengok makan Rasulullah di depan mata kan...

CiKaYu said...

tq for sharing dear....i hope one i day, i ada chances nak jejak kaki ke situ..pray for me dear...

Nishalim said...

yes, thanks for sharing..hope one day I'll get there too.........Btw, I admire your patience taking care of the elderly. I know it isn't easy...

ERMAYUM said...

hi babe - no need to wrrite the disclaimer heheh we know u are not showing off - not u :)

besar betul dugaan nak jaga makcik tu kan - great to know u survive and do well - i totally understand it susah jaga org tua babe - masa i i kena bawak my mum g toilet dulu pun i tak sabar sgt :(, ni kan pulak nak jaga org yang bukan family , but naper la dia tak bawak muhrim sorang - iyalaa anak lelaki kan susah skit kan - nasib ada u - well done babe may Allah repay all yr good deeds with many more good things

Eti said...

wow, bagus nya you... sooo sabar. i hope i would be as patient as you are if I was given such a test. lovely pictures. cannot wait to go back there, the last time I went was probably 1992, so many changes already!!!

screamingmommy said...

Lady : yes beb, the first thing I felt so small..macam semut tetiba:)

CikAyu : InsyaAllah, you just doa to untuk dipanggil ke sana, insyaAllah dapat tu:)

Nishalim : You too, insyaAllah sampai nanti, actually I tak laa sabar mana, in fact bersungunt2 dlm hati tapi no choice tak sampai hati nak say No kan. tapi alhamdulillah at the end semua ok.

Erma : ye laa beb, disclaimer pun actually to myself mana tahu tiba2 kluar riak:) habis pahala..hee..hee

both makcik pegi dgn anak lelaki, yg sorang ada menantu tapi sebb anak2 kecik semua ikut so menantu tak blh nak bwak dia, kesian jugak, i'm sure anak2 lelaki diorg pun first time tak expect this kind of thing rasanya.

Eti : beb, I memang tak sabar org nya, merungut jugak dlm hati at first, tapi bila makcik2 tu tak putus thank me, rasa sayu pulak:( I know they appreciate my help, malu pulak rasa kalau lah diorg tahu I merungut:)
mmg sgt byk changes, esp the most of the area nearby masjidil haram kena roboh, even I compared to my last visit in 2005 pun almost 80% changes.

Drama Mama said...

teringin jugak nak pi sana. such peceful feelings u get kan..that's what i heard ppl said lah. :-)

teringin nak jenguk makan Rasulullah saw jugak!

p!nkerton said...

subhanallah cantiknya.. rasa 'terpanggil' sgt nak pegi. parents i pun asyik cerita best sgt pegi sana. hopefully ada rezeki nak pergi cepat, insyaAllah..

screamingmommy said...

drama mama : yes beb, u'll not think abt work or anything that sort when u r there:)
insyaAllah soon:)

pinkerton : insyaAllah soon, doa sungguh2 je beb:)

iEfa said...

subhanallah sebak bacer ur story...tgk ur piccas pon bedebar2 jek...

can recall balik tak...actually u dh penah g sane kan...mase tuh ur doter baru 4 months...mase tuh u breastfeed ker campo jek susu.... then ok tk dier u tgl 2 wks tuh...deman or anything tak...n okey tak mase u tk kenal u sekejap :D

i got plan nk wat umrah end of dis yr which is expected ma baby 3 months + time tuh....rase ni jek time yg elok...cos kakak dier dh 3 yrs...if ma bby dh besar sket nanti sure laie susah kot kan...moge2 dipermudahkan segalenyer...huhuhu


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