Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My kids and the cinema

Hubby has always trying very hard not to go into the cinema with the kids..but this time around he said he wants to give a try..his new year resolution I guess:) but I pre-warned him "please bring along your adventurous mood" you know in case he will spoil the kids' mood

It's been a while since my last movie especially we are maidless now so the kids had to stay with atuk and nenek when mommy and baba sneaked out for a movie.

The week before we went to watch movie at the Gardens, unfortunately most of the good movies that we were hoping to watch i.e Social Network etc were no longer available..left with no choice but Fair Game (real story about a CIA agent and the propaganda of Bush's administration to attack IRAQ) and Gulliver's travel..since I'm not a fan of Jack Black..I told him..why not this time we watch Fair Game and wait for the kids for Gulliver's travel

As expected...my kids are the type couldn't sit still..believe it or not the only movie that can glue them to the screen is HORROR movie...yess..peeps..I know..it's not good for kids..but they lllloooooved horror movie..just like me:))

So..u just imagine..how distractful it was for us...especially one of them wore the shoes with lights.. (when you move or knock them then the lights will blink) and i had to stop her from doing that as it will distract the other audiences..and then they complained it was too cold...(even with the jackets) luckily I forced the twins to wear diapers..bad mommy:(

So far....only my brother has so much patient bringing my kids out for movies...if not we tried not to.....you know thinking how they will talk and trying to switch seat with each other etc..etc..

the movies was hilarious but I think my gals will love the movies about Disney princess or horror movie more..anyhow, at the end my Aryya even clapped her hands:) if you asked if their Baba wants to bring them out anytime soon for a movie..naaaahhhh..dont think so:) so they have to wait for Ayah Mie (my brother).

Happy new year aunties:) mommy kita dah tak nak bawak kita watch movie lagi:((


Nana said...

Happy New year!!! May this year brings you all the happiness and joy to you and your family ;D

Joy said...

hehehe...mcm2 ragam bila kids masuk panggung..sama mcm mysons..

Lady of Leisure said...

alala comelnya hehe.. takpe2, nanti kita gi tengok movie sekali aunty bawak arri and molly, hihi lagi lah tak jadi kerja kan.. :D

Ermayum said...

biasa lah tu dear :) but i dont mind if they buat bising during cartoon movie sebab budak lain pun bising gak - it is their type of movie lah - my youngest takut pawagam so i selalu tinggal dia kalau bawak memang buat perangai and buak mak pak nya mood swing :)

screamingmommy said...

Nana : thanks beb..happy new year to you and family too..hope this year will be better than the last year for all of us:)

Joy : tu laa beb...tak bawak nanti kesian sbb other kids enjoy going to the cinema kan?:)

Lady : haa..jgn offer auntie..nyesal nanti, he..hee:)

Erma : haa..haa senang kalau takut g cinema so you tak payah laa rasa guilty kan? mine pulak suka sgt pantang offer melompat2 happy nak pegi tgk movie:)

ICA said...

SM...I had a big laugh lepas baca entry ni. So funny...esp when the part pasai kena force the twins to pakai diapers...hehehe. Mmg kan if midway thru the movie, if they need to go pee..susah pulak nanti.

I have yet to try bawak the girls pi tengok movies. Ujang did it 2x but midway Auni dah boring so they had to leave. With the next one coming, mcm lama lagi laaa I kena wait till they are ready for the movies. Till then, i baca your adventures saja lah ya...:))

screamingmommy said...

Ica : beb, i faham sgt bila ada baby nanti lagi susah nak watch movie..been there:) 2 yrs tgk movie kat astro je haa..haa...ur case ok jugak for the kids since their father can manage them..blh laa bring them out kalau mommy dia kena look after the baby:)


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