Friday, October 28, 2011

Plan B

Last week, to celebrate my birthday, my friends asked me where do I want to go for lunch. In my replying email, I told them "Since i can decide..let's go Plan B" later when I met them at the office lobby.."so where do we go?" my friend asked. "Plan B, Bangsar Village" I said.
"yesss..ok Plan B, but which restaurant?" ...then I realized..they though I was trying to be funny and hush hushh about the I told her.."there's this restaurant called Plan B in Bangsar Village1!!!!" they're all laughing...said.."I almost asked you..what's the the plan A then?"

By the way..I love the food's under the same owner Ben's, T42 (Bangsar Village2). I think the food slightly cheaper compared to Delicious. (if I'm not mistaken, I was told the owner used to be part of delicious share-holder)

The red velvet here is the 2nd best after California Kitchen Pizza (CPK) now in The Fahrenheit, This is my 2nd red velvet for my birthday this year, the first one on my birthday my boss bought a red velvet cake from Just Heavenly..and that was gooood I ranked Just Heavenly as no 3:)
(I dont have the pics..all gone when I upgrading my iphone to OS5..darn!!)

Until next time!!


lil sharky said...

Happy belated birthday to you :-)
That red velvet looks tempting.

screamingmommy said...

lil sharky : thank you beb:)


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