Monday, December 20, 2010

My last run for 2010

let's forget about maid for a while..:)

Yesterday I finished my 7KM run, took part in Malakoff run with hubby, he ran for 12KM and I ran for was a good run. My first time running for previous runs were only 5KM..not bad actually.

so this year I completed 3 runs, in 2009 completed 2 runs (shape and Rat Race) aiming for 4 0r 5 runs in 2011.

Last week we went to IPOH for another run, hubby took part in 12KM at Bukit Kinding resort, so we took the kids with us and brought them to Tambun Lost world..not bad that place eh? My kids loved it, will share the photos in the next entry.

After finished our run and had breakfast, I rushed home to send my maid to the airport...that morning while I went for my run, my aunt helped us to bring my maid out for her last minutes shopping.

we left her at the hostel under our agent supervision since last week, she pleaded to come home and promised tak nak merajuk or locked herself in her room, I had my 2nd thought after hearing that, especially teringat anak2 dia yg sebaya my kids..kesian pulak rasa nak send her back...but hubby insisted not to take her back..he said.."enough is's not that we ill treated her all the while.." all the while hubby memang nice to all of my maids, in fact he never scolded maid..considering how much help they have done to our family

Yesterday at the airport, I rasa sebak seeing her crying leaving me and the kids at the airport.., *sigh* kalau lah dia tak mengugut and blaming Allysha for reason she wanted leave, sure i boleh pujuk hubby to take her back.

Allysha on the other hand..a bit disturbed, she overheard I told my maid "kamu jangan tidur..tengok gate betul2 nanti tertinggal kapal terbang" so she's been asking me to call my maid to check on her and last night before going to bed, she asked us to go back to the airport to see if her bibik tertidur and missed the flight..little that she know..her bibik has blaming her as her reason why wants to leave earlier on..she told the agent, allysha tak suka dia....*sigh*

So, since last week my maidless life has began..not bad really...I've been sending baju kat kedai dobi....ironing pun diorang far so good, so I told hubby let me try for a couple of weeks more..

until next time..

take care


Lady of Leisure said...

kesian u.. mesti serba salah kan.. i ni mudah jugak kesian kat orang but i agree, enough is enough, dia memang merayu tapi kalau ambik dia balik tak tahu apa lagi dia nak buat lepas ni kan..

screamingmommy said...

Lady : betul beb, mmg kesian esp bila time dia tak buat perangai:) hubby pun bagi reason sama..nanti bila dia lupa seksa kena lecture dgn agent, dia sure back to her old self:(

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

My friend, Haslina (Ina), loves to run too. She often participates in most of the marathons in Malaysia, and I know she did run in the Malakoff one. You'd probably bump into her.

I wish I can run. It is really a good way to stay healthy and fit. Tapi kalau lari sekejap kat treadmill, I will either be panting, be deflated or will have stitches on my side. So I declare myself as a hopeless runner. :-)

Best of luck in finding a better maid. Till then hope you'll survive doing the house chores and minding the kids. No fun. :-(

zarin said...

insyaAllah u sure boleh punya hihi...
anyway i geram kat part your maid blame alysha tu and sedih pulak bila dengar alysha risaukan maid tu..

screamingmommy said...

Tai Tai : joining Run can be addictive, I'm not really a runner, I can say combination of 50-50, between running and brisk walking, my timing quite bad pun..5Km took me 45 mins and 60 mins for 7km, so nak ngaku avid runner mmg tak laa kan? but I join for my exercise:) hee..hee I bet ur fren completed wayyy below 6omins:)

Zarin : beb, I kena get the tips from you laa..managing the house without a maid, masak far mcm ok lagi..cuma laundry kena hantar kedai..hee.hee:) allysha tu mmg loving..even last night we teased her bibik dia tertinggal flight sbb tertidur dia dah nak nangis risau, esp dia tahu bibik dia suka tertidur pantang duduk:))

ERMAYUM said...

wah baik u siap cakap hubby let me try a couple of week more hehe kalu i cakap cepat cari maid baru heheh just kidding :)
u re really a runner babe:)

screamingmommy said...

erma : serik jugak rasa ada maid ni..I ni mmg unlucky pasal maid ni


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