Monday, October 31, 2011

PJ half Marathon

My 4th 10KM run after, Siemens, Adidas and Putrajaya Night Run.

All I can conclude ; you need to train at least a week before, after what had happened to me during Putrajaya night run, I really make sure I train this time around.
The whole of last week I trained at least 4 times..of total 17KM a week. Even with that I still couldn't get my target timing of 1 hr 15 mins. I only managed to complete in 1 hr 17 or 18 (haven't received the official timing from the organizer) according to my RUNKEEPER app it's 1hr 18.
Good thing, I received my finisher medal.!
I hope to beat this timing during Penang bridge, fingers crossed!!

Hubby did his first half marathon yesterday, completed his race in 2 hours 13 mins. Even with this timing he missed the finisher you can imagine those who joined half marathon...mostly the hardcore runners..they can easily complete in less than 2 crazzeeeeee!!, hubby a bit dissapointed yesterday. He said by 18KM, he was totally drained..he reached 12KM in 1 hour but took him 1 hour 13 mins to complete another 9KM.
Since I plan to do my first half marathon next year, I definitely need to train hard..really hard!!! but target timing is just 3 hours..perhaps not so hard aa?? well..Im not ambitious..but I need to tell my cucu in future that their nenek once ran for half marathon but i dont think I will ever ready for full everrr!


hytrangeas said...

Well done beb!! Wonder when can i join you for the run next year perhaps?..

lina said...

Wooo! Congrats on the run. Nice timing too. :)

And all the best to your PBIM. I'm sure both of you will get a PB/PR there. ^^

lina said...

p.s jelesnya you run this race.

I want to enter but used up my Oct quota already. huhuhu

screamingmommy said...

hytrangeas : beb..surely you can run, I bet by now ur stamina is better than mine:)

Lina : Thanks, btw..why u set a quota? running is pretty addictive right? luckily my husband is crazier than me when it comes to running:)

lina said...

quota set by dearest hubby. He's not into this running nonsense yet so he's a tad unwilling to send me all over places on weekends for races. ;p

But then, I'm still thankful of him. He'll wake up at 3am just to drive me over to Putrajaya for my long Sunday runs during Ramadhan month. ^^

screamingmommy said...!! u ran during ramadhan? hats off beb:) I definitely take a looong break during fasting month.
my husband ran after terawih during fasting month at KLCC park..I was the one who influenced him into running initially. but now I was waaay behind him.


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