Thursday, September 22, 2011

My current obsession

I've been bitten by this at the moment..I've been playing the song all the it in the car, at home or office.

Looove the the the storyline..I'm so into this.

This romantic comedy is about a North Korean Spy who has been assigned to bring the top South korean celebrity to the North by marrying him..evethough it's a romantic has many shedding tears moments:(

of-course hubby doesn't find my obsession is cute:( but at least my kids started to like the song..haa haa:)


zarin said...

best ek cuiter ni? i baru tengok the 1st episode..kena sambung lagi la nampaknya

screamingmommy said...

Beb, please continue you will not regret:) let's share the view on this as soon as u continue ok? I'm very particular about the casts..I need to have the chemistry at least after 1 episode..kalau jongos je actors or actresses dia..mmg I tak continue..this one..both are gorgeous:)

screamingmommy said...

Erma : i'm very selective, kalau casts dia tak menarik..mmg I tak tgk..:) u know laa some korean drama suka buat muka2 clown kan? so far I love my girl, full house, secret garden and this one. any other recommendations? I tak suka sgt winter sonata..hee..hee:)

zarin said...

babe! OMG! OMG! best giler!!! love the song, love myongwol n kang woo (although memula mcm buruk jek rupa dia but i love him ) love choi ryu ( the good guy) cute sgt joo inna tu..ish i love everything lah..
guess what.. 2 hari 2 mlm i marathon tengok citer ni.huhu after that i jadi zombie hahaha..

screamingmommy said...

Zarin beb!! yeeyyyyy!! finally..yess best giler kan? and I think choi Ryu tu u know he's dating the girl from winter sonata? (not sure if they are still together)
this obsession ni susah sikit nak kick out..until today i still visit the youtube to check on the video..hee..hee..
so..i nak assign u this assignment to force cik Erma kita to watch this..u know how she is into winter sonata kan? hee hee

E.M.R said...

Hey, didnt know about it. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I think the song's pretty nice!

screamingmommy said...

Ms Jab : in case u r bored and looking for light entertainment...should try this drama..i warned u..u might get addicted:)


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