Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My last run for 2011-Malakoff 7KM &12KM 2011

Finally after series of runs we had since after raya, almost every weekends, Malakoff was the last one for 2011..somehow I feel that I have lost my momentum..I stopped going to the gym at all now.

It's like my obsession towards running is finally over.

The week before, my sister was admitted to the hospital, she has prolapse disc (disc dekat her tulang belakang) and it got worse last week, she couldn't move her leg and in excruciating pain, according to the doctor, the disc yang rosak tu poked her nerves..she couldnt walk and kena baring je all the time..nerves tu made her kaki in pain...she just had a baby 2 months ago, and years back she fell down kena snatched so I guess it had something to with that la kot?
She had to go for surgery to remove the small part of that particular disc, the one disturbing her nerves..we were quite scared to let he to do it, but I talked to the doctor and seek his opinion..and finally she went for surgey after few days in the hospital..Alhamdulillah everything went well..she can walk few hours after the surgery..

So, while my sister was in the hospital..I was't in the mood for exercise at all..keep going back and forth from my house to Sime Darby medical centre..took turn with her husband and my mom to be in the hospital with her...I thought of not running for Malakoff run, luckily after looking at how fine she was after the surgery, I decided to run..

This time of the worst run ever..even Penang Run was better, I felt like vomitting after running for 1KM so I had to walk..and record breaking that I actually choose to walk most of the time..I only speed when I came down the hill..I ended up finishing 7KM in 58 minutes..I dont remember this bad when I did my Malakoff run last year...I guess, it's time for me to retire from running.
To make it worse..I actually took part in 7KM not even 12KM. However hubby did his 12KM but injured his knee quite badly and now he had to rest for a while.

Both of us ended our 2011 run badly:( I dont know how hubby plan to do with his 25Km this coming new year, Newton run 2012..most probably he wont be running looking at his injury this time..luckily I didnt sign up..


SOHO Mama said...

7km (uphill most of the time) in 58 minutes is not bad lah! It's a phase, I had that too. Sometimes I feel like giving up (I used to run alone) but now I've known some runners over twitter & at the gym, bersemangat balik. If you're going for Mizuno Run then let's meet up then :)

lina said...

Glad to know that your Sis is getting better and doing well after the surgery.

As for you, maybe what you need is time off from running. AFter all, you had rather hectic weeks/months.

Take care (both you and hubby)and come back stronger for 2012! :)

BTW, 58min for 7K OK what. The main thing is, you finished regardless of all the havoc you experienced. Right?

@nannoor said...

Salam and hi!!

bestnye bila jumpa running mommies in bloggersphere.

i pun addicted with running, bukan i aje, my husband, my sister and my bil also semua addicted. hehehe

whats ur next event?
mine wud be mizuno wave run in jan and brooks half marathon in march. but we're scouting for events in feb.
target nak lari 1 event permonth.

nice to read ur blog and keep on running ya!!

screamingmommy said...

Millie : malu je tgk how fast u and ur fren lari..I ni terkedek2 tau..:)
Btw, i didnt register for any runs yet next yr and mizuno has closed the reg. Hopefully the next run I join we should meet up ok? perhaps u can be the pacesetter:)

Lina : Tq beb:) hopefully laa this phase will be over soon:)

Nannor: Thanks for stopping by:)
Good to know u r into running as well:)I tak reg for Mizuno..will see if my mood dah ok..might want to join Brooks in March.

lina said...

U gals joining the Brooks Halfie? Bestnyer. I thought of joining but after looking at the starting time, terus x jadi. Mampos my hubby takmo bangun & hantar I to the race venue pukul 3-4pagi. huhuhu

All the best to whatever races you are joining in 2012. I pun x join Mizuno. Jan - got MPIB sajer for me. Feb - tunggu KL City Day run to confirm its date kot, for me. ^^

screamingmommy said...

Lina : I havent decided but if I join pun I will not do half marathon..half marathon I will save it for KL run kot..harapnya lah tu pun if i dah dpt my mojo back:)

Ermayum said...

salam babe glad to hear yr sis is recovering and hope your hub also doing well

dont feel so bad ok at least u run :) as compared to me hehe

screamingmommy said...

Erma : tq beb:)
hee..dont be too modest laa..i know u can also run mcm I..anytime u decide to run:)


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