Monday, December 5, 2011

Penang Bridge Run

The view from the balcony at Equatorial Penang

The girls are having good time at the pool @Equatorial

Our finisher medals

When we finally finalized all the Run registration and hotels..we got to know our girls' school concert falls on the same day as our travelling date to Penang for our Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011, on top of that, my office team-building was also scheduled on that saturday 19th November...365 days a year..suddenly on that fateful day...everything nak kena buat same date...*sigh*

Office matters...I had to slow talk to my boss on the condition, and managed to escape..Alhamdulillah.

So we had to plan the trip carefully..called the Penang Bridge Run's organizer, we will be really late to pick up the race pack..(we registered late so the mail delivery service for race pack was no longer available)..called the hotel on our late check-in. All nearby hotel especially Eastin was the only nearby hotel available was Equatorial..thank god it's part of the event's hotel so they provided shuttle bus.

Btw..I love the hotel..we stayed at the new wing..and the view from the balcony was really breath-taking.

Rushed from Putrajaya (where the girls' concert was held) to Penang...reached there almost 7pm rushed to the Queensbay mall picked up the race pack. Me, being clumsy..didnt realize left my IC there, until the organizer called me after I came back to KL and posted it the next day..fuhhhhhh nasib baik betul..

Overall race...according to hubby who ran 21KM, easy breazy..not to me..eventhough it was windy and scenic (sunrise on the bridge was breath-taking)
I was sick, down with flu and cough after raya didnt get to train at all plus I was on antibiotic.
On that race day I was not quite fit to run, being me I pushed myself hard. I refused to run more than 1 hour 30...through-out the race I kept thinking "why do I torture myself...!" "I dont want to run anymore...this should be the last or at least finished what I have registered" At around 2Km after the race started, I felt like I want to stop running and turn back...but I pujuk myself..try 1 more KM...luckily it gets easier eventhough I was really burnt out:( was not a good run for me:( hubby also injured his toe..finished his 21km in 2 hours 20mins..while I did my 10km in 1 hour 26mins, thought I exceeded 1 hour 30, thank god!!!

Unfortunately, unlike other races, hubby missed my finishing as he fell asleep in the car waiting. We checked-out at noon and headed to Hard Rock hotel where the kids were so excited..since Monday was their school's day off, we extended our stay 1 day to be at Batu Feringgi.

Until the next update..take care peeps!


lina said...

Banyak challenge for you guys to go to PBIM!

But despite all that, you two are finishers! Great job! :)

SOHO Mama said...

Well done both of you! I have a friend who ran HM in 2:10..dia kata windy and all and it's her 3rd HM..and best timing. My recent stressful run was Putrajaya Night Marathon. Something happened earlier that day, I stress, the night air was dense (my hub's cousins said running HM was like FM). I nak lari 1:10 tapi terlajak 1:15 jugak. I pun nak try 21km by 2012 :)

screamingmommy said...

Thansk Lina:)

SOHO mama : wow..1:15..hats best timing so far 1:18 berangan nak lari 1:15 blm kesampaian beb:)
inspired ni to run 1:15 entah bila laa..:)

Shemah said...

Well done on your runs!! Congrats on your great finish despite being sick and all that! For me, the first two km is always a *toot* and it gets much easier to cruise on after that.

Considering your condition and letih driving after the girls' graduation, I say that was a terrific finish! And you've got the medals to prove it! So Kudos!! I wish to be more like you..

Who knows one day we will be able to make it to half marathon too! hahaha

screamingmommy said...

Thank you beb:) yesss...hoping one day we wil be able to run half marathon, my guts feeling say..u would do it first:)


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