Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Aryani Terengganu

The welcome drink the ginger honey + local keropok lekor

I've always wanted to stay here, ever since I read the write up in one of my mum's magazines years back. I didnt know where exactly the place is, until last year we went back for Raya and hubby decided to drive through Terengganu to avoid heavy traffic and I saw the sign-board "The Aryani" so this time around since we were looking for place to stop by on our way back to KL, I decided to book the room here.

my review :

the resort setting is nice..I bet when they first started, it meant to be quite exclusive, they even won the best beach resort in 2007 from the Expatriate Lifestyle magazine.

But sadly, 3 years later, the place is no longer in its best condition, it's a bit run down now. But the location wise is nice and quiet, you have to drive 1.5 KM further in from the main road. The room is huge and the setting especially the malay architecture is very tasteful:) with the chalet facing the beach and secluded location, it's a place for honeymooners. I just wished I came here a bit sooner so that I can experienced the exclusiveness before their fund running low. Very limited staff here, but they are all very friendly.

Definitely you need to have a deeper pocket to run an exclusive resort like this, I wish YTL would buy over and turn the place to where it used to be.

At first I wanted to book the spa, but looking at the limited staff they have, I called it off to avoid disappointment.

Overall, i would say, if you are looking for a place to relax, you can consider this place especially if you happened to pass by this area, it is quite far from KL, 30 KM from Kuala Terengganu. The breakfast served here is very limited and not worth paying esp for kids, but you can drive out to get local food plus the place is famous for their keropok lekor. They charged RM12.50 for kids 5yrs and above, RM25 for adults but the room rates inclusive of 2 breakfast for adults.

Anyway, just sharing some photos, in case you peeps interested you can visit their website

the villa

by the pool

the chalet
huge king size bed

you can sip coffee or drink by the beach

one of the chalet, facing the sea
the individual chalet

the view from the balcony
The outdoor-bathtub just outside the chalet with hot water


Jabberholic said...

Thanks for the review babe..I've always wondered how the resort is now..Tak pernah sampai pun lagi..

zarin said...

i always wanted to stay here walaupun satu malam je pun tp slalu tk sempat maklumla tiap kali lalu sini waktu 2nd day raya and mesti nak kena jugak balik rumah each other;-) nampak best sgt tempat ni

Ermayum said...

i ingat aryani tudung :)

tak pernah lagi ke sini though selalu balik kg hubby kat kuala berang and duk ulang alik kt- i never heard of this place (ketinggalan zaman eh) :)

ICA said...

SM - any vacation would be lovely for me now...huhuhu...

ps: Ada plan nak stay kat Tanjung Jara in Tganu. My sister selalu pi situ...and she loves it.

Nana said...

wahhhh cantiknye! dah lama tak bersantai di tepi pantai!!!

screamingmommy said...

ms Jab: it's a bit run-down now, quite sad laa:)

Zarin : beb, haa find a time to stop soon, I think lagi lama lagi tak terjaga:)

Erma : ths place belongs to Raja Bahrain, remember case dia bwk lari the daughter and son from his australian wife, he's an architect so he designed ths terms of the design mmg cantik.

ICA : yess beb..habis pantang dah ke? blm kab? definitely nice to relax kan?

I've never been to Tg Jara, definitely in my list perhaps soon, that one definitely nice belongs to YTL kan?

Nana : yup balik Malaysia nanti jgn lupa ke pantai kita..:)


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