Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Sticky rice with mango..we had so much of it...

Pattaya Floating Market

It's not easy for me to go travel with girlfriends without mr hubs, except for Bandung, anyhow surprisingly when I asked him that I wanted to join my friends for all girls trip to Bangkok he said yess...so apalagi....jumping with joy!! I was really looking forward to this trip...and as usual I was assigned to come out with itinerary and booked the tickets for 5 of us. Coincidently MAS has the promo, so we thought this is even better considering AirAsia now has so much to add on the fare ie. seats, foods, luggages and all..plus minus we may pay almost the same.

As usual all girls trip memang tak boleh lari dari shopping till drop and pampering ourself, one thing good in Bangkok the spa is open until wee hours, so after long hours of shopping we went for spa after midnight for 2 nights in a row...pure blisss I'm telling you, The 2 hours massage only cost us RM70....:)

The only set back during our trip were the seafood dinner, we were overcharged and the waiter tried to con us by charging extra 10% on top of the bill, instead of 3300 baht, he charged another 330 baht (around RM33) and yes it's very pricey the dinner, it's because we didnt know where else to go at 10+pm at night, the cab driver drove us there....memang rasa ruginya mahal gila the food, where we should be having a cheap thai food in Bangkok:(

but, the rest of the trips I managed to find few halal places where I found from ladyverde's site.
  • Restaurant Usman (yummy food but the service is extremely slow..but cheap considering the price we paid for rest of the other restaurants during this trip.
  • MBK's food court (they have a few halal restaurants) both level, 5 and 6 have halal restaurants.

    if you take a cab, just tell them, next to Imperial Queen's Park hotel at S0i 22, Sukhumvit

For shopping; you should not miss;
  • Chatuchak (open only on Saturday and sunday until 5pm)
  • Pratunam (Platinum mall) (fashon mall)
  • MBK (accessories, shirts etc)
  • PatPong if you are looking for imitation stuffs i.e Tiffany's, Pandora and other designer's accessories.
Overall..my favorite is still chatuchak:) I bought a lot of stuffs for my sister and cousin for their new houses.

a lot of unique stuffs in chatuchak.

Accessories at chatuchak...I borong a lot these bangles

The aromatheraphy shop @ chatuchak, we went berserk shopped at this store

the seafood dinner that cost us more than RM350

The breakfast -we only had pastries and eggs...and their steamed bread, this is the first time I had that kind of steamed bread..very soft and fluffy.
Our rooms in Bangkok, we took 2 connecting room for 5 of us.
the first room
the second room

Overall, the trip was super fun except we were brought to the wrong floating market, for most of us, this trip was not our first time to Bangkok but we have never been to floating market, so when the driver sent us to the Pattaya floating market we didnt know it was not the one we should go...until we came back and compare notes with friends who had been there...and we became the laugh of the day :(
(we paid more than RM300 for the trip) memang over-charged and it was arranged by one of the friend's acquitance)...tskk..tsks!!


fizamior said...

vavava jln sakannn!!!!! hehe

Lady of Leisure said...

huwaaaaa bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! part massage2 tu i pun terasa kesedapan dia hehe.. u know how much i love being pampered dekat spa2 ni kan hehe.. macam mana thai massage compared to balinese massage ye?

screamingmommy said...

Fiza : hee..hee beb, once in a while mother needs a girl's trip to unwind..hikss:)

Lady : thai massage tu yg lipat2 bagai..they even sit on you...i pun takut..a bit tough laaa..i tak suka sgt, normally I will go for aromatheraphy massage with a bit of thai massage:)


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