Monday, September 26, 2011

My first 10KM run!!

Finally, I ran for 10 KM. This is my first time ever running for 10KM. It took me 2 years to finally have the courage to run for 10KM. If you ask me...I would say..not bad at all..if you can run for 5KM, 6KM or 7KM..then 10 is just another few more KM to go. Seriously...I think everybody else can do it.

I just make sure I bring my 2 little bottles of 100plus and power gel to keep me energized...I didnt have much expectations in terms of long as within 2 hours (sangat tak ambitious) my aim is just to complete the run..unlike my 5 or 7KM which I always set the timing..but this one, I just want to complete the 10KM.

So, for the first time..I did it in 1 hour 25mins..hopefully the timing will get better as I run more and more 10KM in future:) Hubby did it in 52 minutes though!
So, when I was running towards the finishing line..i saw him cheering me up..but the actual motivation for me to keep running for the last 300 meters was my favorite song from Spy Myong Wol's soundtrack..I felt so high and out of the world experience during those last miles..hee..hee:)

next weekend..I'll be running for Adidas King of the road..for another 10KM..hopefully I can beat my timing for Siemens Run.


Lady of Leisure said...

Kudos to u beb!! wow 10km tu.. im sure u can easily do it next weekend.. hehe.. bila dah terbiasa, mesti badan rasa fit kan.. i nak habiskan 5km on the elliptical pun mengah2.. hehe..

lil sharky said...

wow that's cool...congrats for completing the run.
I lari 1km pun semput ;-{

zarin said...

wish i hv the courage to run jugak..10km?? 1 km pun i dah nk fengsan dah hahahaha teruk sungguh kan!

itu hari i dah paksa dia suh tengok spy myong wol ni..dia kata nk tengok after again my love
eh, i don't like winter sonata..tatau naper but takleh ngam lah

screamingmommy said...

Lady : yes beb once dah biasa mmg tak susah, but honestly before I start dulu pun I tak terfikir nak seksa diri lari 10KM:)

Lil sharky : beb, u just need to start je..once dah start..mmg addictive..tak blh stop:)

Zarin : haa..haaa..before this, mmg I tak blh imagine nak lari even for 5KM let alone 10KM..tapi alhamdulillah now slowly lah blh lari even timing mmg hancuss compared to the hard-core runner:)

tak sangka ada jugak org yg takleh ngam dgn winter sonata, sbb so far i rasa jarang2 ada org cam kita nih:) ok nanti u suruh lah dia tgk and see apa kat cik erma pada spy myong wol ni:)

Joy said...

I pun join siemens run!!! I lambat 5 min dari u. Mesti kita ada selisih ;)

Coming Pikom 6km join x?

Ermayum said...

yes congrats babe i tak sabo nak tgk myong wol ni :)

E.M.R said...

Yeay! Congrats babe! You did it! All the best for your next run!

Yat Maria said...

wayyyyyy to go SM!!!that's a decent time if u ask me!kalo ai agaknya nak add another hour kot..

screamingmommy said...

Joy : harus selisih..hee..hee anyway congrats to u too for running 10KM!!! I tak join Pikom, but we have a few more starts with Adidas this weekend, Ipoh run (hubby je join) Putrajaya, PJ marathon, Penang Bridge, Malakoff.

Erma : beb...harus update me once u finished Spy Myong Wol ok?

Ms Jab : thanks beb:))!!

Yat : hee..thanks beb:)

Shemah said...

Congrats on your first 10k!! OMG I am so nervous for my first 10km. I signed up for the WeRun10KL race because my friend INSISTS I do it with her and she says I could.

I haven't even ever joined a 5km fun run! Mmg practice and training usually 5km but I juuuust picked it up ever since Ramadhan hari tu. Now I'm panicking!!! Definitely biting off more than I can chew!

Kudos to your hubs for finishing in 52mins. A blogging buddy of mine also finished the men's category in 52.29s. :) He and his wifey will be there for the Adidas race as well!!

Cheers to all the runners. You guys are so hebat. I, on the other hand, would rather curl up in a corner and cry!

screamingmommy said...

Shemah : beb, dont worry I was waaaayyyy behind compared to took me 2 yrs baru berani signed up for 10, and believe me kalau I blh no one in this world yg tak blh run ok? Even until now most of my friends couldnt believe I'm into running:)

Btw, I've just signed up for both hubby and I for nike werun10KL..all the best and byk lg masa to train ok?

Anonymous said...

hi, i would like to know for a first timer, what kind of preparation before i run my 1st marathon? u looks like someone with a lot of experience :)

screamingmommy said...

miss nona: sorry if i've given the wrong impressions:) i dont hv much experience as u can see, this is my first 10km. i just enjoy running and take it as one way to loose weight:)


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