Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Impiana Cherating

The last time I came here 9 years ago, so I told hubby dont put high expectation as we're only there for 1 night to stop by from our long journey back to my hometown.

I plan to make it an enjoyable trip for him and the we have to stop by somewhere. He dread driving KL - Kelantan because it's the longest journey ever for him especially with kids, for their countless toilet stop-over;( well no choice hun..who asked you to marry me..muahaahaaa..!!

ok, back to Impiana, I used to like their room, all rooms are facing the sea. Overall after 9 years..I did expect the run-down rooms and facilities..but heyyy...not bad..the sign of run-down memang ada..but not that bad..with the room facing the sea and small balcony..I've got nothing much to complaint, really:) *very easy to please*

The kids get to play the by beach and pool, we went out for some seafood (but the seafood here is not cheap, the taste with that kind of price..not worth it)

so enjoy the pics..will share The Aryani Terengganu review in my next entry.


Anonymous said...


CNY ari tu I pun balik kelate, kg i kat pulai chondong (which u will pass thru on d way to KB kalau dr Gua Musang).. :)

screamingmommy said... negeri kito:)

I think jln gua musang is even worst the traffic kan? my hubby prefers driving thru terengganu, since I dont drive long distance..ikut je lah.

Dia.Honey said...

never been to impiana before....kalau pegi cherating mesti nak dok kat legend...tetibe terpandang impiana..macam cun je kalao nak honeymoon....

buleh bagi ai pendapat????

screamingmommy said...

Dia : I've always love the "kelambu" setting in Impiana, they setting make it so romantic esp the honeymooners with the balcony facing the sea:)) but u hv to check if kelambu still available..nanti rugi ambik suite takde kelambu, price wise pun reasonable sini:)

Anonymous said...

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