Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Comparison between Vital Years , Q-Dees and Beaconhouse

I know this entry is a bit too late as I'm sure most of us has confirmed the kindy for our kids...since it's already a week away from the start of schooling:)

A friend asked me to share about my experiences on a few kindies which I have sent my kids to...but please bear in mind, most of the schools are the franchise hence it's not fair for me to judge based on one may not be superb or up to our expectations but other centre it could be so much better depending on the teachers as well.

Vital Years
When the twins turned 2 and allysha was 3, I sent them to Vital years as one of my colleague sent his son to Vital Years in Taman Tun and he said the son has improved I decided to send all of them plus that's the only kindy in my area which accepted 2 year old toddlers who are still in diapers.

But this centre only for kids up to 3 yrs, as it served as more like a play school not a normal syllabus, they teach only English not other subject, they dont provide meal so you have to bring your own meal.

The verdict :
Not quite impressive, as they can read the book but more on memorizing method..since kids can memorize things easily..yess..they can read that particular book well but not other books... other than those taught by the teacher in school.

I heard from that colleague, in Taman Tun, they only have 15 kids in one class while my kids' class have 25 kids in a class.

Since Allysha has graduated from Vital Years, we decided to enrol her in other school to suit her age and after considering Smart Reader vs Q-dees, we decided Q-dees is a better bet this time based on a few friends who have sent their kids to both

However, like I said earlier, I cant judge based on a centre...I found this Q-dees in Sri Petaling gave not so good influent, Allysha tend to speak in Manglish...yess.. Allysha came home " like this loorrrr.." or "I told you I need this maaaaaa" do you noticed "looorr and maaa"?? my husband got freaked-out listening to that...and the finally during her year end concert the principal gave her speech "Dear chirrrren...." then we know....

If a principal herself cannot speak a good english how can you expect the children can speak in a proper language?

I, myself may not be good hence, i paid the school to teach my kids..if they couldn't, I should send them to somewhere else.

Living in Bukit jalil and Sri Petaling choices quite difficult unlike those who are in Subang or Damansara or Bangsar areas where you do not need to look for a well-known kindies any kindy in the area are normally have a high standard of teaching methods or at least they dont speak Manglish.

Last year, finally Beaconhouse has opened a new centre in Sri Petaling, so I decided to give a try, and the first time we met the Principal..yess, she spoke proper English and very pleasant listening to her Allysha was sent to Beaconhouse and the twins my in law requested to send to islamic kindy called An-Nur.

The verdict : I can say this is the best so far, Allysha has shown a good improvement in her communications and calculations. we are quite happy with the improvement and decided to send the twins to Beaconhouse as well.

Allysha definitely will go back to Beaconhouse but we also checking Cosmotots..anyone knows if costomots is a normal kindy or they are just like a play-school like Vital Years? if you know can you please share with me?


CiKaYu said...

tq for sharing this....mmg tgh buat kind hunting di area kajang. dilema seorg ibu begini lah yea...

croft said...


Really appreciated ur review. I pun duduk area Bukit Serdang, working at TPM. So far, hantar my daughter to taska/daycare biasa2 area Bukit Serdang. Hopefully to send her to a nice kiddy to have proper edu since she'll be 4 next year.

bitsANDpieces said...

screamingmommy: wow, children nowadays have soo many places to learn - i dulu belajar dekat tadika kemas itupon tak sempat nak graduate pon. hehe. anyway, is this beaconhouse mcm sichida?

Ermayum said...

my two girls dedua pg islamic kindie - alhamdulillah semua leh read english (smart reader licence), bm and simple jawi and they teach iqraq mengaji as well. alhamdulillah but english speaking they are not able to grasp that well so i am thinking of sending q to full smart reader franchise .
all my children tak pergi taska or playschool - 4 tahun terus masuk kindie :)

screamingmommy said...

CikAyu : yes beb, dulu masa the kids baru2 nak start kindy mmg dilemma habiss:)

Croft : TPM is nearby my you can explore bukit jalil and sri petaling..let me know if you need help:)

BnP : beb..mmg byk few years u'll be in same dilemma:) beaconhouse is part of Sri Inai school, it's a pre-school. Sichida tu dia more to short program for kids to develop their mind and classes once a week:) tapi sichida prog kena booked way in advance kalau tak intake dia selalu penuh:)

Erma : twins pun pegi tadika islam, my in laws nak sgt cucu belajar ngaji..alhandulillah they all can baca ayat quran dan doa2 n pray too..quite good jugak:)

Lady of Leisure said...

i baru noticed sekolah dah nak start buka when this morning i pergi breakfast nampak sorang budak pakai baju sekolah baru balik daftar masuk darjah with his mom hehe

screamingmommy said...

Lady : haa cepat tau habis jalan dah start jam balik...passed few weeks..lega..jln clear je:))itulah dilemma org kerja kat tgh2 KL ni:(

azafazian said...

islamic kindy An-Nur kat area mana? i ppon tgh dilema carik which place nak hantar my daughter as she wil be 3 yers old tahun ni.Then beaconhouse at sri petaling tuh wujud lagik ker? boleh share contact no die? tq all

screamingmommy said...

Azafazian : you can call the school (beaconhouse) at this number 03-90592133
An-nur tu my mother in law sent dekat area sri kembangan.

TwoLittleJJ said...

hi,beaconhouse sri petaling ni ada afternoon session tak?

screamingmommy said...

LittleJJ : hi beb, they have full day session and half day session. Half day only for morning session. But for afternoon they have a lot of extra classes to choose from. I sent my girl for ballet. they also have violin, yoga, teakwando, arts and many more

screamingmommy said...

To anonymous : sorry I think I hve accidently deleted rather than published your comment on your question whether you should transfer your kid to Beaconhouse .

I can see the difference in all my kids' progress so far, but again depends on which area you are at, my area mostly Chinese so other schools are heavily influenced by chinese slang when they communicate to the students, hence beaconhouse is better bet for me. Plus they have enrichment classes you can sign up for your kids like Drama, ballet, arts etc, which you pay cheaper than outside.

let me know if you need other info ya:)

Violetblush said...

Salam. I am a mum with twin boys aged 2+. I have sent them to 3 famous franchise pre-skool...all of which was a total let down. One did not even have a license (famous one in USJ) and my kids were taught never to open their mouth -to keep quiet and obey, the other "montessori" laid my kids to bed infront of the bathroom (owner is Malay), the other one was terribly dirty with mice traps everywhere on the compound. The kids are no longer attending any pre school after the traumatic experiences of the "Montessori" whereby a police report was lodged and another report was made to Jabatn Kementerian berkenaan. In the last case, Twin 1 was not fed milk or food from 7am-5pm, he was weak and almost unconscious. I am about to be transferred to Bukit Jalil area/TPM and wishes to put the twins back to school. Screaming mommy, does the Beaconhouse in Sri Petaling accept 2 1/2 yr olds like the one in Subang Jaya? Can anyone suggest to me any good pre skool pls? Tq

screamingmommy said...

Hi Violetblush : I remembered seeing little kids with no uniform, I bet those kids were there for play school. You can check out the beaconhouse at this address :
32A Lorong Pikrama 1, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan

so far so good..i sent all 3 of my girls there..I couldn't say much about the progress as it could be that now they are bigger so they absorb things better...but I'm very satisfied compared to the previous school.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arisa said...

hi screamingmommy, :) my girl is going to be 4 next year.. so as usual, scouting for new place for my girl. I am staying in tmn bukit serdang. A smart reader is coming to bukit serdang.. so i dunno how to choose...

does beaconhouse takes children that still wear diapers? :P my girl is still not potty trained... (shame shame on her mummy)
Also, what time does beaconhouse start & finish?

sorry .. budak baru tgh belajar.. hehe .. what extra tips can you give me?

screamingmommy said...


sorry for late feedback, was quite handful on weekends:)

btw beb, I think they only accept kids with fully potty train for 4 yrs and above, unless for their nursery I think kids below 4 they accept toddlers with diapers.

Beaconhouse starts at 8:30 ends at 12:30

I remembered my twin at 3, I sent them to vital years and they accept kids with diapers, even that, according to my Parents In law, everyday they will mentioned to Atuk and nenek that they (teachers) had to change the diapers for my twins, as if chores for at the end we decided to just stop Vital years and wait until the twins are fully potty trained.

If you asked tips from me, memang salah orang beb:) I mmg malas sgt nak trained, but thanks to my MIL as she's very dedicated and determined to train the kids..kalau I even when they are fully potty trained, I still insist them wearing diapers when sleeping, travelling or watching movies..u know mommy pemalas kan? nak senang:)

anyway all the best in school hunting, you can call Beaconhouse to ask further @ 03-9059-2133

Anonymous said...

Hi screaming mommy,

Im thinking to sent my son to beaconhouse. His age 2+. How much is the average fee that you paid for your kids?

screamingmommy said...

Hi anon : sorry for my late reply..I totally overlooked your comment, hopefully it's not too late. I think the centre may charged slightly diff for every branch and even the age group. for my kids we have discount since I sent all 3 there, one of them gets 10% disc. last year they only charged 430/child/month now the price has increased to 470/child/month.

Anonymous said...

Hi, about Vital Years, from what I know was that the children recognize the words instead of memorizing...

It's true that the children can't read other books except Vital Years, but bear in mind, just like Peter and Jane, they don't teach all the words in just one book...

Have you tried asking them to read by choosing words that they had learnt instead of choosing words they have not learn?

The reason why I sent my son to Vital Years was for him to mix around with some friends without feeling stress in school. But I was surprise when my kid read one of the 'stop' sign on TV and some other words like 'can', 'come', 'where is' and so on from storybooks while I read to him, as I had never expect my child to learn how to read at a very young age.

The next day, I asked his teacher about his progress, she took his book out, asked him to sit on the chair and read to me. The best part was my child can still read when his teacher picked words randomly to show that he was not memorizing. To my biggest surprise, I was so happy to see him sitting down and read as he was still young, and he can't sit down quietly most of the time.

Vital Years is the first school that I'd sent my son, and it really gave me a very good impression.

screamingmommy said...

hi, thanks for sharing the view:) appreciate it, perhaps it will be useful for those who are now considering vital years.

like I said in my entry, i'm giving feedback based on that particular branch/school. I have a friend who gave good review on Taman Tun's vital years. Perhaps I was a bit unlucky as the one I sent was just newly set up.
Also based on my comparison with beaconhouse which I can see tremendous improvement on all of my 3 kids.

Anonymous said...

Hi, about Vital Years, I do agreed about the comment posted on June 4th.
And the numbers of the children does not matters as long as they have a good ratio of facilitators available.

Anonymous said...

Hi, have any of you heard about The Montessori Place? My nephew just got in there. He just turned two. He seems very happy. They keep all their classes small. (12 children per class) and therefore have a waiting list to enroll. They are located in Bkt Jalil if any of you are still looking, may be worth a visit.

Observer said...

Nice review u have there....beaconhouse seem nice, but they do not offer islamic subject don't they? Quite hard to find islamic kindy with english medium.....any suggestion?

Observer said...

Nice review u have there...but beaconhouse do not offer islamic subject don't they?..very hard to find a good english- medium islamic kindy....any recommendation...?


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