Thursday, December 2, 2010

Allysha and her role as a Parrot

Concert Venue @ Perbandaran Putrajaya

the parents were informed earlier not to apply make up to the child as they're all will be face painted on the concert's day

She has been practising her role as a parrot for past few months..every monday she will come home..."1 bounce..2 bounce..3 bounce" because of that I was really looking forward for her concert..we even brought forward our trip to Phuket a week earlier just to make sure we won't miss her concert:)

Too bad, nenek was having her eye surgery in Singapore and Atuk has to accompany her so they had to miss the concert, I'm sure both Atuk and nenek would love to they are the one who have been sending and picking her up from school everyday.

In action

The students are singing negaraku

The theme is Jungle Comes Alive

We were late to get into the auditorium so had to settle quite far from the stage


Lady of Leisure said...

allysha! omg! she so sweet in parrot costume tu hehe.. mesti seronok tengok dia perform kan..

ERMAYUM said...

Comel Allysa - well done dear jadi Parrot ;)+

Anonymous said...

so cute!

screamingmommy said...

Lady : as usual parents dia laa yg excited tak ingat:)

Ermayum : ha..haa..of all the animals in the jungle, parrot pulak yg sexy terlebih

Flowerella : thanks beb:)

MommyCT said...

sama pulak costume yg ur doter pakai ngan my doter hihi. mesti derang order dr tmt yg sama kan :)

screamingmommy said...

MommyCT : haa.haa beb i think so fact if Im not mistaken, all beaconhouse schools in KL ni ada satu class yg akan buat the same mmg laku laa this costume.:)


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