Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Strings Attached

If you are feeling romantic..go watch this movie..!!

The moments I saw the preview clip, I was really looking forward to watch this movie, but as usual hubby wont consider any gal's movie and suggested I asked my gal friends instead...but this time around, I managed to convince him since there are no other interesting movies for the past 2 weeks.

On sunday we went to Pavillion, hoping to catch the show in late afternoon, but only left front the next day, happened to be he's meeting a client at the Gardens so I get him to go purchase the tickets there. It's on valentine's day so I bet many couples were trying to get tickets as well...but hey dont get us wrong..we never celebrated Valentines ever even during courting days:)

'No Strings Attached,' is a romantic comedy starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. 2 very good-looking people who agree to start a "friends with benefits"-type fling. But before they know it, that little crazy thing called love gets in the way...don't let your kids watch this, too many F words uttered.:)

the only little set back is, I dont quite get why Emma is so reluctant to have a serious relationship which I couldn't figure out the real reason except I'm just guessing she doesn't want to get hurt like her mom when her father's not say why she turned out that way

It's a great date movie...I must say..its a well made movie, it touched my heart! you will laugh a lot throughout...Even I can see hubby enjoying the movie as much as I did:) 2 thumbs up from me. I dont mind watching it over and over again...and Natalie Portman is gorgeous..I wish she will take up more of this kind of roles in future.


Ermayum said...

hi dear i am so much nak tgk cite ni but since i am still berkabung malas lah nak g cinema but memang akan cari dvd later :)

Lady of Leisure said...

same mcm ermayum, kitorang slalu beli dvd, rasanya dah dekat 4 tahun tak g cinema hehe
tq dear sbb post bout this, m looking for this kinda movie lately..

ICA said...

SM - as usual your blog is where I go to for movie reviews. Jealous coz you can go and watch this movie. I mmg suka any rom-com movies. Must put this in my wish list.

screamingmommy said...

Erma : sorry beb, i missed that berkabung part of yours. So sorry to hear that, I just re-visited ur entries.

Lady : beb, kalau tgk wide screen tu lagi feeling:) but DVD ok jugak since u can repeat the story over and over kan?

ICA : u'll love this one particularly..very sweet:)

Anonymous said...

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