Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Broga Hill

This is long pending entry in my draft, went there a couple of week ago..Have you peeps been to Broga Hill a.k.a Bukit Broga in Semenyih? well perhaps many of us have heard of this place..it became more of a talk of the town after Dr Sheikh Muszafar and Dr Harlina climbed the hill to shoot their pre-wedding pics..remember this post?

My teenage cousins asked me to join them..so I thought..if Dr Harlina can climbed..aaalaaaahhh...it must be peanut laaaa

So off we went at the wee hours..they woke me up at 4.45 am, we had to stop at the petrol station for solat subuh..just imagine how early it was..just because they want to shoot the sunrise....we bought a torch-light at a petrol station (when we arrived it was still dark) few bottles of 100 plus (you need these) I finished a whole bottle of 1.5 ltr of 100 plus all by myself:)

I'm telling you..it takes a hell lot of stamina to walk up the hill..but the view up there..worth the sweating and panting..

by 8a.m the place was already crowded and more and more coming up

Dr Harlina's swing..:)

we managed to witness the sunrise up there

Don't tell me I never warned you about the trail..please wear proper shoes, it can be slippery especially after the rain.

So peeps..in case you need some exercise on weekends..please consider Broga hill:)

until next time..take care


ERMAYUM said...

jadi terkenal eh tempat ni sebab Dr Harlina - swing dia pun ada lagi hehe

zarin said...

serious i nak pegi sini. tapi siapa mau teman i ye??
tau tak..i ni suka sgt m,endaki n tengok sunrise mcm ni tp my husband is totally opposite tau!

Lady of Leisure said...

broga hill makin jadi popular after their wedding photog kat situ kan hehe.. sweetnya buaian tu ada lagi ye hehe

screamingmommy said...

Erma : ye lah beb, before org dah ramai pegi but then lps diorg tgk gambar2 wedding tu then lagi ramai interested nak pegi:)

Zarin : kalau u suka mendaki mmg ni laa tempatnya..i ni tak laa suka sgt tapi masa nak pegi tu no one tells me yg mengah nak naik, i ingat sekadar jln rata tau:)

Lady : yess beb..kalau u naik blh laa suruh hubby buaikan..I pulak takut nak naik sbb berat kan takut patah malu kena gelak kat org..he..hee:)

Joy said...

cantiknye view!

screamingmommy said...

Joy : the view is nice but the journey is challenging:)


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