Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kota Bandung

Ada berani??? the highlight of my recent visit:)

Part of kain from Pasar Baru, these are for my anak2, nieces, adik2, mom, MIL etc...:)

Ever since AirAsia introduced their flight to Bandung, I've never missed my yearly trip there, sometimes I went twice in a year...one trip with girlfriends and one trip with my mom, aunt and cousins. It's a shopping frenzy!!...believe it or not, numerous times I visited Bandung, I've never been to Tangkuban Perahu (the volcano area. Bandung's tourist attraction) never interested plus I didn't have much time, always rushing..normally I would go for 2 nights or 3 nights the most...my agenda would be shopping..shopping until all my Ruppiahs are all gone!!! Just enough to pay the airport Tax..hee..heee.

I just came back few weeks ago,..I just want to share..in case any of you planning to go and never been there...

I've written a note for all the places and spa somehow the draft automatically saved it and lost most of my entry...danggg!!! so here's just part of what I wanted to share earlier:(

There are a lot of hotels and very affordable. I choose to stay at Holiday Inn as the location is exactly at the centre (plus I'm a sucker for points and being a priority club member, I collect points:)). There was one time I stayed at Sukajadi Hotel (which many recommended)...I must say the location wise not very strategic.. it just near to Rumah Mode and Paris Van Java mall..but the rest of the locations are quite far and we had difficulties getting a cab (unless you booked a driver during your stay).

Holiday Inn Bandung

Based on other friends feedback, if you are on budget, you can try basic hotel such as Hotel Karmila (nearby Holiday Inn), Utari Hotel (Dago area, nearby Dago Plaza and surrounded by factory outlets) and Royal Dago (another basic hotel nearby famous Dago Street)


You must go to Pasar Baru...you will be crazy with all the kain...cottons like Japanese cotton and Satin Cotton only cost you RM50/piece of 4 meters.I bought lace for my cousin's wedding only RM175 for 4 meters....the telekong all super cheap..but to come here..You need to allocate whole day..the Pasar will be closed by 5pm. In case you need to take a break for lunch please try Ampera , a restaurant across Pasar Baru (the food especially Perut, sooooo yummy!!)

Other than that ; dont miss out these places
  • Jalan Riau ( a lot of factory outlets along the road)
  • Jalan Dago (similar to Jalan Riau)
  • Rumah Mode
  • Heritage (Jln Riau)
  • Bali Heaven (similar to Rumah Mode but cheaper and bigger, newly opened)
Makan place

You should experience Kampung Daun, very unique and you need to rent a cab there..around 40 mins - 1hour drive depending on traffic..worth going esp at night..it's on the hill so better be prepared with cardigan or shawl..it's a bit cold up there.
You need to make a reservation esp on weekends..always fully booked

And, if you love pedassss...try Mbah Jinggrak (behind Jalan Riau, in front of Amaroosa Hotel- in case you need to tell the cab driver) try their AYAM Rambut Setan!! damn pedas!!


Most hotel will provide good spa and affordable compared to here in KL, even Tea tree Spa by Holiday Inn is relatively cheap..:) It's something you have to do in Bandung..pampered yourself is a must ok?

Tea Tree spa @holiday Inn

Things not to be missed
  • Besides shopping, eating and Spa...you should bring back the brownies kukus, they have 2 famous brownies kukus, Kartikasari and Amanda. My personal favorite is Amanda, both of their shop can be found along Jalan Dago, but you can also find them at the roadside (getting from their outlet is much fresher)


Nishalim said...

Hi Screaming Mommy
Thanks for sharing this update ; ) I love Bandung too ; )

screamingmommy said...

Thanks a lot Nishalim:))

Lady of Leisure said...

i tak pernah lagi ke bandung.. bestnya, with shopping, foods, spa arghhhh..! all of it really can give us mental peace kan..
tq again for the tips yang u kasi in my comment box, really appreciate it dear.. :)

zarin said...

sama mcm i...pi bandung sure shopping aje..tk sempat nk pi kat tourist attractions tu hahaha rambang mata tengok juta juta rupiah n kain babe ;-)

Rine Aziz said...

hi sis...ermmm this entry reminds me my last trip to bandung...how i missed bandung soo much...bila lah nak pergi lagi ni :)

screamingmommy said...

Lady ; I think u will love shopping there and the spa, take care ok:)

Rine : thanks:) nice place kan?


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