Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm truly inspired:)

ok peeps..I'm not inspired to be a designer like her..but inspired to lose weight. When you are this can pull off any look...huwwaaaaarghh so unfair:((

I bet you have discovered her..she designed a lot of Yuna's dress. (our Malaysian singer tu..)

HANA TAJIMA-SIMPSON : She is talented, beautiful and is of mixed ethnicity, Mom an English and Dad a japanese. She became muslim 4 years ago. She's a designer based in London. To know her further and inspired by her...Check out Hana’s blog at (under construction) and also her check out her first collection at .


Joy said...

hmm..lg semangat I nk kurus ;)

ICA said...

SM...first time I read about Hana..of course me being in a cave all these while. She's sooo pretty. But i am sure you mesti slim cuma tak mengaku slim...betoi tak????

Lady of Leisure said...

really babe, i kalau tengok orang yang cantik dan slim i rasa kobar2 nak diet.. i think my metabolism rate rendah, agak lambat nak turun tapi i maish bersabar huhu..

hazeleyed lady said... too
Happy New Year

screamingmommy said...

Joy : me tooo..i hear u beb..haa..haa

ICA : no beb..i'm telling the truth..was skinny then slim then now fat..huwaaaargghh!!

Lady : tell me about metabolism rate lagiiiii laa..mcm takde je..he..hee:)

hazeleyed: yess..sama2 get inspired ye? happy new year to u tooo:)

baby Aniza said...

yup! i pun inspired dengan kesliman dia..haha
best kan kalo slim mcm tu..nak sangat!!
best skit nak pakai jumpsuit, harem pant ataupun long maxi azam thn ni terus nk skinny!

screamingmommy said...

Aniza : i know...nice kan?? can styled any way u want it:) it's quite depressing being me sbb to go back to skinny days..rasanya impossible..


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