Monday, December 12, 2011

MPSJ run

This time..after 2 weeks break and patah semangat..I need to depend on the power gel...I didnt train at fact I told my husband to wait for me at the finishing line when it closed to 2 hours.
BTW, I just discovered, Chocolate flavor under GU brand and it is so yummy!! you can find it at GNC. It's a bit too sweet but taste like a real chocolate so I had no problem to finish it..but you need to drink with water to wash off the sweet taste in ur throat.
It helps,...I finished the run in 1 hr 21, better than my Penang Run, thanks to my Chocolate Outrage gel ..hubby finished his in 55 mins.

my saviour guys should helps to sustain the energy

My next run..Malakoff..I plan to cut down on numbers of RUNs and very selective next year..this year a bit crazy as we run in all races that comes our way..too much I must say.

until then..take care peeps!


lina said...

For me, I like the chewable instead of gels. Jadi mcm hamster. Letak kat pipi, slowly suck/kunyah at my own pace. xD

Shemah said...

ooooh gotta try this. after the mpsj run i realized i just cannot run on an empty stomach. not good.

I have to be more selective about races too coz hubs doesn't run with me and I don't drive so I'm sure he isn't crazy about waking up super early just to get me to my race.

Good luck for your upcoming runs! Patah semangat tu is just a phase kot. Probably caused sbb you were sick during the Penang race..

Shemah said...

Anyways, congrats on a great finish and good luck on your Malakoff run! :) I wanted to join tapi "expense" sungguh! hahaha

screamingmommy said...

Lina, I didnt know ada yg chewable, I will check out on that, hmm interesting:)

Shemah, thanks beb:)
I normally will take nestum 3 in 1 if early morning run. BTW, i just started driving beb..baru lepas P..hee..hee:)

yess..I pun rasa Malakoff mahal sikit but i registered because of their running route, I kind of like based on last year's event. I do hope this patah semangat is just another phase and will go away..but until now I hv not registered any more run, while hubby keep on signing up:)

SOHO Mama said...

I pun sama, nak selective tahun depan. Well, I probably don't join as much as you have been, anyway :P
I just did Rakan Muda Run last Saturday, temankan a 10km-first-timer. Surprisingly not that tired, maybe lots of walking and no pressure on timing (main role - to motivate kawan tu).
Did you read my blog post yang I nak jual kasut baru I tu? Apa la I kan. Mcm impulse buying je ha haa


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