Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ipoh Roadrunner

nice view along the way

starting point at the race's venue

This is the 2nd year hubby joined the Ipoh roadrunner race. The kids and I tagged along as usual..they have been pastering us to go out of KL for holidays..so we take this opportunity to bring them out.

The event this year was held in Ipoh itself unlike last year in Bukit Kinding, according to hubby, last year so far was the toughest route he had ever ran, the uphill and downhill were so steep that he couldnt run downhill, instead he need to control his speed and ended up injurt his knee. Fortunately this year, it was so much easy and flat, just running around the city. For 12KM he completed in 1 hour 9 minutes. I should have signed up, but because earlier I dare not try to run more than 10KM, listening to his review on last year's run, giving me a 2nd thought of joining the race. Definitely I will run next year!

We stayed at Impiana Ipoh, the pool is quite small but overall service is good, and the kids enjoyed the trip very much.

Impiana Hotel, Ipoh

The kids and the sand art

Next run, would be Putrajaya night run. I will be running for 10KM and hubby is going for his first half marathon 21KM.


Anonymous said...

Screammingmommy, I really respect you and hubby for both passion in ruuning. Both must be in great shape. You never posted your pic, wonder how you look like? Mesti bicep macam Michelle Obama

screamingmommy said...

Anon : u really make me embarassed..hee..hee far from michelle obama's bicep..
I do not do exercise that helps to tone my body..just running alone. so to get bicep like mrs obama, i really need to do some weight training:)


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