Friday, July 2, 2010

Makkah...I'm missing you more and more these days

As promised pictures of Makkah, enjoy the pics..still recovering from no mood to blog these days..very hard to recover, I drop by to many blogs..but find it hard to even leave a note to my dear friends..:(

I'll keep being a silent reader until I fully recovered from this lazy syndrom. Forgive me peeps:)

This the house many believe as the house where Rasulullah (SAW) was born, now they turned into a library just outside the masjidil haram nearby Marwah

The hill is where many believe as the place where Rasullullah splitting the moon into 2 when the disbelievers of Makkah (Quriesh) challenge him to show them his mukjizat. (just outside the marwah area)

Outside Bukit Marwah, according to my Mutawwif many believe Khadijah's house was somewhere here.

inside masjidil haram, you can see here many Malaysian as this is considered peak season for us

Al-Isyak - the spelling reminded me of my beloved Allysha

The super efficient cleaners are cleaning the masjidil haram everytime after prayer, they moved really fast

The containers of air zam-zam, free flow and it's cold, very refreshing

this the first view from the bus, I saw when i first entered kota Makkah
enjoy peeps...


Lady of Leisure said...

cantiknya masjidilharam.. suka tengok ukiran2 dekat ceiling tu.. kalau ke sana mesti banyak tour ke tempat2 bersejarah kan.. malam kat sana macam mana cuacanya dear?

iEfa said...

subhanallah cantek nyer...sayu nyer tgk....nwey tengs 4 sharing ;-)

jEM said...

Will wait for your recovery...the pics are very calming :-)

screamingmommy said...

Ieffa : glad u like the entry:)

Jem : susahnya to get back the mood, how do u motivate urself to write?

screamingmommy said...

Lady : now musim panas, tapi kat mekah not as hot as madinah, tapi bahang still rasa laa..there were days yg memang berangin. Tapi masjidil haram ada tak panas lah

mJ said...

subhanallah...i totally can understand tahap kerinduan you tu...coz im missing Mekah n Madinah as well..i miss the smell of Kaabah and i miss the green kubah and the golden of Makam Nabi...mudah2an Allah jemput i lagie kesana, amin

ERMAYUM said...

biasala tu take yr time ada pasang surut mood ber blog ni :) - da modern sgt iya - i was there once in 98 and i do want to go again insyaAllah - the feeling of being there is indescribable kan - beautiful feeling :)

Yummy Mummy said...

thanks for doing these entries, very useful reference.


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